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Mr. Amir Locke, Black life still remains incredibly cheap in twenty-first America

There is a saying, along the lines of “the perfect definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and
over again and expecting a different result every time.” And insanity can take many forms, especially so
in a US context. Even more so when considering the continuing brutality of American police against
innocent Black citizens.

Once again, we here at TIPNation need to flag up yet another police outrage, this time the execution,for that is what it was, of Amir Locke in February of this year. Another Black
man dead, in cold blood, and another cop / police department that brazenly gets away with it.

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Putin’s Russia has many unsavory elements to it. Aside from invading sovereign nations and

massacring civilians for fun as you do so, his regime has an established history of promoting a

flawed democracy, the jailing of political dissidents, and human rights violations based on race,

gender and sexuality. There is through another hallmark that Putin’s Russia currently shares

with the USA. And that’s extra-judicial killings. Putin’s particular favorite seems to be

dispatching his opponents with poison, both home and abroad. In contrast, America’s

preferred method of murdering those that it views to be outside of the regular societal order,

aka non-White, is by police execution.

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