Black America, Yang's Universal Basic Income for all Americans is the equivalent to REPARATIONS.

The Civil War ended in 1865. The DNC has had 154 years to eradicate the Confederacy, yet now we have the neo-Confederate, White Nationalist Trump Administration. Reparations are regularly kicked around by the DNC during an election year in a disingenuous attempt to secure the black vote. No matter how often the idea is brought up, Democratic presidents and Congressional leaders table it as soon as the win an election. Therefore, we will no longer accept political irrelevancy by blindly following the DNC.

Now is the time to vote for our best interests. In lieu of reparations, the TIP political party considers Andrew Yang's Universal Basic Income of $1000.00 per month, 12 months of the year, and universal single payer healthcare for all Americans payment in full. We need to go on the offensive politically. Various discriminated against and disenfranchised minority groups have received reparations, so why not Black Americans?

We need to send the DNC and moderate politicians a clear message. They will again lose to Trump in 2020 if reparations / Universal Basic Income are not specifically included in the party platform.

The DNC can't win without the black vote.

Our ancestors dealt with men a thousand times worse than Trump who had the political power to enslave. We'll survive four more years of Trump.

The question is can American democracy survive in the meantime?

Racial inequality remains rampant in America.

Eric Garner shouted out 11 times that he couldn't breathe before he was choked to death for simply selling loose cigarettes. That was in what many believe to be one of the bluest cities in America. His cold-blooded executioner got off scot-free.

The Trump Administration—Attorney General William Barr—refused to press Violation of Civil Rights charges against a police officer who used the power of his position to brutally murder an unarmed black man. A guilty decision should undoubtedly have been handed down in NYC five years ago—but the US Justice Department had a chance to right that wrong. Instead, they defended the neo-fascist, racist, jack-booted thugs in the NYPD.

Conservatives will defend the police by saying racists are just “a few bad apples”--but they have conveniently forgotten the rest of the saying. “A few bad apples spoil the bunch.

America, on top of that, we must delve into the reason why Eric was selling loose cigarettes in the first place. Like millions of black men in America, Eric Garner had a police record for petty offenses. A criminal record—even for crimes that were necessary to feed and clothe your family shuts you out of the job market.