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AOC and Fellow Progressives, Ditch The DNC

As we already knew, the American two-party set-up is the fossil-fuel industry of political systems – archaic and toxic to the vast majority of Americans. That’s why we previously declared that the Democrats and true American Progressives now need to part company.

If you wanted an absolute affirmation of that, take Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ affirmation of Bernie Sanders in her one minute, yep, that’s one minute, slot at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday night. A truly bold statement made in a ridiculously short period of time, AOC did justice to the 1,000 Democratic delegates that opted for Sanders’ radical agenda as opposed to the stuffy, middle of the road, paid and bought for by big business Biden BS.

That we still only have an oscillating two party system, Republican and Republican- lite, in the twenty-first century is as repugnant as it is amazing. Both the Republicans and the Democrats rely on big money corporate dollars and sleazy, swamp-dwelling lobbyists.

There’s further proof of the out-of-touch nature of the DNC, again captured on Tuesday night just gone. 17 up-and-coming genuine Progressives, such as Stacey Abrams, Denny Ruprecht and Randall Woodfin, to name just three, were given just seconds, literally just seconds, to let themselves be known, let alone put forth any coherent Progressive policy suggestions. Stifled by the stuffed-shirts of the regular DNC. What else should we expect?

As we previously affirmed:

“A Democratic Party that is deemed to be “the lesser of the two evils” is still deemed to be evil by that very same definition.”

While having Harris as his VP pick is to be welcomed, it still leaves us with trying to politically continually prove up is down, left is right and night is day when it comes to true Progressive policy. And all this does is let the American people down time after time. This Presidential election, even if Biden triumphs, will be absolutely no different, despite all of the Harris and “broad umbrella” rhetoric of a Biden victory.

One again, we categorically affirm that in the mid to long term, the only way Americans will ever get to see meaningful change, such as common-sense gun control, action on climate change, a fully reformed and humane system of immigration, universal basic income and universal single-payer health-care, is with a genuine Progressive movement, controlled Congress and President.

Is having Trump out of the White House a desirable outcome? Yes, naturally. However, having a Republican-lite replacement is nearly as unpalatable. And it’s an open secret that Biden has in the past willingly rubbed shoulders with white supremacists and conservative rabble in general.

The future belongs to the 100 million plus millennials who are, inevitably, crawling out from underneath the shadow of the Trump / Biden like Boomer generation of angry old white men and women. The future belongs to politicians such as AOC,

Stacey Abrams, Ilhan Omar and so on. THAT is the real blue wave – not just a regurgitation of the DNC’s man / woman of regulation characteristics, philosophy and ultimately policy.

So, let’s be rid of Trump come November. But then, let’s finally have a genuine, grown-up national conversation and subsequent Progressive direction to a better America. The sort of America that represents the many, not the few, all races and not just those that happen to be white, the average American and not just the billionaires.

Trump, move over. Then Biden, guess what? You need to do the same.

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