Trump is from the Stone Age. Is the DNC too?

The days of Donald Trump’s racist dog-whistles seem to be coming to an end. And no, not because he has had some miraculous conversion from bigot to non-bigot.

Rather, the racist dog-whistles have stopped as he is now clearly resorting to the use of dog-claxons and dog-foghorns to over-stimulate the numerous racists within the MAGA and Republican ranks.

As if there wasn’t a mountain of evidence out there as to his white supremacist credentials, our very own stable genius again confirmed what we all know about him with his repellant verbal attacks on the city of Baltimore and civil rights icon Elijah Cummins.

Add to that how Trump has then used the attempted burglary on Cummins’ home as a way to try and twist the knife even further, and the already urgent need to get Trump out of the White House as quickly as possible becomes critical.

So that’s Trump as a racist, as clear as the white rings around his eyes. But what about some of those that claim to oppose him and his bigoted world-view?

Are they part of the solution or actually part of the problem? In particular, the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

Living in the age of Trump, one can become numbed to his endless nonsense, scandals and bigotry quite easily.