Ultimately, if you follow the
logic, if it can be called that, of Stop and Frisk, it is an attempt by White supremacists to impose martial law on law abiding Black and Brown citizens, including Vets, using the uptick in crime as a flimsy cover for that.


The stark reality is that Stop and Frisk is the Democrats generational hunting tactics for free prison labor. Black and Brown Vets that have faithfully and unselfishly served this nation with honor, refuse to comply with any further degradation of their basic human rights courtesy of Eric Adams’ out of control ego.


Does Eric Adams really think that
combat Vets with severe PTSD, and now COVID-19 PTSD, will agree for a rookie
NYPD cop to Stop and Frisk them?


In 2011, 685,000 Black and Brown men were stopped and frisked. 88%, or 582,250, of those men were innocent.


That is an outrage. And even more outrageous than that, if
that’s possible, is not knowing how many thousands, including Vets, were sexually
assaulted as part of that. This is precisely why we started TIPVets and TIP political
party to protect not only Black and Brown citizens from the Jim Crow Democrats, but all  marginalized New Yorkers from their corporate donor-backed talons.
Quite what runs through the mind of Eric Adams is out there in the realms of
psychological evaluation and the no doubt desperate need for treatment.


we still have to deal with the ramifications of that. Consequently, Adams has cast a
ghoulish shadow across a city that is still coming to terms with the trauma of the
COVID-19 pandemic. We refuse to allow Black and Brown combat Vets become the victims of a wannabe Black Hitler, Eric Adams. We are done with the tried, tested, and utterly failed “thank you for your service” while we are simultaneously being auctioned
off to the highest judicial bidder that happens to be in the pockets of the DNC.
Vets are already one of the most marginalized and victimized demographics in the
country. Their rates of poverty, homelessness, psychological damage and suicide are way too high. Just as Adams is a disgrace at city level, so the treatment of Vets is a disgrace at the national level. Brothers and sisters, we are not going to back down from this latest assault on our skin color.


There will be political bloodshed if needs be.
Vets have given up their everything to fight for and defend their country. Often-times unsung heroes, they have more integrity and honor in a single eye-lash than

Eric Adams will have had in his miserable life-time. While Vets have often-times spilled their blood, Adams and his lickspittle followers do all they can to chill the blood, such as re- visiting Stop and Frisk on a daily basis. You’d expect that on the streets of Moscow, Pyongyang or Beijing, but here in NYC?


We have to come together under the umbrellas of TIPVets and TIP political party so as to fight back and protect our families loved ones, the community and ultimately the city.


This is why we call out to our Vet friends, with their experience, determination and integrity to join our ranks. Let’s reflect on that. Is there any way in which a failed-state of an individual such Eric Adams could hold out against that sort of heroic tidal wave?


NYC is our place, our way of life, our reason to be. Adams and the dinosaur Democrats of the DNC are then not only not welcome, they are to be ushered out of our lives one way or the other, by any political means necessary.


NYC is currently teetering on the
edge of bloodshed. While we don’t want that if possible, we can’t say that
circumstances won’t count that out. We’ve had enough. Vets have had enough.


This is our city. And we will defend it.

Weighing the relative racism of different candidates in the hopes of arriving at the choice as to who will do the least damage is nothing new to black voters. In fact, it’s a big reason why Mike Bloomberg and his bottomless coffers have been attracting black folks concerned first and foremost with ousting Donald Trump, who became president by appealing to white resentment.


But an audio recording of Bloomberg recirculating this week was a stark reminder about Bloomberg’s imperious approach to black lives. He explained that he had police officers flood black and brown neighborhoods because “that’s where all the crime is,” while also falsely asserting that “95 percent” of “murderers and murder victims” are “male, minorities, 16 to 25. That’s true in New York, that’s true in virtually every city.”