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“When I put policies in place, I put them in with a God-like approach to them.” Excuse me? God-like

Taking a walk down humanity’s memory lane can be a joyous and inspiring exercise. Human history is rich with people that undoubtedly made the world a better place. Sadly however, the same jaunt down the road of the past gives us any number of troubling individuals who leave us shaking our heads in bewilderment and horror. Roman Emperor Caligula made his horse a senator. Rasputin conned the Tsar and his court claiming to be a mystic. And Hitler did, well, the rest is history. The great (aka terrible) news is that we have one more to add to that list of infamy. And that’s NYC Mayor Eric Adams.

In his latest jaw-drop, Adams has made it clear that he doesn’t believe in the separation of church and state. That is one of the fundamental founding principles of the United States. However, Adams has now publicly declared that he is simply unable to detach his Christian beliefs from his public office duties. Now as questionable as that alone is, Adams went for full on bat-shit by adding that:

“When I put policies in place, I put them in with a God-like approach to them.”

Excuse me? A God-like approach? Ok, let’s back up a little here Mayor Adams. Your perception of yourself, as Mayor of one of the biggest and most important cities in the world, is that you are God-like? Putting aside the false idols stipulation of the Ten Commandments, which puts you seriously at odds with the Creator you claim to adhere to, at what point did the people of NYC sign up for a pseudo-theocracy headed up by Eric Adams of all people?

Adams’ actions since he has been in office, and actually long before that, put him seriously at odds with the Christian faith he professes to subscribe to. Jesus was not renowned for things like “Stop and Frisk” or locking up the homeless for the “sin” of being mentally unwell. Likewise, being used as a pawn by the racist billionaire 1% gets no coverage in the Gospels. Not even a hint. It has to be asked, how much simultaneously bizarre and dangerous can Adams become? We always knew he was a narcissist. Now he’s added a halo to that portfolio.

Not only must Biden be impeached, as we have continually advocated for, but “saint” Adams needs to be recalled also. Adams is hopeless, clueless and visionless. Everything about him is less. This self-absorbed failed state of an individual will set NYC back decades if he is allowed to continue in office. As long as he stays, we are guaranteed to see the swift dawn of the neo-slavery era, all to satiate the racist appetites of his immoral, soulless billionaire donors.

At this point, let’s make a cry out to New York Governor Kathy Hochul about this. We’d put it to you Governor, that you can’t deny that you inadvertently uncovered a national conspiracy by the Democrats to have Adams enslave yet another generation of Black men, using his go-to tool of his sell-out Black Nazi paramilitary squads and slave patrols out on the streets.

The reality is that New York state is moving to shut down six of its prisons. And the reason for that is that crime is steadily coming down, with some prisons actually having more staffers than inmates. The prisons are then operating well under capacity, something conveniently overlooked by Adams and Co. And get this. The roll-call of shame of those world-famous, multi-billion dollar companies that are still looking to exploit prison labor is truly shocking. Think IBM, Microsoft, Walmart, Boeing and more. This is big, BIG business we are talking about here.

All of this tyranny is built on the rock-solid fact that the Democrats and Republicans are so much-so sister parties that they are in fact one and the same as the “Uniparty.” It is that sort of political cesspool that Adams and his ilk simply thrive in. Well, enjoy the water, because we ain’t joining your rotten swim.

America’s bed-rock problems, racism, socio-economic inequality, police violence and so on, can only be tackled by a new wave of politics, completely free from the Uniparty, corporate donors and political thugs and opportunists such as Adams, Biden, Trump et al. We’re not saying that our mission to overcome all of this is holy. But we sure know that it is the next best thing to the divine.


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