Trump betray Kurdish allies.

In the midst of the continual orchestra of outrage being conducted by Donald Trump, so much can happen in such a short period of time that issues of huge significance can all too quickly be pushed out of view.

Trump is of course presently up to his neck in a Ukrainian related impeachment mire of which he is the sole author of his own misfortune.

However, let’s not forget that just a few short weeks ago, Trump’s reckless and very public decision to pull out of Syria was dominating the news cycle. Just to remind you that following a ‘phone call with Turkish strongman President Erdogan, Trump took it upon himself to unilaterally declare that US forces were coming out of Syria and that our Kurdish allies (who had been so instrumental in the defeat of ISIS) were now on their own.

That of course is bad news for the Kurds. American forces, light as they were in northern Syria, were keeping the Turks in check (the Turks and the Kurds have a long history of animosity and sub-national conflict). And sure enough, within a matter of hours of the US announcement, Turkish forces went into action against the Kurds in northern Syria.

For Trump, this was just business as usual. No doubt Erdogan made sure to butter Trump up in the aforementioned ‘phone call. And of course, two things that Trump likes even more than obvious fake tans and over-length red ties?

Flattery and authoritarian strongmen - just like Erdogan. The sense of Trump’s betrayal of the Kurds, who lost tens of thousands of fighters in the battle to destroy ISIS, reverberated around the world. No doubt the likes of Putin, Xi and Orban, fellow strongmen cut from the same cloth as Erdogan, looked on with glee. In fact, Erdogan and Putin have since put together a joint Turkish- Russian military / security effort in those areas that the US has now vacated.

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