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Prison is already Hell on Earth

Unless you’re Donald Trump or any one of bizarre minority of right-wing nut-jobs who

believe the garbage that is Q-Anon, but not science, then you will understand that climate

change is both very real, and very dangerous.

A cursory glance through some of the weather-related headlines of 2022 alone back that up.

Around the planet, and very much including the US, temperatures have hit record-breaking highs,

seemingly innumerable wild-fires have become norm, and Biblical style heavy rains

and flooding have also joined the

global climate fray. After hundreds of years of post-Industrial Revolution abuse, Mother

Nature is pissed and she is channeling her unstoppable wrath through climate change.

With that in mind, consider this: prison is already Hell on Earth. So, imagine being a prison

inmate in California this summer, a summer that has seen temperatures hit 120 degrees.

That kind of heat transforms an already unlit powder-keg prison into an intolerable inferno of

incarceration. That said, crime is down and therefore, crucially, private prison labor is down.

Despite prisons now resembling fire-pits, the for-profit prison industry is hungry for more

inmates. As they salivate, they call on politicians to implement Nazi-style “stop and frisk”

tactics, back Biden’s Crime Bill for an extra 100,00 cops nation-wide and also adversely

reforming bail so that, and let’s be realistic here, there are more Black people to lock up.

This is all being done with a dog-whistle nod and a wink from Biden, the DNC and an

unhealthy majority of Democrats. As we have shown time and again, it is crystal clear that

the Democratic Party is a penal political plantation party. They have no vision for America’s

future, especially so Black America’s future. The only thing they see is the same as their

generational donors – mass incarceration.

This has to stop. Thankfully, this is now the only

time in history that millions of African Americans, women, students and genuine

Progressives can migrate from that analog penal political plantation to a digital tech party

built on a solid travel and tourism foundation. The slavery era is dead and buried, and rightly

so. Biden will be the last DNC-backed Democrat dinosaur to try and hold sway over those

who reject him and his creed completely.

That tech is already turning the world upside down and liberating hundreds of millions

around the globe from slavery, indenture and exploitation. But that’s not the only game-

changer. The Pandemic, which is still very much with us, must being taken advantage of by

us as a people. It has spawned a tsunami of tech innovation and we at TipNation.NYC are

primed and ready to further harness. It may sound cliché, but things really never will be the

same again – including the politics of the United States.

The reactionary forces lined up against us, such as the morally destitute DNC, are bank-

rolled by the billionaire classes. We are laser-focused on eradicating that and raw political

power with the power of technology. Our technology. Take the new TipNation.NYC app.

Fully weaponized, it is ready to go on Google Play and the i-Phone app store. Very real political

power at the ends of your very finger-tips. The potential here is beyond enormous. Imagine

if 33 million New Yorkers were to download the app. In doing so, it protects us from the

politics of repression, exploitation and the “southern charms” of the likes of tyrannical Texas

and abominable Alabama. Let’s take that even further. What if future American presidents

get elected because millions of voters download the TipNation.NYC app?

A vision such as that is not only entirely possible, but in fact inevitable. We at TipNation.NYC

are blessed not only to have your backing, but to have the fore-sight, courage and

technology to advance our cause.

The DNC, the reactionaries, the billionaire classes and

the political penal plantation owners’ days of subjugating us are now well and truly

numbered. Help us to make that a quicker process by downloading, if you haven’t already,

the TipNation.NYC app.

For the first time in American political and socio-economic history, real change is not only

possible, but I’s coming. We are all cyber-warriors and we should take the fight to our

oppressors on just that basis. While we eye the future with technological expectation, they

can only blurt out their tired, faded and therefore useless analog based, anachronistic and

anemic arguments.


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