In 2022 and beyond, non-White America will need to fight its own battles, drawing upon its own

resources, courage and initiative. It sounds that straightforward because it is.

We will be afforded no favors by the White privilege establishment and its corporate

billionaire backers. Nor should we expect any.

Further, we should also expect nothing from the a morally defunct, politically derelict

DNC. Not only is it in lock-step with its corporate financial pushers, it is presently in a

DINO Manchin / Sinema strangle-hold, as shown by the Democrats recent failure in the

Senate to eradicate the archaic, anti-democratic and racist filibuster. And that rejection

of the DNC extends to NYC Mayor Eric Adams – the king of stop and frisk. Mayor

Adams, and his Nazi side-kicks are a dangerous joke and needs to be recalled by the

good people of the city asap.

We are done with a DNC that seems perfectly happy to

see Black and Brown Americans go over the edge of a societal cliff on their watch.

You could almost now not be blamed for thinking that a Civil War never actually took

place in the US. Non-White Americans remain somehow not quite American. After all,

just ask Mitch McConnell who seems to think that African Americans are somehow

separate from “regular” (aka White) Americans.

We have a raft of rising political stars

that refuse to tug their forelock to the DNC. Think of big-hitters such as AOC, Kamala

Harris, Tish James, Andrew Yang and Stacy Abrams. These are names that refuse to back down in

the fight for Progressive ideals, and nor should they.

These stellar names are way more

in alignment with the TIP Political Party than the down and out Democrats.

We maintain our full backing for Andrew Yang’s 2K Universal Basic Income (UBI) from

the cradle to the grave. We have seen how COVID stimulus checks have kept the

economy afloat. The same concept works with UBI, but on an ongoing basis. Don’t let

Republicans and reactionaries tell you that UBI is not economically viable as that is a

downright lie. The US has astronomic levels of wealth, almost beyond comprehension,

and we will continue to advocate for a redistribution of that wealth away from a few

hundred billionaires and back to regular American men and women.

Only Yang’s UBI can effectively achieve that.

As much as the COVID pandemic has been grueling and life-changing, it does have a

finite life-span. COVID will come to an end and, thankfully, there are signs that that may

be closer than we think. In the post-COVID world, we have to ensure that we capture

the tourist industry across all of Progressive America, claiming the income that

hundreds of millions of tourists bring with them. Add to that tourist related jobs, and we