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Trump is from the Stone Age. Is the DNC too?

The days of Donald Trump’s racist dog-whistles seem to be coming to an end. And no, not because he has had some miraculous conversion from bigot to non-bigot.

Rather, the racist dog-whistles have stopped as he is now clearly resorting to the use of dog-claxons and dog-foghorns to over-stimulate the numerous racists within the MAGA and Republican ranks.

As if there wasn’t a mountain of evidence out there as to his white supremacist credentials, our very own stable genius again confirmed what we all know about him with his repellant verbal attacks on the city of Baltimore and civil rights icon Elijah Cummins.

Add to that how Trump has then used the attempted burglary on Cummins’ home as a way to try and twist the knife even further, and the already urgent need to get Trump out of the White House as quickly as possible becomes critical.

So that’s Trump as a racist, as clear as the white rings around his eyes. But what about some of those that claim to oppose him and his bigoted world-view?

Are they part of the solution or actually part of the problem? In particular, the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

Living in the age of Trump, one can become numbed to his endless nonsense, scandals and bigotry quite easily.

It’s not that one wants to, but the guy is nothing but a lightning rod for controversy in the mother of all thunder storms.

Consequently, issues that just five years ago would have been headline political news become quickly submerged by Trump – the conductor of chaos. Case in point?

On Monday July 29 th , several senior staffers at the DNC quit their posts in protest at the DNC abjectly failing to make good on its campaign promise of promoting racial diversity within the organization. It turns out that the DNC are way more interested in rewarding party loyalty rather than honoring that promise.

“There is not one person of color — black or brown, that I’m aware of — at any position of authority or decision-making in the DCCC [Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee],” Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio), a former chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus told HuffPost. “It is shocking and something needs to be done about it.” [1] Despite the inevitable hand-wringing of the DNC in the aftermath of the resignations, one still has to ask as to how this is even a thing in the post-Obama Democratic Party of the twenty-first century?

How does the DNC expect non-white America to vote for their candidates when they are unwilling to diversify their own ranks?

The fight against racism in the US is a binary one. That is to say that you are either part of the problem or part of the solution. There absolutely is no middle ground – even though the DNC continually appears to try and occupy that area.

With the DNC still of this ridiculously outdated racists mind-set, then they do not deserve the support of one non-white American or true progressive in the US. They are simply Republican-lite –essentially the same product but with some superficial changes.

Trump and the GOP must be laughing out loud when they got wind of the walk-outs last week.For Trump to be removed from office in 2020, it is going to take as many non-whites to get out to the ballot box as is humanly possible, right across the country.

As things stand, the DNC is hardly a shining beacon of diversity to lure non-white voters out next November. “What’s really the difference between the two main parties?” is, yet again, a very real question for millions of black, brown, Hispanic, non-white and true progressive voters.

As long as the DNC, by accident or by design, continues to seemingly harken back to the Stone Age when it comes to racially diversifying its ranks, then it is serving only to strengthen Trump’s position for 2020.

The prospect of a second Trump term should horrify all rational minded people, including the upper echelons of the DNC. If they won’t change, and the prospects of that are pretty dismal on the basis of just this latest piece of news alone, then voters will understandably look out more and more for other options when it comes to voting.

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