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Cory Booker and the vast majority of Black American politicians are gaslighting their race.

Kids today are really confused. They are growing up in a world of supposed “fake news”, a myriad of websites and social media platforms that will tell you whatever it is you want to hear, and the normalization of subjective opinion now being asserted as actual objective truth. Now add to that how it is apparently the case that slavery was not actually vanquished as a result of the Union winning the Civil War, and that confusion becomes a useful tool as a fog of war in contemporary political discourse for the likes of the GOP, DNC and Black sell-out politicians.

Sadly, the likes of Cory Booker and the vast majority of Black American politicians are gaslighting their own voting demographic. Consequently, the fact that African Americans were emancipated 158 years ago, now means nothing. Cue the aforementioned generational confusion and betrayal. Black Americans are literally being hunted in their homes and in the streets, being humiliated, locked up, maimed and killed by paramilitary police-forces, including those with Black police chiefs. Law enforcement likes to pass around the racist Koolaid don’t you know? Just ask the family of Tyre Nichols.

(Not) fun fact – the 13th Amendment that supposedly abolished slavery had a major caveat written into it. All slavery was to be abolished “except as punishment for a crime.” Now if you’re not massively shocked by that, you’re not listening. That means that America’s incarcerated, of which a disproportionate number are Black males, can be made to work behind bars for not just a pittance, but literally nothing. No dollars and no cents. Just long days, sweat and misery.

Also, get this. America has around 5% of the world’s population and 25% of the world’s prisoners. Roughly one in 107 American adults is behind bars, a rate nearly five times that of Britain, seven times that of France and 24 times that of India. The US’s prison population has more than tripled since 1980. Add to that the rise of private prisons, which by very definition put profit before anything else, and you have the most rotten penal system on the face of the Earth. The US often likes to chastise other countries for the shortcomings of their judicial systems. Well maybe the US should be taking a good long look at itself before climbing up on the American soapbox of moral outrage.

Booker has recently started making noises about the need for prison reform. And yes, that is of course needed. However, against the backdrop of a Constitutional amendment, what are the prospects of that? In reality, we need prevention, not cure – stop people going to prison in the first place. The first step in doing that would be the eradication of all militarized police departments from sea to shining sea, and especially in urban America.

There’s no easy way to sugar this, but then let’s be real about this – Eric Adams, his ilk and a swathe of Democrat mayors across the land, have become modern day slave hunters for the billionaire 1%. Consequently, and we say this with fire in our bellies, we are not meant to languish on the DNC’s penal plantation of history and socio-economic dislocation. We resist.

Cory Booker and all Black politicians should know their history. If they did, then they would know that the only way for us to end neo-slavery in our life-time is to adopt our strategies, including the formation of our own Big Tech digital party, and to coalesce around vice-president Kamala Harris in her digital run for president. In doing so, we can embrace, no, dominate the almost one trillion-dollar Crypto industry.

The DNC and the GOP have a rancid perception of Black lives being intimately interwoven with incarceration en masse. The spirit of the Confederacy burns bright within them and they are absolutely unapologetic about that, despite their flimsy PR attempts to spin that fact to the contrary. It is an established fact that the supposed two-party system is in fact just one “uniparty” – an unhealthy political mass of bigots, billionaires and brutality.

Those kids that we referenced at the start of this article need not only to become enlightened from confusion, but a future based on freedom, equality, socio-economic justice, and all underscored by a technological future that offers so much for the many not the few. The GOP and the DNC are not just not fit for purpose, but they are relics of a slavery era that finally needs to be exorcised for good.

We get it, and our kids will get it. Maybe Cory Booker might like to reflect on that for a change?

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