Biden – Do the Honorable Thing and Step Aside

As we know, sadly, Biden is now officially the Democrat’s Presidential candidate. Despite a stellar field of potential, the DNC opted for the safe option - the middle-of-the-road, Republican-lite, corporate friendly guy. Or put another way, surprise-surprise, another old, white dude looking for four more years of more or less the same old, same old.

The US has long prided itself on being a glowing example of democracy in action. However, this is not true, far from it. The endless oscillation between Democrats and Republicans in the White House inevitably provides the same depressing results. The country continues to be dominated by old, white men backed by Wall Street and billionaire vested interest. The US presently resembles more of an oligarchy than anything else. Power does not rest with the people, as it should. The billionaires, the bankers and the corporate powers- that-be, with their political puppets in Washington, truly call the shots. And that is invariably at the expense of the average American.

Which is precisely why Biden’s time has long come and gone. Despite having run unsuccessfully for President two times prior to now, he is out of touch, way too moderate and absolutely in the pockets of his donors, big business and corporate America. In his speech on the last day of the Democratic convention, Biden made reference to, among other banal platitudes, to being “an ally of the light.” That in its own right is highly questionable. Why not assert himself as an ally of non-white America, the oppressed and the economically disenfranchised?

The majority of Americans know that the national embarrassment that is Trump has to go, as Biden mentioned in that same speech numerous times. Yet where was the policy detail and substance? In particular, as Ice Cube blasted Biden after his speech, what exactly was in it for the black community? How would four years of Biden as President prove to be of substantive benefit to black people and black businesses? Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, over 400,000 black owned businesses have gone bust and there are many more set to come.[1] Unsurprisingly, no mention of this whatsoever from Biden.

Biden has had a questionable past when it comes to race. His take on bussing back decades ago was dubious to say the least. Add to that how he had no qualms whatsoever rubbing shoulders with and courting the support of known racists. During his first term in Congress for example, Biden reached out to one Senator James Eastland for political favor. Eastland was a disgusting racist who on any number of times make reference to black people being “an inferior race.” As the adage goes, a man is truly known by the company that he keeps.

On top of all that, let’s not overlook Biden’s casual sexism and those women that have come out and accused Biden of sexual impropriety. What a candidate for the highest office in the land. Almost sounds like Trump…

Yet there’s more to the Biden bandwagon. He is in cahoots with the prison industry’s big money donor class. As we know millions of black men have been incarcerated for the most ludicrous of reasons – possessing / using cannabis. The criminal justice and penal systems are horrendously skewed against non-whites in the US, and this rests easy on the conscience of Joe Biden. How could it not when 75% of the American population are in favor of legalizing cannabis and, bizarrely (or maybe not), Joe Biden is not. Biden has not even a twinge of guilt or remorse as to the dollar generating system of mass incarceration that he tacitly approves of.

After the chaos of Trump, and his regressive, racist free-for-all, the US needs to go in a totally different direction, and that also includes that offered by a potential President Biden. He needs to the right thing and step aside. Secretary of State would be the ideal role for him. That would allow for a genuine progressive to step into the potential President’s shoes. The sort of progressive that knows that black lives really do matter, that marijuana should be legalized, the militarized police defunded and reformed and that the judicial / penal system needs to be fundamentally overhauled.

This country is crying out for genuine socio-economic reforms. With that in mind, Joe Biden, do the right thing – step aside forthwith.



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“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

R. Buckminster Fuller

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