Trump’s Zenith of Hate and Hypocrisy

Last night saw Donald Trump deliver his culmination of the RNC speech.

Unsurprisingly, it was the pile of fake and flimsy garbage that you would expect from a grifting conman such as Trump. Putting aside his flagrant use of the White House for an illegal publicity stunt, his wooden speech oozed with lies and dishonesty. For example, Trump ludicrously claimed that his administration had effectively tackled the COVID pandemic and had deferred to science and fact all along. While that is an astonishingly see-through assertion, even more jaw dropping was Trump referencing how he was so good in terms of racial issues. Absolutely staggering. Let’s consider that massively dubious assertion with a little more context.

Earlier this week, Kenosha Wisconsin saw the latest example of egregious police violence against African-American with the shooting of Jacob Blake. Seven times. In the back. The world is yet again utterly appalled. Yet did Trump reference this at any time during his speech? Of course not. He instead fanned over the police and spewed forth his dreary and predictable claim of being in favor of “law and order.”

Trump glaringly failed to mention how 17-year old Kyle Rittenhouse, a big Trump and blue lives matter fan, travelled half an hour to Kenosha, armed with an A-15 and then played white vigilante supposedly “protecting” businesses. The city was already in uproar about the shooting of Blake. The last thing it needed was for white, heavily armed, militias descending upon it. But descend they did.

Resulting in Rittenhouse killing two protestors of police brutality and seriously injuring a third.

Unbelievably, Rittenhouse was not apprehended at the scene, being allowed to travel back to his home for the night. He was arrested the next day. Now compare his treatment with that of Tamir Rice, with a toy gun, who was killed in downtown Cleveland by police officers who made a two second decision to open fire on him. The contrast between Rittenhouse and Rice couldn’t be any more eye-opening and perfectly indicative of how this country really has two justice sy