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2020 has proven to be quite the year. A pandemic unlike anything the world has known since 100 years ago, civil unrest gripping cities across the US, and a known racist incompetent in the White House bungling himself from one crisis to another, built on one lie after another. At the same time, 2020 really needs our adults to start acting like adults when it comes to marijuana. And that especially includes Joe Biden.

The Presidential election this November is of course like no other in American history. We either stick with a blithering idiot with the mind-set of perpetually scorned narcissist or we can be rid of such nonsense with a President who actually resides in reality and wants the best for all.

That is of course a no-brainer, and that is Joe Biden as the non-Trump candidate. As much as he has progressive credentials, to a limited degree, a full on progressive he most certainly is not. And the idea of nation-wide recreational use of marijuana is a perfect example of that.

Presently, close on 70% of Americans are in favor of the full legalization of recreational marijuana use, let alone for medicinal use (which has an even higher percentage of approval). Biden favors “decriminalization” of marijuana at the federal level. That is though only half the deal. Full legalization of recreational use is precluded by decriminalization. So as a user, you are still at risk of an over-zealous cop pushing his / her luck.

While Biden is in touch with a majority of Americans with regards to any number of issues, he singularly falls short when it comes to marijuana. This is of course massively disappointing as on this issue, it actually puts Biden on a par with Trump. Back in February this year, when asked about Trump’s take on marijuana, Marc Lotter, the Trump campaign’s director of strategic communications framed

Trump’s attitude to marijuana use to that an adult to a child. (So there we have it as if we didn’t have enough evidence before – Trump views the American people as children.

He knows best. Every. Single. Time. However, that take-down of Trump aside,

Biden is essentially a horse from the same stable when it comes to the same marijuana issue. Let’s be clear here. While Biden is no Trump, he’s certainly no progressive. At least not in a meaningful sense of the word. If Biden’s campaign had even half of its set-up functioning, it would recognize that how impactful this issue is with the younger voter.

And if the younger vote gets active this coming election, as all the signs are showing, then Biden is potentially missing a major trick.

Of course, Biden has form here. In November of last year, he suggested that there needed to be “more research” into marijuana use as it represented a danger as potential “gateway drug.” How much research does Biden need? Tens of millions of Americans regularly use marijuana without the need shortly thereafter to go in search of a crack pipe.

The DNC really need to wake up to this. As things stand, Biden will easily take the White House while Trump heads off to set up his own TV channel that makes One America News look liberal. But there’s more to just securing the White House, there really is. This election is all about the strategic direction that the US is looking to take not just for the next four years, but for lifetimes to come.

As things stand, you could spend a life-time destroying your brain, liver and life with alcohol – and that’s societally acceptable. In sharp contrast, smoking some weed to chill out for a few hours, with no long-term issues, is on a par with mainlining heroin. Absolute nonsense.

So, let’s hope Biden sweeps the Trump trash out of the White House. At the same time, let’s hope that he also starts to tune into what Americans really want across a broad range of issues, including marijuana use. In the absence of that, the US runs the real risk of forever being stuck 100 years behind where it really should be.

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