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Pro-choice America, You Simply Can’t Trust Joe Biden

It’s been said before that Joe Biden is on a par with a crooked used car salesman. That’s not fair. He’s way worse than that. And it shows. That is why vice president Harris and 130 million American pro-choice women are basically betrayed by Biden and the Democrat party. They simply can’t trust the man to protect you, let along go to war with you to save Roe v Wade. Women’s rights are under attack like never before and who do we have at the helm? Mr. Establishment himself, Joe Biden.

A perfect example of that is how the Biden administration has casually brushed off calls to ignore the horrific abortion pill (mifeprestone) ruling recently handed down by Trump-appointed Texas federal judge, Matthew Kacsmaryk. In an eye-popping display of medieval jurisprudence, Kacsmaryk ruled that the decades old approval of mifepristone by the FDA was somehow “illegal.” Disgustingly, Biden and his team are refusing to push back against this draconian ruling. And these are supposed to be people that know of the struggles of the common people. Laughable.

This the perfect summation of Biden’s approach to women’s (productive) rights in this country – callous and blatant disregard. A Biden administration spokesperson offered up the following “logic” in defense of their inaction:

“People are rightly frustrated about this decision — but as dangerous a precedent it sets for a court to disregard FDA’s expert judgment regarding a drug’s safety and efficacy, it would also set a dangerous precedent for the Administration to disregard a binding decision…”

Well, there’s that sort of hot air danger and then there’s the actual danger of women not having the ultimate decision over their bodies and their reproductive rights. This sort of bloviating, deadly nonsense from Biden & Co. is as miserable as it is expected. Why is it that Biden and his gang put more emphasis on “legal precedents” than they do human life and human rights?

With that in mind, we need to make another shout out to vice-president Harris. The first thing that every soldier learns, that is drilled into them from day one by older, more experienced warriors, is that YES, you are part of a team, BUT you came in by yourself and you’ll leave by yourself. It’s your career after all. That’s the main reason why I volunteered to join one of the few combat units in the United States Air Force (which turned out to be the highlight of my career). Likewise, ma’am, you came into politics by yourself and are now the second most powerful person in the world. That has been your unstoppable destiny.

In stark contrast, Joe Biden is an octogenarian and has absolutely no intention on running again, He is simply gaslighting your digital destiny with brazen contempt. Black America, Crypto America and UBI America need for you to draw on your reservoirs of latent courage and run the presidential campaign of your life. In doing to, you will ensure the ultimate demise of twenty-first century neo-slavery, save Roe v Wade, lift a nation out of massive socio-economic disparity with UBI and set the nation on a steady digital path that will endure for all time. Biden, Bloomberg and Eric Adams’ neo-slavery agenda is simply not sustainable without the country descending into a blood-drenched war. Black Americans are not Biden’s generational free labor. Likewise, the 1% billionaire classes who have long deemed themselves to be above not only the law, but the people themselves.

If you don’t break ranks from the dinosaur Democratic Party and run on your own stellar record, you will sadly spend the rest of your life second-guessing yourself as to what not only could have been, but what should have been. Joe Biden is the ultimate culmination of a Democratic party that has no positive agenda, no morals, no future and no Earthly right to continue in its oppression of well over a hundred million long suffering Americans. We have the opportunity not just of a life-time, but of all history, to create a genuinely progressive, digital future, one that is UBI backed and Crypto-strong. The alternative is more of the archaic same, foisted upon us by the UniParty Democrats and Republicans, and that is ongoing neo-slavery, exploitation and socio-economic dislocation and disenfranchisement.

Exceptional times call for exceptional people and you undoubtedly fall into that category. Ma’am, join us, inspire us and be our vanguard for ages such as these.

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