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The DNC Got Us Trump. So It’s Time to Trump the DNC

AMERICA, the DNC’s shady back room deals got us Trump. They lacked the vision to attract the 75.2 million millennial voters (who now outnumber baby boomers) and put their greed before voters.


For example: Secretly taped audio reveals democratic leadership pressuring progressives to leave the race  


Trump already is in reelection mode with his recent rally in Michigan—so we need to get our house in order.


We will not let back room deals get Trump re-elected. We formed Tipnation.NYC and the Tip Political Party as the democratic answer to the Tea Party.


Democratic leaders are not listening to the footsteps of the millions of women, students, teachers, Black Lives Matter activists, scientists, dreamers, immigrants, gun reform & cannabis activists and everyday people marching for our rights.


(And DNC, if you are listening, prove it with a plan to win back the White House. We have one. Why don’t you?)


So we will no longer blindly follow the DNC off the cliff to political irrelevance. Fellow Americans, it's time for a change.


TIPDems will be the party to eradicate the Confederacy, dismantle the slavery economy era and unshackle millions of Americans by legalizing cannabis, embracing the shared economy era and guaranteeing universal basic income and healthcare for all Americans. Before we declare war on our known enemies, we must purge our ranks of Trump supporters within the DNC.

Unlike the GOP and DNC, TIP Political Party does not accept contributions from lobbyists, corporations or individuals. We make our money the old fashion way—we earn it. To contribute to the candidates we support, please visit their websites.


Rise up and let's get this party started.

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