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Female enfranchisement and empowerment

We know that for way too long, American identity has always been overshadowed by a potent, yet

undeclared, spectrum of male dominance, misogyny and sheer out of control testosterone. As much as

non-White Americans continue to be on the wrong end of genuine socio-economic justice, so too are

American women, irrespective of color, national origin, faith, sexuality and a multitude of any other

demographics. The most obvious and alarming manifestation of that oppression is of course the recent

Supreme Court assault on Roe v Wade. Angry old, White men, often pandering to a bizarre mix of

Evangelical Christo-fascism, dog whistle racism and Donald Trump, continue to very much call the shots

in twenty-first century America.

There is very good reason that so many of today’s GOP remain transfixed by the Founding Fathers

literalism. They were, shock horror, White, slave-owners, and of course, 100% male. That would be the

reason why women only got the right to vote in 1920, and that took an amendment to the constitution

(the 19 th ) to do so. For the math lovers among us, 1920 was a mere 102 years ago. Just three generations

ago or Hell, maybe two. There is an adage kicking around that puts women who vote for the GOP being

on the same plane as turkeys voting for Christmas. That would almost be humorous if it wasn’t spot on.

And as it’s spot on, it’s quite both depressing and chilling.

Female enfranchisement and empowerment can be found on the same platform as non-White

America’s struggle for exactly the same. That both demographics find themselves under continued

assault in 2022 is a very sobering thought. That said, there are signs of female progressive push-back

with the stellar rises of AOC, Harris, Abrams, Ana & Jumanne. These are names that are already

etched into the American political consciousness and are undoubtedly set for even bigger and better.

Make no mistake, as they are younger, they all have plenty of time on their side to do that. They are also

highly inspirational, allowing for more and more and more to join our growing ranks.

The growing American Progressive movement would amount to very little without the crucial input of

women. Just look at AOC’s Civilian Climate Corps for all the proof of that that you would need. Not only

then are women at the heart of modern Progressivism, they will also be increasingly found to tb at the

center of the growing Metaverse also. In doing so, not only will the female-centric Metaverse chew up

and spit out the likes of Trump, Biden, McConnell, Schumer, Cruz, Graham and so on, it will also pave

the way for this trillion-dollar alternate universe to be 100% captured and then utilized by the American

Progressive movement.

As TIPNation political cyber-warriors, we know that the lucrative Metaverse is going to be everyone’s

tomorrow. It will be the gateway to the next century after century. Compare that to old, male White

America’s obsession with the politics and philosophies of the late eighteenth century Founding Fathers.

Charles Darwin is often quoted with the concept of “survival of the fittest.” That was however incorrect.

He actually identified survival not by the fittest, but by the ability to most effectively adapt to change.

Failed America, male dominated America, will then ultimately fail as it simply cannot accommodate

change. Dang, it’s stuck on any tiny semblance of sensible gun control, let alone moving into the

Metaverse in any meaningful sense.

And let’s not forget, there are political dinosaurs on both sides of the aisle. Both the RNC and the DNC

are simply not only unfit for purpose, they are super unfit for the incredible potential of the Metaverse.

The DNC in particular blew it as we know that they want non-White, female and Progressive America

marginalized and oppressed/ The DNC’s political plantation is still very much alive and kicking.

We will

ensure that that institution is forever consigned to the trash can of history as we hold the cards for a

better America, not the DNC and their hollow claims to be for genuine socio-economic justice for all

Americans. Mass incarceration, often in private prisons, continued police brutality and the ongoing “war

on drugs” underscores that.

So it is then that women, non-White America and genuine Progressives need to come together more

and more so to ensure that the battle for Metaverse is forever won for our collective movement. Put

another way, we have the cyber-future. You do not.


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