Fellow New Yorkers,

Your response to Hurricane Maria is nothing short of miraculous. The world has quickly realized that Trump isn’t there for Puerto Rico like he was for Texas and Florida. So the people are having to pull together and do it themselves.


The BnB Liberation Movement wants to be part of this. Our founding goal is to disrupt both travel and politics by making them one in the same. We’re redirecting our travel dollars away from places that oppress us and toward places that support freedom, equality and peace for all. We vote with our dollars to put economic pressure on lawmakers and communities to stand up for civil rights and support progressive causes. 


The BnB Liberation Movement will morph into the TIP Political Party with a mission to take back the White House and dominant the U.S. tourism industry, fostering both world peace and prosperity. Millennials (now the nation’s largest living generation) have embraced this kind of travel and we believe they are ready to embrace a new political party that intertwines progressive ideas, social movements and global travel.


Now back to Puerto Rico.


For things to change, the people need political and economic power. We support statehood for Puerto Rico—and doing whatever we need to get this island thriving again.

First on the agenda: we are currently organizing a humanitarian cruise from New York to Puerto Rico. Our cruise line partner is waiving the standard baggage weight limits so that people can bring the necessary supplies to their friends and family.

We’re hoping to make the trip from NYC to Puerto Rico a weekly or monthly event and help rebuild Puerto Rico's tourist industry using our travel-for-good approach. Our shared economy model means the people of Puerto Rico will benefit—not just the massive all-inclusive resorts.


We would appreciate any support you can offer to make this cruise a reality. And, long term, we hope you’ll join our fight for statehood to end colonization in Puerto Rico.


Cyber Freedom Fighters




400 years ago, our ancestors were stolen from Africa and endured months chained head to toe in the shithole of slave ships. Today, we are commandeering a luxury cruise line and headlining the on-board entertainment for our inaugural humanitarian cruise to Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. And you're invited.


Since Trump is neglecting our fellow Americans, it's up to us to take care of our own. We'll help them gain economic freedom and rebuild their economy through the shared tourism model. On the cruise, you can meet the architects of Tipnation.NYC, Afrobnb and Tip Political Party as well as our progressive candidates. You'll also have the opportunity to strategize on the future direction of the Democratic party with other like-minded progressives who are going to war to save the soul of America. 


This cruise will change the course of politics in America and lift millions of people out of poverty domestically and globally. It will also launch our push for giving Puerto Rico statehood and two more senate seats—something the DNC should have initiated decades ago. 


To become a sponsor or provide onboard entertainment, please contact us at Tip@tipnation.org.

Stay connected for updates on the Movement and the launch of Tipnation's Travel Program



“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

R. Buckminster Fuller

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