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You more than know that we at TIPNation are at the forefront of the battle to secure genuine

socio-economic equality for America’s Black and Brown citizens. While that fight is gradually

being won, there is still a long way to go for us until the ghost of the Confederacy is finally

exorcised for good. Our resolve and our belief in that is steadfast and will remain so. And in a

huge country with a myriad of racial injustices and complexities, we don’t need further

complication. By that we mean the implementation and use of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in

school curricula.

One of the key features of CRT is that it places emphasis on a person’s color over their

character, specifically White people, and their explicit or implicit biases against non-White

people. Black proponents of CRT would do well to stop and pause at that juncture. Such a

statement is, and has been, mirrored by the White American establishment ever since the first

African slaves were hauled across the Atlantic. CRT is fundamentally steeped in the realm of

stereotype and high-octane generalizations.

It's established fact that America still to this day has a huge racism problem, primarily built

upon pre-conception. Which is of course something that needs to be resolved. That is also

underscored by examining that racial problem through the lens of what Americanism should be

(as opposed to what is has been). Put another way, racism is, and should be, un-American. So,

let’s take that one step further, this time in the context of CRT. It is also equally un-American to

characterize people as being guilty of racism because of the actions of their ancestors. That too

is a pre-conception and is also just as un-American. In condemning the historical actions of

others, we need to avoid condemning ourselves to the charge of being just as bigoted.

Unsurprisingly then, the Republican party has made CRT a major issue with which to bash our

legitimate fight for civil rights, racial equality and socio-economic justice. This then is a

distraction that we could well do without. We believe that today’s White children should not

be tarred with the same brush as their racist forebears for the rest of their lives. That is a huge

stereotype that we have no truck with. At the same time, we also believe that any race carrying

any particular baggage, specific to them alone, should also be rejected. In this instance, let’s

transpose that onto the problem of generational poverty that has historically blighted Black

Americans and continues to run rampant with millions of Black American children here and


So, what to do? Well, the rapid winding down of CRT would be a good start – something that

would no doubt thrill the vast majority of the GOP. However, there needs to be a quid pro quo

in return for that major concession. And we at TIPNation believe that we should match that

concession with a counter-concession of 2K Universal Basic Income (UBI) for all American

citizens over the age of 18. We have championed UBI for many years now (as we know, Yang

will do the math) and see this as a viable way to curb the excesses of CRT. What say you

Republicans across NYC, the state and the land?

Of course, the reality is that CRT should never have come about because, to put it simply,

America should never have been as racist as it was, and still is. However, labelling innocent

children with racist, White supremacist epitaphs, when they clearly are not, is as dangerous as

racially profiling a Black guy for Stop and Frisk on the streets of NYC. We cannot let our

progressive cure become more dangerous than the disease of racism, which is a very real risk

with CRT.

We are not dogmatic at TIPNation and will always look to find solutions that benefit

the many and not just the few. Unless we want to continue the historical merry-go-round of

race, grievance and hate, we have to find new avenues of agreement and middle ground. CRT,

as with White Privilege, is not middle ground by any measure.

As we mentioned at the outset of this piece, we will never give up in our fight for what is right.

The fight and the end result is our destiny. We do though accept that there are different ways

to do that. It may sound counter-intuitive, but CRT is not in our best interests. Let’s be brave

enough to both defend and promote ourselves; lets be noble and gracious enough not to inflict

underserved misery on White people who really are without blame.


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