Joe Biden is the odds-on favorite

2016 taught us a lot of things. Such as the US and the UK would take leave of their senses, with Trump and Brexit being two glaring examples of that. What it also taught us, on the back of those two seismic events, was to take nothing for granted. Why this point? Well, right now, Joe Biden is the odds-on favorite to defeat Donald Trump in November. Now that Biden has chosen Kamala Harris as his VP, those odds have seemingly shortened further still.

That said, cast your mind back to the late summer and fall of 2016. Poll after poll, pundit after pundit, predicted that Hillary Clinton would win, and handsomely so. Yet Trump made it the Oval Office. And despite the fact that another four years of Trump as President will further erode American democracy and law as we know it, he could still do it again if we are not careful.

Still, despite his bluster and on-going crowing about being more popular than ever, Trump is well aware that if the election were tomorrow, he would likely be hammered by the Biden- Harris ticket. In some polls, Biden has a 12 percent lead over Trump. So, of course, what does our very stable genius of a president do? He lies and cheats more than ever. His threat to stop funding of the USPS so as to adversely effect postal voting is un-Constitutional and downright illegal. Incredibly, this is yet further grounds for impeachment following his first impeachment just a few months ago. How impeachable is this guy?

Another Trump-trick is to try and invalidate an opponent as not really being an American citizen. He played that disgusting trick for years with Obama as the loudest voice of the repugnant birther movement, and now he's at it again with Kamala Harris. Of course, the fact that both Obama and Harris are non-white is way beyond a coincidence when it comes to Donald Trump.

On top of that, not only is at an attempt of diminishing the legitimacy of one of his opponents on racial terms, it is also classic Trump in that it is a crass diversionary tactic. While the focus switches to Harris and ridiculous birther claims, Trump, DeJoy and their boot-licking cronies continue with demolishing the postal service so as to benefit Trump's withering electoral chances.

Of course, what do we get from the vast majority of the GOP? Crickets, tumbleweed and the sound of a church bell in the far distance. Perennial Trump-appeaser-enabler, Senator Susan Collins has come out with how she is "very concerned" about Trump's assault on the USPS. As ever from Collins, another nauseatingly feeble rebuke of Trump before she sucks up to him again once more.

Biden is of course far from the perfect choice for many progressives across the country. The addition of Harris to the ticket goes some way in counter-acting that. She is the antithesis of not only Donald Trump (our man-toddler-in-chief cannot stand strong women, let alone those who are non-white), but of her cardboard cut-out, white bread-like counterpart, Mike Pence. (Harris will inevitably get the better of Pence when they debate in Salt Lake City in October).

However, despite the more progressive credentials of Harris compared to Biden, and the country increasingly tired and sickened by the circus-horror show that is the Trump Presidency, nothing can or should be taken for granted. The people need to get out and vote like their lives depend on it. And that is not hyperbole. Trump has been as effective as a chocolate fireguard when dealing with the pandemic, with over 160,000 Americans now dead.

He wants to gut social security, leaving us even less financially secure in the future and thus at greater risk to life and limb. His meddling with the USPS not only threatening mail-in votes, but what of the elderly and the sick who rely on the mail for the delivery of vital medicines? Mass evictions look increasingly likely as Trump and the GOP couldn't figure their way out of a paper bag let alone work on an effective economic stimulus-salvage package to help regular Americans as the pandemic continues to worsen.

Friends couches, the back seats of cars and park benches potentially beckon for millions of Americans, again with the huge increased risk to their mental and physical well-being that that entails. 2016 was a shocking year. 2020 has been even more so, what with a global pandemic and economic catastrophe following hard on the heels of that. We need to make sure that 2020 doesn’t get even worse with a Trump victory achieved through either nefarious means or voter apathy. Another four years of Trump? Who could take any more of that?

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“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

R. Buckminster Fuller

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