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Open Letter to AirBnB and Competitors

 It's time to declare war against the crooked politicians who shutdown Airbnb's operations in NYC. It's time to go to war to ensure your cherish hosts receive universal basic income  and universal single payer healthcare. The BNBmodel will revolutionize the world economy and politics in America. By supporting Andrew Yang and his Universal Basic Income—tech titans will see history view them as the saviors of the Republic.

We predicted fours years ago that in order to completely disrupt the trillion dollar travel and tour industry and capture lost revenue, Airbnb would have to develop an in-house tour component. We waited patiently for you to introduce your Experiences. Congratulations on that launch. As you know, creating an exciting and engaging tour from scratch isn’t easy. Recently Alice Jong, a research analyst at Phocuswright, wrote that accommodation is “scalable” yet so-called “experiences” are less so.  


At the heart of TIPbnb is a political movement called the BnB Liberation Movement, which is rooted is Social Tourism. Social tourism is the extension of tourism benefits to disadvantaged people who otherwise could not afford to travel. Our version benefits both the traveler and the bnb host community.


Several factors went into our decision to launch TIPbnb.

  1. After working in the shadow of the tour industry for more than 20 years, we have grown to loathe the industry. So we created TIPbnb to disrupt the industry niche by niche.

  2. Brexit and Trump’s victory served as rallying calls to organize millions of disenfranchised and marginalized groups. The Don of Hotels becoming our president as well as Airbnb’s disappointing defeat in New York City motivated us to become a political force out of the gate. As we grow in statute and political power, we’ll target politicians worldwide who vote against our interests, starting with Helen Rosenthal of NYC.

  3. After witnessing your #airbnbwhileblack controversy and the creation of innclusive, we realized that policy alone will not stop discriminatory practices. Instead of becoming a monolithic entity, we decided to embrace cultural awakening and created bnb & tour divisions for multiple cultures, mores and niche markets.


Money speaks louder than words. So we’re putting capitalism to work for us and redirecting our hard-earned dollars to the places and business who stand with us.  

We started with the #FeelThePainBOY travel boycott, which takes aim at the 13 original Confederate Red States  We'll start with #ShutdownGeorgia .  


 America’s Red States think we’ve moved past their history of atrocities. But a fresh wave approaches with the election of Trump. We’ve heard Trumpists use Japanese internment (a shameful part of our history) as potential justification for a Muslim registry. Our president elect has tweeted in favor of nuclear proliferation, in defense of Russia, and not once in response to the KKK celebrating his victory. We see what’s happening and we are fighting it.


#FeelThePainBOY will also target all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean, where 80% of resort profits get sent back to the country of origin, employees are paid low wages, resorts use an unfair amount of the country's resources, and, often, tourists never leave the resorts, so the local economy never benefits.     


Our base companies, Travel in Peace and Tipbnb, were created to provide all BnB models with professional, customized tour operator services to compete directly with tour operators who offer escorted tours with hotel option. Travel in Peace operates destination management  divisions in each destination that we serve. Our local team handles all aspects of our clients on the ground experience. We currently specialize in Jamaica and Cuba however based on demand we can establish services in any destination.


Given that we specialize in cannabis tourism, one of our main pushes will be moving Spring Break from the Gulf Coast, where students of color are more likely to face arrests, crackdowns, racism, and civil rights violations to Jamaica. It not only boasts some of the most spectacular beaches in the world, it’s also the world’s most 420-friendly destination, having decriminalized marijuana and actively working to make buying easier for tourists.


We are working to create a College Ganja Spring Break event in Negril, Jamaica, Feb 4 -March 31, 2020.  Of 16 million college students, approximately 400,000 participate in spring break, totaling $208 billion in revenue. We want to direct some of that money to this  2 month-long event.






TIPbnb Divisions & Tribes

Smokeinpeacebnb & Smoke in Peace Cannabis Vacations

Currently, 250 million people use cannabis worldwide. Since you’re in one of the epicenters of cannabis culture, you already know first-hand the anticipated economic benefits from legalization. And, we’re sure you’ve already considered that the Airbnb model is tailor-made for the emerging cannabis tourism industry because smoking in hotels and on the streets is still illegal.


We’re ready to take advantage of this. Unlike cannabis tour companies popping up to take advantage of the new industry, our tours are designed to compete with ANY traditional tour company itinerary. We sprinkle the tour with cannabis, but it’s also designed for any non-smoking partners to enjoy.


We have a special relationship with Jamaica and Oakstedam University (America's first cannabis college). It’s our goal to make Jamaica our international ganja Mecca while at the same time continuously expanding into markets as they legalize. To that end, we’ve created a 15 day cannabis tour of California, Portland, Seattle and Las Vegas* specifically for the European Market.


We believe Smoke in Peace will be our most Iconic division—our cash cow and untouchable by the traditional tourist industry for years. As stated, Jamaica will be our Mecca as they have the music, Rasta culture, food and ganja. Trust me when I tell you, no American corporate entity will be able to delve as deep into Rasta Ganja Culture as Smoke in Peace.



Womenunitedbnb and Women United Adventures

According to Forbes, women make 80% of travel decisions. They are more likely than men to travel alone—and far more likely to consider personal safety when making those travel decisions. This division will keep that in mind as we lan trips especially designed for female travelers. We’ll be announcing details for a Women United Cuba Adventure January 21 to coincide with the Women’s March.  


Afrobnb and Afrocentric Adventures

In the African diaspora there are approximately 1.4 billion people in some of the world’s most intriguing destinations. But there is no global brand-name black tour company currently, so Afrocentric Adventures will enjoy first-movers advantage.



TIPbnb Divisions & Tribes (continued)


Subwaysbnb & Subway Adventures

The majority of urban cities have great subways—and if you want to live like a local you must travel like a local. Our clients will have the peace of mind knowing that their TIPbnb is close to a subway line and that our tour guides can help them navigate the city by train, bus and on foot. This division will disrupt the hop-on-hop-off bus tour industry. City traffic and extreme summer/winter weather make these air double deckers unpleasant—plus the tours are expensive. So we’ll offer something more interesting, starting with my hometown, New York City. (Please see the enclosed booklet for the NYC tours I’ve already created.)


Additional  TIPbnb Divisions & Tribes





Service Offerings

Travel in Peace Destination Management division will manage all activities in each destination, and we created the following divisions to eventually capture all components of our clients’ travel experience and revenue:



Our version of Uber takes the best of each rideshare company. We’ll launch it with our wine tours division. Uber currently offers a wine tour service, but our competitive advantage is the ability to offer the complete experience—lodging, vehicle and winery selection. TIPcarGO will also support Smoke in Peace and our upcoming Micro Brewery Tours. After interviewing Uber, Lyft and Gwtt drivers, We've learned that it’s all about the money and they love the idea of conducting 4, 6 or 8 hour tours.  

A network of independently owned hotels used to expand capacity in cities hostile to the Airbnb model, such as New York City. The bulk of the tourists that visit NYC stay in Manhattan’s pricey hotels. So we’re launching a campaign called “Stay with Real New Yorkers” to promote hotels in the heart of Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Staten Island, where prices are sometimes half what Manhattan hotels cost. Plus, the boroughs offer things many tourists miss—and Manhattan is only a 30 to 45 minute train ride away. TIPhotel will also support our operations in the Caribbean and South America, where having a partner hotel helps when negotiating with various governments and provides a central meeting point where all our clients who overnighted in a bnb can enjoy the facilities and depart for tours.



Air booking service



A sharing economy ferry system in the Caribbean for travel between islands



Clients will have access to local chefs who can prepare their meals



Supplement to TIPcarGO




Tour Industry Disruption Strategy:


1.) Unbundle tour packages to make price for each component of the tour transparent.

     The client only pays for components they want.


For example, Cuba is the new hot destination, and a traditional travel company is offering a 7-day tour of Havana for $4,357 per person. Airbnb has an extensive listing of housing options in Havana with an average rate of $50 for two beds or $25  per person. So the TIPbnb model could offer the same 7-day tour to our clients at a base price starting at $175 per person with airport & tour options. (Rates could be lower or higher based on the accommodations.)  


2.) Develop a destination management team in each location to work with local transportation, tour companies and tour guides. The destination team will also give clients a feeling of security.

3.) Provide clients with an easy way to explore any destination. TIPcarGO rideshare service, subway, bus, walking tours options, etc.  

4.) Create tour divisions that target specific niches or tribes within the travel industry (Afrobnb, WomenUnitedbnb, etc.).


5.) Use the current political climate to launch our company.


Seldom do companies get involved in political causes, much less launch their startup encased in a political movement. But we think this distinction is an advantage. Our TIP Political Party is the Democrats’ counterpoint to the Republicans’ Tea Party. There are currently 100 million disenfranchised Democrats and over 150 anti-Trump organizations. To make it a global movement, we’ll also connect with the 16 million disenfranchised “Remain” voters in Britain The Power of the BnB Liberation Movement’s #FeelthePainBOY campaign is that it gives our supporters power to collectively apply economic pressure in response to injustice. For example, Afrobnb will be tied to the black liberation movement. When a black man is murdered by the police, we can supplement Black Lives Matter’s call for Justice. If the new Attorney General decides that federal law trumps state law and starts to prosecute cannabis users, Smokeinpeacebnb steps in.




Anti-Trump organizations we’ll connect with:

  • Black Lives Matter


  • National Urban League

  • Rainbow/PUSH Coalition

  • National Asian Pacific American Legal Consortium

  • National Action Network


  • Service Employees International Union

  • The ANSWER Coalition

  • Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights

  • National Council of La Raza

  • Young Leaders Alliance

  • Muslim Students Association

  • Occupy Wall Street

  • People For Bernie

  • Women’s March on Washington,

  • Assata's Daughters

  • National Lawyers Guild

  • Revolutionary Communist Party

  • Anonymous

  • Democracy Spring

  • Democratic Socialists of America

  • League of United Latin American Citizens

  • Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression

  • Mijente

  • Puente Human Rights Movement

  • Centro Sin Fronteras

  • Black and Pink: NYC

  • International Women's Day Coalition

  • Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee

  • Marijuana Policy Project


  • Students for Sensible Drug Policy

  • National Cannabis Industry Association

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