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TIP Political Party will propose the establishment of a Climate Change Force

As climate change increases the frequency and intensity of hurricanes, we must look at why America has been doing nothing to prevent a further deterioration. Environmental racism has been a problem throughout American history. American companies, backed by the government, have went into countries inhabited by primarily black and brown people in order to rape the land and steal the natural resources. American power has been built on the suffering of non- white people since its inception. America refuses to reduce it’s carbon footprint, even though climate change is happening rapidly. The first places who will be effected by climate change are majority non-white, the Caribbean Islands will face increasingly intense hurricanes on a regular basis, African and Middle Eastern countries will face epidemic levels of water shortages—all the while, white America will again profit from the suffering of others. Yet the DNC has repeatedly refused to stage a Presidential debate on the issue. Yet again, the Democratic Party has continued to perpetuate the systemic environmental racism that infects America. Millions of people in the Caribbean are living under the threat of a category 5 hurricane, Travel in Peace Nation will take the lead in restoring the tourism ecosystems of Caribbean Islands decimated by climate change induced hurricanes. TIP Nation will begin a series of We Owe Us First Cruises to bring tourism dollars to Covid-19 devastated economies.

operated by the US Military, this Force will replace the ineffective SPACE FORCE and FEMA. When a hurricane is eminent, we will deploy resources to evacuate as many people out of harms way as we can and help rebuild communities in the United States and globally. We will also propose establishing an International Refugee Basic Income Fund. The G7 countries–countries who gained their wealth through slavery and colonization will be asked to contribute to the fund as a form of reparations. This will help people to be able to stay in their homes, it will prevent a mass exodus from environmentally devastated countries, and it will improve the safety of these economically devastated countries.


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