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Move Along Mayor Adams, You’re Nothing More Than a Hemorrhoid on History

Some voices are destined to continually echo through the mountains of history for all time.

We acknowledge Dr King Jr. as one of those timeless voices. A

Nobel Peace Prize winner for his tireless struggle for civil rights in the face of an age-old

racist society, his name will forever live on.

In contrast, some voices are so valueless, so

inane, so forgettable, that you simply have to marvel at the fact that they manage to walk

and talk at the same time, let alone hold public office. And there we have newly elected

NYC Mayor, Eric Adams, aka The King of Stop and Frisk and Low Skilled Workers.

This then begs the question – how on Earth have we gotten from the towering heights of

MLK to the hopeless depths of Eric Adams in less than 54 years? However that has come

about, and historians and sociologists will no doubt debate that for as many years to come,

the fact is that the US needs a new leader of real vision, a new champion of the oppressed.

We need though to do more than simply denigrate Adams, although in doing so we are

entirely justified. No, Adams has to go and go quickly. That he’s only been in office a matter

of days and he’s already exposing himself for the sham that he is comes as no surprise. Not

content with appointing his brother to a high-ranking position in the NYPD, along with an

unindicted co-conspirator in a wide-ranging corruption case currently under investigation by

the Feds as deputy mayor of public safety, he very recently took it upon himself to refer to

the backbone of workers that keep NYC ticking as, quote, “my low skilled workers.”

We can’t wait for an election to be rid of this this historical non-entity. We need quicker

and more effective recourse, and that is his recall. Although the state of New York does not

have recall elections, petitioning the appellate division of the state’s Supreme Court allows

for potential removal from office of elected officials, including the Mayor. And here’s the

great thing - any citizen within the city is at liberty to lodge that same petition. So, while the

people’s will is not expressed through the ballot box, it is effectively the same through

petitioning the court.

It can’t be stressed enough, Adams is a big-time sell-out. Let’s not forget, this is a guy who is

on record as supporting “legitimate” stop and frisk as opposed to “abusive” stop and frisk.

Which is akin to trying to make a distinction between being legitimately mugged rather than

being abusively mugged. Which is no difference at all as wrong is wrong despite how you

try and range it across a made-up spectrum of your convenience.

This from a man who in

his first week in office started to refer to himself in the third person. That is the domain of

either royalty or of the self-inflated ego. And guess which one Adams finds himself in?

The country is facing an existential threat like nothing since the Civil War. A third of the

country is still in sway to a failed buffoon of an ex-president and his GOP lickspittles are

doing everything they can to disenfranchise non-white and progressive leaning voters at

every level of government. White supremacists, conspiracy theorist and fascists are

actively plotting to bring the American experiment in republican democracy to a grinding

halt, all the while ensuring systemic and blatant racism continues unabated. And,

harrowingly, it is set to get worse.

In the face of that, the Adams edifice is simply washed away. He has neither the ability or

the charisma to even begin to tackle that. No, what we need a man or woman who can re-

ignite the power, spirit and light of Dr King in the face of such deepening darkness that

continues to swallow up the land. MLK was a once in a generation figure. We are

the pandemic generation and his inspirational words and actions need to be articulated

through a new maestro. Let’s keep the faith – he or she is out there, of that there is no


In the mean-time, get off the stage stop and frisk Eric Adams, you’re getting in the way of real history

being made.


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