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America’s Red States think we’ve moved past their history of atrocities. But we’re experiencing a fresh wave with the Trump presidency—from the Muslim ban and call for a border wall to to trying to dismantle Obamacare in order to give the wealthiest Americans a tax break to firing every person who’s dared investigate his likely collusion with Russia and trying to discredit the free press. Every day a new story breaks that further horrifies us. And we are fighting back.


#FeelThePainBOY will supplement your efforts for equal rights and be a rallying call for everyone in the Democratic Party. With this boycott, we have a means to express our collective anger and cause economic pain to those who try to oppress up. We’ll hold them accountable when a black man is murdered by police; when states pass anti-LGBTQ laws, chip away at women’s rights or interfere with legalized cannabis; and so on and so forth.


#FeelThePainBOY gives us all a way hit what really matters to Trump and his cronies—their bank accounts.


We can no longer wait years for governments to step in. It took the entire world to stop the Holocaust and South African Apartheid. And now we need that global help again. You can make a difference today. We ask each of you not to visit or support our oppressor’s economy, both as an act of solidarity and for your own safety, which we fear could be in jeopardy if you visit the heart of Trump’s America.


Please consider redirecting your travel dollars to progressive states, like Colorado, California, Massachusetts, Maine, Minnesota, Washington, Oregon, New York, Nevada, Connecticut, Vermont, New Jersey or Hawaii instead.


Four years ago, Mitt Romney tried to convince us that, “Corporations are people.” Today we, the people, declare ourselves corporations. Make no mistake about it, this movement will change the course of American history. While the politicians are fighting for their personal gains, let's tune Trump out and take the next couple of years to embrace this new era and grow the movement into a multi-billion entity. As an insurance policy, we’re starting the groundwork to morph directly into the TIP Political Party once 1 million people join the movement.


We chose this approach after we watched in amazement when the Democrats shut Airbnb out of the New York City market. If this can happen in one of the bluest states in the country, who's the true enemy of the people?


The BnB Liberation Movement is designed to disrupt the trillion dollar travel industry immediately. We created eight tribes based on race, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation (Afrobnb, Spanishbnb, Asiansbnb, Caribicbnb, Muslimsbnb, Jewsbnb, Queersbnb and Womenunitedbnb) and eight divisions (Demsbnb, Veteranbnb, Winobnb, Caribicgolfbnb, Collegematesbnb, Swankbnb (luxury) Subwaysbnb and Smokeinpeacebnb) to compete, disrupt and takeover lucrative "low hanging" niches in the travel industry and to grow supplementary worlds. Smokeinpeacebnb will enjoy first-movers advantage in the cannabis tourism marketplace. Each BnB division will have a sister tour company and all divisions will receive support from our affiliated divisions.


Our base companies, Travel in Peace and Tipbnb, were created to provide all BnB models with professional, customized tour operator services to compete directly with tour operators who offer escorted tours with hotel option. Travel in Peace operates destination management  divisions in each destination that we serve. Our local team handles all aspects of our clients on the ground experience. We currently specialize in Jamaica,Barcelona, Cuba and NYC however based on demand we can establish services in any destination.


Given that we specialize in cannabis tourism, one of our main pushes will be moving Spring Break from the Gulf Coast, where students of color are more likely to face arrests, crackdowns, racism, and civil rights violations to Jamaica. It not only boasts some of the most spectacular beaches in the world, it’s also the world’s most 420-friendly destination, having decriminalized marijuana and actively working to make buying easier for tourists.


We are working to create a “Weedstock” event in Negril, Jamaica in 2019. We’ll piggyback on the 16th Annual Stepping High Ganja Festival and continue the celebration through the entire Spring Break season. Of 16 million college students approximately 400,000 participate in spring break, totaling $208 billion in revenue. We want to direct some of that money to this month-long event. BnB rooms will start at $30 per night and we’ll offer a host of support services including hotel reservations.


As social tourism activists, we are also very concerned about Cuba and its future. To preserve Cuba's uniqueness and culture and to ensure tourists dollars benefit the Cuban people and not corporate entities, we are happy to announce that September 2018 is dedicated to Cuba and all 6-day tours will start at $299 person, including walking tours and bnb. In particular, we’ll be announcing details for a Women United Cuba Adventure.

The founding fathers stacked the decked against many of us. However, there was no way for them to know that the Internet age would unravel their perfect union. Let's not walk or run—let's race to become the party of the future. This time, when you march and fire the first proverbial shot in the cultural war, it won't be loaded with blanks. We'll shoot to kill our oppressor's grip on the trillion dollar travel industry, an industry that exploits our brothers and sisters globally. This movement will not only unchain us and give us a unified purpose—it will unlock the chain of the maid making $50 a week in Jamaica, St. Lucia and most of the countries in the Caribbean, South America and Africa.


We also must be the first to go into the South Side of Chicago and create opportunity through social tourism. Obama's legacy started on the South Side, and his presidential library will attract millions of tourists when it opens in 2021. We must go in today to create a tour worthy of his contribution and more importantly to get some tourism dollars flowing to the South Side economy.


As this election proved, many Americans still hate people who are different from them. But we won’t hate in return. Instead, let's compete with today's technology. When we are a billion strong, we'll be able to tell our children, “We did it for you.”


Let's shake off this loss and have some fun with our reality TV President. Every time he tweets, let's retweet our boycott message. Let's get to work protecting our hard-earned rights and the rights of nameless strangers, even in lands far away.


Find your tribe’s gear at



Cyber Freedom Fighters


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