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Let’s be real here. Established American politics as we know is dead.

The two-party system of Democrats and Republicans has long been unfit for purpose. Twisted comedy characters like Bush, Trump and Biden made sure of a violent and oppressive clown show day in and day out. But here’s the thing, we actually don’t even have a two party system anymore. We have a blending of the worst aspects of both into a Uniparty of oppression. There’s no more Democrat or Republican. It’s them. And it’s us. The divide is unbridgeable and only one side can win.

Like us, there is a new breed in town, its numbers are growing and we are crypto-legion with them all. The Uniparty arrogantly thinks that 2024 and 2028 will be theirs yet again. How wrong they are! Harris, Abrams and AOC. Say. Their. Names. The new wave of Black, Asian and Latino empowered women, ready for the White House and set to empower millions of others as they do so. Our sister party, WomenPartyUSA is the premiere vehicle of that empowerment. And that is needed more than ever before as we hurtle head-long into the Roe v Wade cyberwar that has been thrust upon us.

Sickened by the recent slaughter of Tyre Nichols, an innocent Black man added to the ever growing list of para-military police brutality? Who wouldn’t be? We can tell you exactly who wouldn’t be – NYC Uniparty Mayor and tin-pot tyrant Eric Adams, that’s who. Damn it if we don’t have his NYC Slave Patrols to now contend with – an army of sadistic goons, including a sprinkling of Black turncoats, prowling the streets of our city looking for an endless supply of innocent Black people to prey upon. If you need further proof of just how insane Adams is, GOP Trump 2.0, Ron DeSantis, is implementing exactly the same in Florida. Democrats aping Republicans and Republicans aping Democrats. Or, save your breath and just call them all the Uniparty. And that’s a Uniparty night and day dedicated to the enslavement of all Black Americans.

You would struggle to believe that the Confederacy ended 158 years ago given that we have the likes of Eric Adams and his Democrat enablers to now contend with. The hatred that was supposedly vanquished in the civil war never actually went away. If anything, it became more vicious, and, crucially, pernicious. It riddles the body politic of America. Likewise, the country’s legal and penal systems are just as much infected.

This is meant to be the Blazin’ 20s, the decade when we rise from phoenix like from the ashes of economic desolation, with Crypto as the currency of our economic liberation and enfranchisement. So what has happened? Crypto, like Sam Bankman-Fried have been identified by the Uniparty’s Establishment as an existential threat. Consequently, they have declared all out war on the financial DNA of our decade of freedom. How’s this for an idea? Arrest and charge

Eric Adams and releases SBF with a full pardon. Now that is justice served.

There is only one party that can deliver on crucial issues like these, as well as 2K UBI, universal healthcare and mass de-incarceration, and that’s TIP Political Party. We are trailblazers and we’re not afraid to broadcast that. The Uniparty offers not only more of the same, but is actually in a race to the bottom to give us worse of the same – injustice, discrimination, socio-economic dislocation, mass incarceration and ultimately cold-blooded murder at the hands of the likes of Memphis’ SCORPION unit (now disbanded but really, so what, go tell that to the family of Tyre Nichols).

We have our shock troops already out there in the filed – vice-president Harris, AOC, Stacy Abrams, Governor Hochul, Ilhan Omar and many, many more. But they need back up, our back up. This is not a drill. This is not a game. This is for real. We need then to swell our numbers behind that vanguard. Everyone has a part to play when joining our ranks. The Uniparty is doomed. There is no choice in that matter. Either it goes or we stay slaves for the rest of time. We need your energy, ideas and commitment to the cause to be able to do this and so much more. We are our own and own our future if only we do the right things now.


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