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Eric Adams is a sell-out of Benedict Arnold proportions.

America is a lot of things to a lot of people.

One thing that it isn’t is a bastion of racial equality and socio-economic justice.

It is a country that despite a blood-soaked civil war and subsequent

civil rights movement, is still in the shackles of deep-seated racism, hate and persecution. No

other country in the Western world has anything like the amount of racial inequality as we do

here in the good ole US of A. A swathe of White America has the prejudiced, diseased mentality

that they destroy anything Black, its culture, history, economy, and people, with brazen

impunity. Unbelievably, the poison of White racism has spilled over into the minds of a minority (thankfully) of Black Americans. It’s there as plain as day, Black turkeys voting for a White Christmas. The number one example of such turncoat racism? Of course, NYC’s very own Mayor Eric Adams. This political husk of a man, a man who lauds over the World’s City like a feudal aristocrat or a money crazed robber baron, is every day sending a clear message to every New Yorker that Black lives absolutely don’t matter. Not now, not before, and not to come. Adams is a sell-out of Benedict Arnold proportions.

His warped and crazy actions repeatedly prove to every Black New Yorker, beyond any kernel of reasonable doubt, that he is the sworn enemy of Black emancipation and progress. Want further proof? The shiny badge of his police uniform gives the game away to all but a few slavish lackeys who hang on to his coat-tails in support of their own rancid station in life. That uniform is evidence of how he remains in the financial pockets of wealthy corporate donors and the billionaire classes that plague the lives of the vast majority of Americans.

Sadly, other Black American mayors are emulating Adams. They are actively selling out their fellow Black citizens so as to appease and suck up to the wholly unaccountable 1% donor class. With the odds stacked against Black America like a gambler in a crooked Trump casino, it’s no coincidence that statistics show that Black Americans are incarcerated at five times the rate that White Americans are. It’s no coincidence that poverty continues to blight much of Black America, not White. And it’s no coincidence that you are way more likely to be slaughtered in the streets or in your own home by our para-military police if you are Black. This is the reality.

We are playing for keeps here. And the stakes could not be any higher. It is an established fact that crime across the country is currently on the decline. Incarceration of Black Americans, in sharp contrast, is not. There is though a beacon of hope, right on our door- step here in the Empire State. New York Governor Kathy Hochul has bucked that incarceration trend by having the political grit to shut down six prisons across the state because of overall declining rates of crime. In diametric contrast, what do the likes of Eric Adams and Joe Biden, the darlings of the Democratic party, do?

They push for the return of the Gestapo inspired policy of Stop and Frisk in New York City. Biden himself ordered an extra one hundred thousand cops to be releases across the country, with a mammoth 39-billion-dollar price tag – your social security, affordable healthcare and a rise in the federal minimum wage all be damned. The bottom line is that Biden and the Democratic Party genuinely believe that they have the right to enslave Black Americans in their odious for-profit system of private incarceration.

Governor Hochul simply does not belong within the rancid ranks of today’s Democratic party. She is way beyond that. A female politician with that sort of tenacity combined with that sort of vision, should be applying her talents very much elsewhere. WomenPartyUSA is the only viable

option for a pollical migration of that magnitude. Governor Hochul – don’t for a minute think that the DNC wouldn’t chew you up and spit you out if it deemed it necessary. Similarly, vice- president Harris, AOC and Stacy Abrams need to do the same. And all four, along with tens of millions of Black, female and progressive Americans need to ready themselves, amongst our ranks, for the upcoming Roe v Wade CyberWar.

That will be a conflict that will define the American political landscape for centuries to come. We need your endless energy and timeless values for our movement. The Democratic party will ultimately implode. Make the move to us now and we can make America what is always was supposed to be.

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