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An Open Letter to Jack Dorsey

Every once in a while, history throws forth a man or woman of destiny. Think Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, John Lewis or Martin Luther King. All titans of their time, their names will live on forever, as will their legacies.

We believe that your name should join those, and here’s why.

We at TIP Nation have been strident advocates of Universal Basic Income (UBI) for many years now. We wholeheartedly backed Andrew Yang’s proposal for UBI and now we see how you are supporting 25 cities, all economically languishing because of COVID-19, with a UBI from you for their citizens.

Not only is this an act of philanthropy on your behalf, it is also prophetic. UBI is inextricably woven into the future tapestry of this country. The obscene wealth inequality of recent years gone by can only effectively be tackled with UBI.

The average American can barely afford to live, even more so in the midst of a pandemic, let alone buy a new political system for the country. We need people with vision such as yours so as to secure our future as one people and one country, united, free and fair.

A virtual war needs to be waged against the Establishment. The tactics of old, while worthy at the time, are no longer effective in the face of the societal and economic changes that are required.

You will note the names at the start of this letter to you to all be African or African-American. We need a white person of destiny to step forward to lead the fight and, we genuinely believe, you are that candidate. The struggle is for the majority of Americans and world-citizens, black, white or people of color.

Mr. Dorsey, at this critical time for our nation and our democracy, we call on you to not only collaborate with TIP Nation, but we invite you to become CEO of TIP Nation, an honor to fit a visionary man such as yourself.

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