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Operation Politics & Tourism Re-Imagined for all New Yorkers

According to, Millennials rate travel as more important than sex or Netflix. The hotel industry has fought the emerging BnB tourism market—a market that could increased tourism revenue by trillions from coast to coast. Trillions of dollars that could go directly in the the bank accounts of millions of US homeowners—rather than to the fifth yacht of a billionaire corporate vulture.


The BnB Liberation Movement will return power to the homeowners. Our vision is to forge Andrew Yang's Data Dividend of 2K a month, Travel and Medicare for ALL into a new political party. The Travel In Peace(TIP) Political party. We will be America's first self-funding party.


Liberals must run with fresh paradigm-shifting progressive ideas—not to energize the base, but to turn red states blue. Travel brings people together, it allows them to experience worlds outside of their own. It brings people together and helps us empathize. We envision a world where New Yorkers visit the coal mines of West Virginia and the two groups can bond over their shared experience. But that vision will only become reality by first going to war.

The BnB Liberation Movement will morph into the Travel In Peace(TIP) Political Party and help to usher in the Blazin20s. Our mission is to take back the White House and dominate the US tourism industry. We will use the revenue from increased tourism to fight for peace and prosperity around the world!

We are at a technological crossroads. We have the opportunity to disrupt the traditional travel industry and destroy politics as usual. The travel side of our business is collectively known as TIP Nation.


This is a platform for managing and growing shared economy communities. These communities are instrumental in our mission to promote Travel in Peace Politics. Within these world-wide communities, we are creating political action committees and finding candidates who will fight anti-BnB and anti-tourism legislation. We are also providing economic opportunity through our TIPBnB, TIPcruise.NYC, and TipTours divisions.


Each community will have their own hosts and tour guides managing each destination, strengthening our brand, and supporting small, locally owned businesses—including independently owned hotels(via

We chose this approach after we watched in amazement as the Democrats shut AirBnB out of the New York City market. AirBnB has been facing multiple legal challenges from municipalities around the world.

These lawsuits are funded by the hotel industry—and the billionaires who run it. NYC politicians have given us the incentive to form a political party. One that will fight for a homeowners right to use their home as they wish. We will support, fund, and elect our own candidates. We will go straight to the people--bypassing the expensive lobbyists and lawyers

Millennials have finally surpassed Baby Boomers as the nation's largest living generation. We believe 90 million Millennials are ready to embrace a political party that fights for their ideals. A political party that understands their wanderlust. A political party that will protect their right to travel, a party that will defend civil rights, a party that stands for their progressive ideals.


They will embrace a party that denies lobbyists a seat at the table. A party that rejects the money of billionaires. They will embrace the TIP Political Party!

Women make 82% of all travel decisions, yet they have been marginalized in the sharing economy and tech industry. So it only makes sense that we want women at the forefront of the Travel In Peace movement to change this $100 billion industry. That’s why we’re launching WomenUnitedbnb & Women Adventures.





We formed TipNation.NYC and the Tip Political Party as the Democratic answer to the Tea Party. The Tip in our name stands for Travel in Peace, which is exactly what we all want to be able to do—travel in our daily lives and around the world without fearing for our safely, without barriers, without worrying about being a woman or a person of color or LGBTQ. Trump won’t allow for that, so we need to go to WAR.

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