Dear Public Relations/ Media Professionals,

Donald Trump is a clear and present danger to every person on the planet. His recent rhetoric
on Iran has been that of an unhinged maniac with regard for societal norms or any sort of
diplomacy. His violent and warlike posture is an attempt to appeal to his political base, and his
fascist and militaristic tendencies endanger the lives and well-being of billions of people around
the world.

We believe the Democratic Party(the current opposition party) is dysfunctional and highly
divided. A political party must either evolve or perish, unfortunately, the Democrats seem stuck
in their ways. That is why we are introducing America's Travel in Peace(TIP) Political Party. We
are the progressive counterweight to the far-right Republican Tea Party.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez terrifies the Democratic establishment after she usurped the 3rd
most powerful Democrat in the House of Representatives. The DCCC has fought against young
progressives every step of the way. Young people look at AOC and see someone who
represents them, they see someone who has tended bar, who has struggled financially, and
someone who understands the unique situations faced by young people entering the workforce.

She is someone who understands that the economy is working for only those with established
capital—and not for those doing the labor. The DCCC sees this as a threat to the status quo,
and they have done everything they could to quash the energy AOC has unleashed. The
Democratic Party has failed young Americans. The Democratic Party's incompetency has led to
Donald Trump becoming president, it has led to the loss of the Senate majority, and it has lost
the Supreme Court for a generation.

We're calling on PR professionals to join us in rejecting the status quo. We are calling you to
join the TIP Political Party. Freedom of movement and freedom to travel are two of the issues
most important to young people. Travel and tourism not only stimulates local economies, they
also give the traveler a new appreciation for the local population. This appreciation helps lead to
a more empathetic and caring society—something we desperately need during the “grab them
by the pussy” administration and amidst the growing tide of White Nationalism.

TIP is an entirely self-funded party created with the goal to spread progressive policies

throughout the country. In order to accomplish those goals, we will set up our own in-
house platforms to capture revenue in order to fund our political endeavors and to

facilitate the birth of a Travel in Peace Nation.

Automation is one of the most vital issues facing our economy. Young people are being
pushed into lower and lower paying jobs. The solution to the automation problem is
Universal Basic Income. Andrew Yang is the only candidate who supports this common
sense idea. UBI will guarantee a minimum standard of living for all Americans. It will
increase purchasing power for middle and lower class Americans—leading to an
increase in imports and a world-wide economic boom.


It will allow young people to start their own businesses, without the threat of destroying their lives. It will allow young people to innovate and improve the living conditions of people around the world.

We can no longer wait for the government to step in, it took the entire world to stop the
terrors of the Holocaust and South African Apartheid. Now America needs that help. We
need PR professionals around the world to assist us in disseminating our Humanity First

Cruise to Puerto Rico. We are commandeering a luxury cruise line and headlining the on-
board entertainment for our inaugural Humanity First Cruise to Puerto Rico, More importantly,

we are introducing the world to OUR hand-picked presidential candidate Andrew Yang .

Trump and his White Nationalist Republican cronies seem to have "forgotten" that Puerto
Ricans are just as American as you or I.


Since Trump is neglecting our fellow Americans, it's up to us to take care of our own. We want to help Puerto Rico gain economic freedom and rebuild their economy through our shared tourism model, while at the same time raising millions for Andrew Yang's presidential run.

On the Humanity First Cruise you will meet the architects of TIPnation.NYC and the TIP Political
Party—as well as our preferred progressive candidates. You will also have the opportunity to
strategize with other like-minded progressives in our attempt to modernize the Democratic
Party. We are in the midst of a war—a war to save the very soul of the United States of

This cruise will kick off our Shared Tourism Economic Model and will change the course of
American politics while lifting millions of people out of poverty. It will also be the launch of our
campaign for Puerto Rican statehood. The DNC should have initiated Puerto Rico statehood

decades ago--the very basis of the Senate gives rural, conservative areas vast over-
representation in our government. The DNC needs to push for ALL Americans to be

represented in our government.

We are searching for PR/Media professionals who share our vision and understand that a stable
America leads to a stable world. People who understand that competent and compassionate
leaders will lead to a better world for all of us. People who understand that a government who
works to defend capitalist Robber Barons at the expense of the common laborer is

The people of the world will support our efforts, but first we need to get the word out. We need
your help in spreading our message through social media. Today we are a startup movement.
Tomorrow, with your support, we will be a political force!
The Humanity First Cruise is an integral step towards Puerto Rican statehood and an improved
Puerto Rican economy!


To support YANG2020 or provide onboard entertainment, please
contact us at

Stay connected for updates on the Movement and the launch of Tipnation's Travel Program



“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

R. Buckminster Fuller

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