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It’s as monumental as it is obvious, but the Democrat and Republican “business model” should haveshuddered to a halt the day that slavery perished in 1865.

However, since then, both parties have continued to use pseudo slave labor to enrich their donors. After slavery, they simply came up with a nefarious set of Byzantine schemes to continue to steal labor from the Black race.

Fast forward 159 years and both the Democrats and Republicans have effectively imprisoned over two

million Americans that work for mere pennies. The rationale behind that is to supply close on 4,200

American companies with cheap slave labor. Take the case of Glenn Simmons, an innocent man accused

of a murder he did not do, who spent an eye-watering 48 years in prison. And then, when the state of

Oklahoma decided to release him, he received zero compensation for this monumental travesty of justice.

It's more than apparent that crime is down in the US and that, as a result, prisons are closing nationwide.

Proof? Six prisons have recently been shuttered in NY state alone. In response, what did Biden do? He

added 100,000 cops to payrolls everywhere, to solve a crime problem that simply never existed.

Tragically, NYC shot itself in the foot by electing a Black ex-cop Mayor who has reinstated the Gestapo

inspired tactic of stop and frisk, along with slave patrols in Black neighborhoods. Biden has also opened

up the border to millions of migrants, resulting in the Uniparty then immediately shipping them into urban


Meanwhile, city agencies are actively blackballing their Black entrepreneurs, causing many to go

bankrupt. They then enter a job market that simply doesn’t hire Black men. And Biden can’t figure out

why more Black men are supporting Trump. And all of this is against the backdrop of the hollow cry

“Save democracy, vote Biden.”

The reality is that the analog dinosaur Democrats are actively selling out their non-White voters to the 1%

donor corporate class. In a prison, a person is worth $40,000.00 to them, but zero dollars on the streets.

Consequently, that’s why Black neighborhoods are policed so aggressively and Black men find

themselves to be virtually employable. That is the Uniparty’s generational slavery scheme. Trump

recently called Biden a racist, but he and his party are way more than that. They are criminals and

domestic terrorists, perpetuating neo-slavery so as to keep their industrial sized prison complex producing

$80.00 billion dollars a year in profits. VP Harris, ma’am, for the very survival of the Black race, you

must run on a Crypto ticket so as to enhance the might of the emerging trillion-dollar Crypto industry.

Heck, at least 19 Crypto billionaires have your back. Furthermore ma’am, the bottom line is that the

Democrats are really their own corporation, operating for the profit of their 1% donors.

Migrants are also in the cross-hairs of Biden’s party. While crime is down and the prison

population is down, NYC, the third most expensive city in the world, now has approximately

161,000 migrants in shelters across the city. Now we are witnessing an uptick in crime – crimes

that desperate migrants are committing simply to try and get by. Biden and the Democrats must

think New Yorkers have lost their minds. The migrant crisis was manufactured, pure and simple.

As a nation, we must remove not only the Republicans from power, but Biden and the Democrats

also. Both parties are nothing more than criminals from when they first stepped on American

soil. Analog political parties have nothing to contribute to society except enslavement. Furthermore, they

hid behind Manifest Destiny while wiping out native Americans and enslaved an entire race for 246

years. Madam Vice-President, Eric Adams was allowed to be elected so that Black New Yorkers could be

used to re-supply Biden’s 1% donor prisons. In addition, the influx of migrants into the city is resulting in

the sucking up of resources that poor New Yorkers need – housing, food pantries and, ultimately, jobs.

Consequently, building AOC’s Climate and Tourism Corps should be an American priority rather than yet

more Biden endorsed prisons.

Eric Adams is Black America’s Benedict Arnold. Keep that firmly in mind when all along, we have the

vision and technology to build America’s first Black block-chain political party. The Black race will

continue to wallow in abject poverty and socio-economic deprivation if we don’t build and then embrace

our own political party. We know that both Biden and Trump are senile. Consequently, Black America

must seize its own destiny and run the digital race for the ages. Embracing Block chain technology and

crypto currency must also be factored into the path forward. In business, first movers almost always

become the dominant brand. Hence you will never have the opportunity to have the assistance of at least

19 crypto-billionaires. That is a once in a millennia opportunity not only to lift Black America out of

poverty, but also an opportunity to protect America from the nefarious effects of the dawning AI era.

To the 47 million Black voters, 160 million women voters and 90 million young voters, take heed, we are

now deep into the digital age. TIP Political Party’s vision is simply this – to legalize Crypto and unite

forthcoming President Harris’ voters with AOC’s emerging travel block-chain. Further, to endow every

American citizen with 2K Universal Basic Income, as well as regulate our political party Crypto

exchanges. We then market the token to the pending nine billion people worldwide. In doing so, this will

end poverty in the US and give Americans a shared vision and shared mission. Let’s replace Biden’s

immoral prison slave labor 1% donor class with Crypto and Block-Chain technology billionaires. As a

nation, we must take non-White and poor Americans off the 1% donor classes prison inspired political


In summary, we cannot afford to let visionless analog octogenarian politicians stay in power any longer.

Sadly, Trump supporters are quite right to stay far away from Biden. It is time to fully embrace

contemporary technology. Further, it’s time for Black America to come up with genuine solutions to free

themselves from a Democratic party that only want to keep us in poverty and chains. VP Harris, ma’am,

we all know you are the darling of Big Tech and that you were born for this very moment in time.

Consequently, we now have a golden opportunity to move 300 million Americans to a monetary system

that is night and day better than the gold standard that was so cynically destroyed by Richard Nixon.


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