Neither the DNC, Clinton, Bloomberg or Patrick Can Beat Trump

2015 really does seem like a lifetime ago. You remember the year when Obama was still President and politics in the US didn’t resemble a cross between Alice in Wonderland meets tv reality on steroids, with added racism and amateurism thrown in for extras? Almost a dream-like alternate reality looking back now.

The following year it of course all changed when Trump managed to hijack the Presidency. Nothing has been the same since. In fact, Trump and his “MAGA” movement have darn well ensured that political, legal, constitutional and electoral norms that the US had worked hard for over two and a half centuries, no longer apply.

And given a sniff of a chance, Trump will ensure that he does the same come 2020. He’s already made it as obvious as his orange tan and terrible hairstyle that he will happily do whatever it takes to get elected, including blackmailing foreign governments with quid pro quos for military support and aid.

Sure, it is deeply troubling that Trump, a racist, narcissist with skin thinner than gossamer, as well as a clear and present danger to the Great Republic, managed to take up the Presidency. Even more so when he lost the popular vote to Clinton by nearly three million votes and still made it into the Oval Office courtesy of an outdated electoral college system.

In 2016, the Trump campaign targeted those states where it had to so as to win. In stark contrast, the DNC believed its own propaganda with Hillary Clinton as its 2016 Presidential candidate and consequently, the US has had four years burdened with by far and away its worst President not just in modern history, but ever.

The problem is for the DNC is that it has not learned its lessons from 2016 and is presently a virtual carbon-copy of what it was then. This is a sure-fire way to see Trump re-elected in 2020. The majority of the American people simply do not want more of the same from the DNC.

They are sick and tired of the DNC’s continued reliance on corporate donors, big vested business / interests and being Republican-lite in general.

Incredulously, the latest on the DNC grapevine is that Hillary Clinton is actually considering a 2020 run. Yes, after the carnage of the 2016 Presidential election and the chaos of the subsequent four years, some in the DNC genuinely believe this to be a viable proposal.

Nothing could be further from the truth. You simply do not fight the battles of tomorrow with the dinosaur strategies and tactics of the past. Consequently, it is beyond a shadow of doubt that the DNC are not able

to defeat Trump and his well-oiled electoral machinery, as odious a prospect as that may be. Quite simply the centrist has-beens of the Democratic party need to stop continually blocking progressive, grass-roots change – an irresistible process that will inevitably culminate with true progressives taking the White House.

Like-wise the situation with Joe Biden. Poll after poll shows Biden beating Trump by healthy margins. Consider that and then cast your mind back to the run up to November 2016. Exactly the same happened with Clinton against Trump in the opinion polls, and he took the Oval Office nevertheless.