All Confederate monuments should be removed from public display across the US.

For a relatively young country, the US is awash with history. This really is unsurprising given the tumultuous events that have happened in American history – the Revolution, Pearl Harbor, the Civil Rights Movement, 9/11 to name some of the more obvious ones. And, of course, there is the Civil War.

The carnage and socio-economic dislocation of the nineteenth century Civil War was vast and its consequences profound. With the Union victorious over the rebel Confederacy, the US could formally consign the abomination of slavery to the ash-heap of history country-wide.

However, over 150 years later, and, bizarrely, there are hundreds of Confederate monuments still to be found across the country. While most are in a select few states in the South, a few may even be found in the likes of New England, Montana and Idaho.

The non-profit Southern Poverty Law Center asserts in a 2016 report that there are“718 [Confederate] monuments and statues, nearly 300 of which are in Georgia, Virginia or North Carolina; 109 public schools named for Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis or other Confederate icons…and 10 U.S. military bases named for Confederates.” [1]