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We’re in the Middle of Civil War ll — NFL owners and Roger Goodell Don't Get It

Colin Kaepernick ignited a nationwide protest when he began kneeling for the national anthem before NFL games in 2016. Three years later the reverberations are still being felt throughout the sporting world. Last year NFL owners unanimously approved a new national anthem policy that required players to stand if they are on the field during the performance but gives them the option to remain in the locker room if they prefer. The policy was rescinded before the season even began.


But the attempt at instituting a policy that blocked black athletes from speaking out about injustice simply showed that Roger Goodell missed the point. Kneeling during the anthem honors the flag and its intention by raising issues that must be resolved to make our country greater.

This dispute has even reached the White House, and it’s no surprise where Trump stands. What is
strange are his comments claiming that he’s open to suggestions from athletes on who he should pardon next. We see through this. We know it’s merely an attempt to blackmail NFL athletes into standing down on police brutality. But we’re not taking the carrot. We’re taking a knee. Colin Kaepernick took a knee for black men who were lynched by gunshot with no consequences for the executioners. That still matters.

Recently, Democratic Presidential Candidate, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, defended the protesters by saying, “The flag that was on my shoulder when I served represented, among other things, the right to free speech. You don’t have to like it but one of the reasons we served was to defend that right, the right to peaceful protest and the idea that we can protest what is wrong with our country. I didn’t think of the flag as something that itself as an image was sacred. I thought of it as something that was sacred because of what it represented. One of the very things it represented is the freedom of speech, and that’s one of the reasons I served.”

Donald Trump continues to attack peaceful protesters for exercising their right to free speech, Buttigieg responded to Trump's dangerous attacks on free speech by saying that if Trump had served in the military, “maybe he would feel a little more strongly about those freedoms.”

On top of all this, the Innocence Project estimates that between 2.3 percent and 5 percent of all US
prisoners are innocent. With the American prison population at about 2.4 million, this means as many as 120,000 innocent people could be in prison right now.

This is unacceptable. Justice should not be treated like a lottery. And pardons are not the same as
reform. No NFL player should entertain Trump’s request to sell out their soul in exchange for the release of a few unjustly imprisoned people. Instead we must wage war to free the imprisoned and eradicate the for-profit prison pipeline, just like our ancestors had to fight to free the slaves.


Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Abraham Lincoln and millions of African slaves and union soldiers all gave their lives so that Americans could to take a knee. Their spirits have been waiting for the day the Confederacy is truly eradicated as it is the root cause of America’s generational race issues. But the NFL’s decision shows that we’re not there yet. TIP Political Party is kicking off Civil War II—Cyber Edition. #ShutdownGeorgia

We are declaring war on those whose economic privilege is deeply rooted in and built upon generational slavery and who make no effort to extend that privilege to those to whom it's owed. The thirteen original slave-holding confederate states must atone for their treason and sins against humanity (cities with Democratic mayors are exempted).

When we are victorious, we’ll fund removal of every confederate statue and flag on federal or public
lands. We’ll rename all streets and schools named after confederate soldiers and ensure textbooks have accurate information on slavery. In short, we’ll mirror what Germany did to eradicate Nazi history. There  will be no compromising on ending the legacy of the Confederacy.


We will not allow Republicans voters to hide behind their elected officials without inflicting pain on their economy. We will not continue to let Trump, Roger Goodell, Jerry Jones and the owners of the NFL to continue to blacklist Colin Kaepernick and terrorize our athletes with the threat of being benched or fired.

Our athletes are not pawns to be used in political warfare. They are taking a knee for injustices and need assurance that American society is 100% behind them. So, we are boycotting them and the NFL,redirecting their clients to places that support progressive causes.

To the NFL players out there, Kanye West was wrong when he said slavery was a choice. But today you do have a choice. If you don’t support Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid and you let Trump and his racist base win, you’ll be seating yourself in the back of the NFL's bus, while they make billions off your talent and drive.

 The women are already organized and marching. And now we need our men to stand up against tyranny, Trump and racists NFL owners who believe that players belong to them. Your actions today will either keep Colin Kaepernick in street clothes or ensure that he suit up to throw another touchdown. What you do will either perpetuate apathy or embolden a new generation of freedom fighters.

With social media, we can bypass governmental bureaucracy. Democrats and progressives let's show Roger Goodell and Jerry Jones that in 2018, any NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL or WNBA player can—and should—take a knee in protest of police brutality, particularly against unarmed people of color in America.

In 2019, pain is a two-way street. Our #FeelThePain travel boycott is designed to block tourism to Red States, cripple their trillion-dollar tourism industry, redirect that money into progressive places, boost our shared economy and unite Democrats and the world against oppression. This boycott will give us—the people—leverage over the outcome. And leverage over the alt right. We'll start the boycott against the true enemy of progress and racial harmony the sons and daughters of the Confederacy and then continue with the NFL when their season starts.#ShutdownGeorgia

We can no longer wait years for government to step in. It took the entire world to stop the Holocaust and South African Apartheid. And now we need that global help again. You can make a difference today. We ask each of you not to visit or support the places that oppress us, both as an act of solidarity and for your own safety, which we fear could be in jeopardy if you visit the heart of Trump’s America.

Red states (and the NFL) clearly do not desire our continued economic support and tourism dollars. So, let’s not give it to them. This movement is growing. When California ends all official travel to the
confederate states, others will follow. When New York ends all official travel, even more will follow.
America and citizens of the world, this is our generation’s Montgomery Bus Boycott and South African Apartheid Embargo!


We will be the generation to eradicate the Confederacy, dismantle the slavery economy era and unshackle millions of Americans by legalizing cannabis, embracing the shared economy era, making our gun laws make sense and guaranteeing universal basic income and healthcare for all Americans. #ShutdownGeorgia

Special message to NFL players:

You played football all your life not only because you love the game but for the financial rewards. But many of you are also suffering. According to the NFL Players Association the average career length is just 3.3 years and a new study reveals that 96 percent of former NFL players show brain damage.

Cannabis has been shown to increase blood flow to damaged areas of the brain and can help keep
tissue healthier by improving circulation. However, despite all the proven medicinal benefits of cannabis, it’s still a banned substance federally. The true reality is that you are taking all the risks for a short career and a lifetime of headaches and more serious medical conditions. Colin Kaepernick took a knee for the oppressed. Consider also taking a knee for your health. Don't make the impending boycott only about police brutality or NFL owners blackballing Colin and Eric Reid—make it about making the game safer, taking cannabis off the prohibited list, hiring more black executives and coaches and mirroring the NBA’s revenue-sharing model.

Currently, Airbnb is valued at $30 billion. We are launching Afrobnb and family to not only get into a very lucrative industry, but to ensure that black destinations worldwide aren’t recolonized by the tourism industry. We’re also launching the Travel in Peace (TIP) Political Party to ensure we have a seat at the table when policies are being made. We reimagined Marcus Garvey's vision using today's technology. We welcome all NFL players to join our team, because in 2019, pain is a two-way street. And the NFL will #feelthepainBOY.When you take a knee this season, you'll ignite the birth of Travel in Peace Nation.


The Civil War ended in 1865. The DNC had 154 years to eradicate the Confederacy, NOW Trump. We will no longer blindly follow the DNC off the cliff to irrelevance. We are done fighting a cyberwar with WWll and BIDEN’S tactics. In lieu of Reparations, Tip Political Party considers Andrew Yang's Freedom Dividend of $1000 per month and Universal Single Payer Healthcare for EVERY AMERICAN payment in full. Fellow Americans, we must heal old wounds and prepare for future technological advances. Today, fellow progressives, we declare ourselves corporations with the formation of TIP Political Party.

About BnB Liberation Movement
The BnB Liberation Movement seeks to disrupt both travel and politics by making them one in the same. We’re redirecting our travel dollars away from places that oppress us and toward places that support freedom, equality and peace for all. We vote with our dollars to put economic pressure on lawmakers and communities to stand up for civil rights and support progressive causes.

The BnB Liberation Movement will morph into the Travel In Peace(TIP) Political Party and help to usher in the Blazin20s. Our mission is to take back the White House and dominate the US tourism industry. We will use the revenue from increased tourism to fight for peace and prosperity around the world!

We are at a technological crossroads. We have the opportunity to disrupt the traditional travel industry and destroy politics as usual. The travel side of our business is collectively known as TIP Nation. This is a platform for managing and growing shared economy communities. These communities are instrumental in our mission to promote Travel in Peace Politics. Within these world-wide communities, we are creating political action committies and finding candidates who will fight anti-BnB and anti-tourism legislation.


We are also providing economic opportunity through our TIPBnB, TIPcruise.NYC, and TIPtours. Each community will have their own hosts and tour guides managing each destination, strengthening our brand, and supporting small, locally owned businesses—including independently
owned hotels(via

We chose this approach after we watched in amazement as the Democrats shut AirBnB out of the New York City market. AirBnB has been facing multiple legal challenges from municipalities around the world. These lawsuits are funded by the hotel industry—and the billionaires who run it. NYC politicians have given us the incentive to form a political party. One that will fight for a homeowners right to use their home as they wish. We will support, fund, and elect our own candidates. We will go straight to the people--bypassing the expensive lobbyists and lawyers.

We are a political party that understands wanderlust. A political party that will protect the right to travel, a party that will defend civil rights, a party that will stand for progressive ideals. We are a party that will deny lobbyists a seat at the table, we will reject the money of billionaires. We are the TIP Political Party! Inspired by #7.


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