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Democrats’ NYC Mayor Eric Adams needs to be challenged by the AOC inspired socialists of the city.

Have you heard the one where the dinosaurs of the DNC think they will forever be
representative of progressive change in the US? And the punchline is…the DNC’s
delusional thinking. As we know, the American two-party system serves the interests of
the few, not the many. True American Progressives need then to ditch the DNC for
good and start looking to politicians that are committed to meaningful socio-economic
change, tackling the climate crisis and democratic socialism.


Of course, socialism is a dirty word in large parts of the States and its everyday
vernacular. Which is, of course, complete garbage. President Harry Truman summed
this up perfectly with the following:


“Socialism is a scare word they have hurled at every advance the people have made in
the last 20 years.
Socialism is what they called public power.
Socialism is what they called social security.
Socialism is what they called farm price supports.
Socialism is what they called bank deposit insurance.
Socialism is what they called the growth of free and independent labor organizations.
Socialism is their name for almost anything that helps all the people.”
This is why the Democrats’ NYC Mayor Eric Adams needs to be challenged by the AOC
inspired socialists of the city. In doing so, we can beat back Adam’s fixation with “stop
and frisk” – a blatant assault on civil and human rights. Furthermore, AOC needs to
mount a primary challenge to the daddy of the Democrat dinosaurs, Chuck Schumer.
His star has not just faded decades ago, it imploded under the weight of his empty
promises and actions.


Just look at the Democrats failure to end the racist inspired Senate filibuster. All it took
was Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, blatant reactionary conservatives, to bring the
whole movement in the Senate to do away with the filibuster, crashing down. That the
likes of Manchin and Sinema, supposed Democrats, can have that sort of profound
effect on our democracy means that our democracy is actually highly dysfunctional and
not the glowing example to the rest of the world that some think it is. That is something
that we as true Progressives can no longer tolerate.


Poll after poll continues to show that most of the American people want real change and
are therefore increasingly looking to the potential and ground-breaking insights
politicians like VP Harris, AOC, Andrew Yang, Jumaane Williams, AG James and Stacy Abrams.

Those giants of Progressivism
tower above the visionless and hopelessness of the down in the gutter Democrats,
especially so when it comes to climate change.


We see how they continue to drag their

feet about something so critical as that. How much would you care to wager that that’s
just another cop-out by the DNC courtesy of their slavish relationship to their vested
interest donors and corporate bloodsuckers, including the coal and oil industries?
Further, while Biden has returned the US to the Paris Climate Accord, that was an
entirely expected, brief headline grabbing exercise. Climate change is near out of
control and the world is facing a collective, existential crisis like nothing before.


The only planet that we can call home is on the verge of catastrophe and humankind,
particularly so the US, are the cause of that. That is why AOC’s clarion call for a
“wartime scale” effort to fight climate change with a 1.5 million strong “Civilian Climate
Corps” (CCC) as part of the Green New Deal is a monumental call to action, real action.
That task force, paid a minimum of $15.00 an hour along with full healthcare coverage,
will take on climate change head on and help move the US to a clean, renewable
energy-based economy. CCC participants will be trained on the job how to set up
conservation projects, reduce carbon emissions and help towns, cities and communities
become more green” and energy efficient.


Modern American history provides the CCC with powerful precedents to draw
inspiration from. It has similarities to the Peace Corps that was established by JFK in
1961, where thousands of volunteers worked in developing nations on any number of
infra-structure projects. Prior to that, FDR had created the Civilian Conservative Corps
to allow unemployed people to work on federal programs deigned to regenerate the
forests and parks of the US. And more recently AOC’s visionary CCC program further
develops the National and Community Service Act of 1990.


AOC and her fellow, genuine, Progressives offer hope to so many of us, especially so
as the skies of American politics are now so dark and threatening courtesy of an unholy
mix of the far-right, casual and out and out racists, Trump, conspiracy theorists and Fox
News. The CCC is offers hope while those toxic entities offer only fear, hatred and


We therefore call on AOC to run for the Senate so as to carry TIP Political Party into still
greater profile. Both share the same visions; both need to become firm allies. In
addition, AOC and fellow Progressives need to work together to create world class cities
based on real socio-economic justice that will transform the country for good and finally
dump the twenty-first century Confederate sympathizers in the trash can of history for
good. Further, Progressive political parties and non-establishment tour operators need
to evolve digitally or perish in a post COVID-19 America that is teetering on the edge of
having its democracy crumble away forever. Let there be no doubt, we are twenty-first
century, online Progressive warriors and cyber tourism is the future of politics in not only
NYC, but all of the US.


In summary, we are done with the smoke and mirrors DNC that is in lockstep with
Corporate America. They offer little and deliver nothing. The American people are tired
of this being the only option to a GOP that has clearly lost its mind. Americans will only

ever get fundamental reform and genuine justice with Progressive icons such as AOC
and with the rising star that is TIP Political Party.

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