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Studies in Moral Surrender: Mike Pence.

Donald Trump is of course more than deserving of a continual barrage of well- earned criticism. He is without a shadow of doubt the most catastrophic individual to ever occupy the Oval Office. We here at TipNation have then rightly been very vocal in our disparaging of the president. This has meant that vice-president Mike Pence has largely avoided our scorn. Until now.

Pence has today penned an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal in which he lavishly praises Trump for his handling of the Coronavirus pandemic. Of course, such fawning over Trump we have long come to expect from Pence. He surrendered his soul, and his backbone, to the cult of Trump many years ago now.

However, what makes Pence’s op-ed particularly alarming is that he also makes the startling assertion that the Trump administration is “winning the fight against Coronavirus” and that the threat of a “second wave” of the virus was being overplayed by the media. Which are both utterly spectacular falsehoods that Trump’s number one stooge is expecting the American people to lap up.

Except the American people are no dummies and they see through this complete charade.

On the same day, Florida, Texas and Arizona each announced thousands of new Coronavirus cases. Oklahoma, Oregon and Nevada each reported their highest single-day spike in Coronavirus cases yet. Here’s the thing, Pence is right about the second wave – but for all the wrong reasons. We are still firmly in the midst of the first wave, so that would imply there can’t even be a second wave until the first one is over!

Add to that Trump again asserting that the only reason Coronavirus numbers are going up is because of more testing (and by extension of that logic, fewer tests mean fewer cases), when cases of being hospitalized because of the virus are actually presently increasing, then you get to see a very suspect pattern being formed. Medical experts are appalled and are calling this out for what it is – dangerous nonsense.

Pence is simply an apologist for Trump and most likely has his eye on the top job. After all, the vice-president is only one heartbeat away from the presidency (which assumes that Trump actually has a heart, which is highly

debatable). Trump likes to surround himself with yes-men. Pence is just that, but on steroids.

With today’s ill-judged and irresponsible remarks about the Coronavirus, Pence has shown once more how he values his fealty to Trump above the welfare of the American people. Pence, and therefore Trump by extension, wish to push this lie on the American people so as to show that the US has “recovered” and is again “open for business.” Which it hasn’t and is not yet fully.

This is all to do with scheming electoral machination and nothing else. Trump and Pence were banking on the economy scraping them to victory come November (even though Trump inherited a buoyant economy from Obama and then claims, repeatedly, the credit). With the pandemic ravaging the US and its economy, that reduces Trump’s chances of re-election even further still.

And all the wishful thinking in the world from Pence and Trump won’t change one single thing about that. We always knew that Trump didn’t really care about the American people -only their vote and their money. Pence, who before teaming up with Trump, was a known religious bigot and homophobe, has done nothing, absolutely nothing, to counter-balance the worst excesses of Trump. Pence is then an enabler of monumental wickedness of the sort that his Bible vociferously denounces.

There really doesn’t seem to be a lie too big for Pence to espouse, as long as his master has spewed it forth. Trump rightly so should be damned forever by history for so badly hurting the American people and undermining the democracy of the Great Republic. Yet Pence is just as bad, just as damned, for enabling and empowering Trump.

Even when the country is in the midst of a pandemic, and over one hundred thousand lives have been lost, with more to come, still they pump out their lies and deceit to a nation that’s long past its tolerance levels for any more of this deadly nonsense.

Mike Pence. Forever hang your head in shame.

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