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UBI CRYPTO revolution worldwide

One of the biggest stories of the last decade, and it’s not even on the radar of some news outlets, is the recent buses full of migrants arriving in NYC and other Democrat run cities, sent by Republican governor of Texas, Greg Abbott. Now don’t get us wrong, what Abbott is doing is inhumane. These human beings that are fleeing poverty and / or violence and end up being treated like cargo once in the US. Not only is it inhumane, it’s also inherently racist as Abbott is targeting a total of five US cities that just happen to be run by Black mayors.

Slavery was meant to have ended 158 years ago with the supposed “death” of the slave-centric Confederacy. Actions such as these by Abbott merely serve to underscore, yet again, that the Confederacy and White supremacy are alive and kicking, particularly so in the Republican corridors of power. We won’t forget what you are doing here Mr. Abbott, to both the migrants and NYC.

There is something about the whole bused migrant situation that we very much must keep in mind. In the post-pandemic world, colossus cities like NYC are still coming to terms with the apocalyptic repercussions that COVID brought. An estimated 50,000 migrants have now arrived in the city and that number continues to grow. In turn that is costing millions of dollars – money that the city can ill afford. Despite Mayor Eric Adams’ huffing and puffing about Abbott’s cynical exploitation of migrants, there is nothing that he can do to stop the flow. Likewise, Joe Biden. A federal intervention is all that would be able to effectively intervene and stop Abbott’s nefarious actions. Of course, don’t hold your breath as Biden is never going to do that in a million years, while the rest of the Democratic Party set up is simply toothless. Once again, the GOP effortlessly dance around the analog Democrats on yet another issue.

As we know, Biden doesn’t give a damn about the ordinary lives of millions of regular citizen New Yorkers. That’s because he’s in hock to the 1% billionaire class that owns his ass. And what better to keep the city in billionaire approved disharmony that tens of thousands of stranded migrants turning up at Port Authority. Time after time, NYC continues to get battered by any number of external events. Damn good job the city is as resilient as it is. In stark contrast, if vice president Harris and her team can stymie the flow of migrants, she could use that strategy as a launch pad platform for her own presidential victory within the next five years.

We know that Universal Basic Income (UBI) is not only needed in the United States, but it is also inevitable in the United States. Andrew Yang’s financial foresight assures us of that. But the UBI blueprint is not just exclusive to the United States, far from it. If anything, it could be even more beneficial to the home countries, in central and southern America, of where the NYC migrants are fleeing from. The overwhelming majority of Latin American countries have, sadly, wild socio-economic disparity. Poverty is widespread and that in turn fuels political unrest which then leads to violence. It is that vicious downward spiral that leads migrants to eye up a move to the States as a panacea for their ills.

There has to be something serious thinking outside of the box here. If the United States adopted UBI, what an incredible example that would set for its Pan-American neighbors. The US has long been a democratic model, on paper, that other countries have aspired to replicate. Why then not have the same inspiration for other countries, but as an economic blueprint? After all, when the USA sneezes, the rest of the world inevitably catches a cold sooner or later.

With UBI in place in developing nations, that would significantly reduce the number of migrants headed to the US to get away from poverty and violence. It would be a win-win for all concerned and would be a sharp stab in the eye with a humanitarian stick for the likes of Abbott and Co.

As far as the migrant crisis is concerned, how many times do we as a country have to keep sticking our hand in the fire before we realize it hurts? Or put another way, the very definition of insanity is to keep on doing the same thing, but expecting different results each time. It’s time for a new way, radical way of doing things, and the best way to start that would be with a UBI revolution worldwide.


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