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Of modern languages, English is arguably the most flexible and adaptable. When

unable to come up with its own new word where required, it simply “borrows” from

another language, without shame. Consequently, there are near endless ways to

describe near endless things, both good, bad and in-between.

However, when it comes

to today’s GOP, the English language is left scratching its head to describe how mind-

blowingly disgusting they truly are. And in that respect, the GOP’s disdain for the

country’s veterans just went even lower, if that’s possible. And that’s regarding the

PACT act pantomime that Republican Senators thought a great idea to inflict on some

of our nation’s most vulnerable citizens.

PACT is the Promise to Address Comprehensive act. That legislation, among other

things, is designed to provide additional medical care for veterans who have fallen prey

to burn pit emissions (burn pits are areas of a military base or encampment where

waste is disposed of by burning). For many of those veterans who have done sustained

burn pit work, the side-effects of exposure to dust, toxins and smoke have resulted in

serious medical conditions, including respiratory and nerve damage as well as cancer.

Approximately three million US veterans have had burn pit exposure, and even that’s a

conservative estimate.

PACT has now made it through Congress and sits on Biden’s desk for his approval.

However, that wasn’t before it was previously rejected by the Senate, with 25 GOP

senators voting against. That group of pen-pushing warriors, headed up by human oil-

slick Ted Cruz and jock-itch in human form Rand Paul, were appalled by the “socialism

in disguise” nature of the proposed legislation. They bleated about the bill containing

“unnecessary pork” – their code for unnecessary other spending. Be that the case or

not, they were still giving a very stiff middle finger to burn pit veterans across the land.

For a party that is supposedly so pro-military, pro-veteran and patriotic on steroids, the

GOP sure is doing its best to make out otherwise. 

Why is that? Well, burn pit cancer

riddled veterans, and any other veterans when it comes to that, are to be applauded

and saluted for their service and their sacrifice. But there is one fundamental clause in

that particular contract of patriotism. And that's when it comes to cost. That was 100%

evident when Cruz, Paul and their Senatorial buddies actually fist bumped in celebration

of blocking the passage of the act, something that was caught on camera.

The howls of understandable outrage about that despicable and celebration were

understandably deafening. Within a matter of days, the PACT act finally passed as

some of the 25 GOP Senators came to their senses and voted in favor. “Some” is

italicized as astonishingly, 11 Republican Senators still voted against it.

How low can a party actually go? Since selling its soul to embrace the cult of Trump, the

GOP is now in a race to the bottom. Its as if they are trying their very hardest to see

who can be the most despicable of that rotten lot. And in doing so, as ever, they target

the most vulnerable in society – veterans, non-White Americans, the sick and the poor.

So, this latest display of GOP misery-making should really surprise no-one. As sure as

night follows day, there will be even more nauseating displays of cruelty and

discrimination just around the corner.

While these pampered Senators dwell in fancy offices and ornate buildings, not wanting

for a thing, veterans are out there in the millions, suffering every day medical, financial

and housing hardships. Veterans did what was asked of them, and more. They put their

health and their lives on the line for what is perceived to be one of the world’s major

democracies and The Land of the Free. But that service was only ever a one-way

street. There is never any reciprocation or genuine gratitude. As the saying goes, the

GOP loves the soldier, but hates the veteran (just as it loves the embryo, but hates the

new born child – but that is a subject for another day). Cruz and Co. can take their fist-

bumping antics and go pound salt. We already knew what a bunch of self-centered

charlatans they were. This just underscores that yet again.

On reflection, we can actually give the English language a break. It doesn’t need to go

out hunting for a new word to adopt. It’s already there. And it’s what the GOP will

always be, always looks to be:


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