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We are making another clarion call direct to the hearts and minds of Black America.

158 years after emancipation, Black Americans are still being aggressively hunted down and murdered in their streets and homes. The 1% corporate billionaire are the perpetrators of this onslaught, using the likes of Eric Adams as a conduit to unleash a weaponized, para-military police force on innocent victims. That 1% gave Adams unqualified support as he promised to supply them with an endless procession of Black bodies to be exploited and incarcerated. Never forget, Eric Adams is an unqualified ex transit cop who works for and owes allegiance to the 1%. Likewise, Biden is brazenly betraying Black voters by giving his seal of approval to the US’s burgeoning police state. Urban America is under assault so as to boost private prison numbers and profits.

158 years after emancipation, nobody in their right mind can deny that Black America is uniquely endowed with a divinely given right to have and to harness their own political power. The alternative is stark – continued exploitation, slavery and, ultimately, death. Take a hard look at what happened to Tyre Nichols – turncoat Black police chiefs, with the assistance of turncoat Democrat Black mayors in Democrat cities, are terrorizing Black men for the benefit of their 1% donors. Sickeningly, but unsurprisingly, they even bother to hide it any more.

Know this people – nothing is ever going to change without a seismic shift in political power. America’s presidential elections are simply nothing more than a sham attempt to look democratic and reflect the will of the people. That is though complete garbage as the election is all about which part of the Uniparty (Democrats and Republicans molded into one) will rule over Black America and the $80 billion prison business. Similarly, neo-slavery is baked into the DNA of American politics.

Know this too, my fellow 330 million Americans. Both parts of the Uniparty, the Democrats and the GOP) are white nationalist at heart. They try their damn best to condemn Black men at birth to a likely stretch of incarceration later in their lives. It is therefore no surprise that America has 5% of the world’s population, with 25% of the world’s prison population.

To the 47 million African Americans that live in the US, we were never meant to continue languishing on the DNC’s penal political plantation ad infinitum. Yet we remain their generational free labor and they don’t care for a second. Never have and never will. White Democrats’ only care to gaslight Black Americans during election season so as to imprison us, all because prison populations need to be kept artificially high to feed the greed of American corporate vultures.

Thankfully, there is a clear path out of this mess and at the forefront of that are vice president Harris, AOC and Stacy Abrams provide the political foresight and acumen, while Andrew Yang’s economic genius gives us the prospect of 2K UBI to finally bring generational poverty to a final, welcome, end. In addition, we are now so deep into the digital era that there is no other option than to fully embrace Crypto and Blockchain technology. In doing so, along with Travel in Peace tourism, it’s how can connect and recreate a new world. America needs one dedicated party that embraces both Cryptocurrency and tourism reimagined for the benefit of all.

So it is then that WomenPartyUSA was created by tour operators and the social tourism movement to create jobs and financial opportunities in the travel industry. It is beyond apparent that the current $8.8 trillion dollar, White dominated travel industry will fight tooth and nail to continue to keep non-Whites and women out. Mark our words, we are going to shake that up beyond recognition. In stark contrast, the business sense (idiocy?) of the DNC is to the billion dollar prison business that they are frantic to keep afloat with yet more Black people.

The foundational tour that we are excited to offer by WomenPartyUSA is our “See New York with a New Yorker Adventure.” Trust us, that alone is a game-changer! That’s because our cherished goal is to reclaim New York State’s 265 million tourist and 959,000 tourist related jobs, giving those that deserve it a huge financial shot in the arm. And let’s not overlook that we have some serious moral and practical support out there in that endeavor – AOC’s Climate and Tourism Corps will employ 1.5 million Americans and countless others worldwide, all the while powered by the global economy’s Crypto anchor, TIPtravelcoin.

We are excited about these times and we know that you are too. Don’t click on without joining us if you haven’t already! Your political home is furnished and waiting for you.

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