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Politics in America is currently controlled by corporate interests. History demands that the Democratic Party eradicate the filibuster and evolve with current social and economic realities to stay relevant.


Today, fellow Progressives, we declare ourselves corporations with the formation of TIP Political Party and TIPBNB.

We are not Democrats or Republicans, we are New Yorkers Rebuilding the City, State and Country, we love

TIPNATION Advocates For:  

  • Workers Rights, Including:

    • Fair compensation and salaries that guarantee a basic standard of living for all full-time workers

    • Privacy, safety, and freedom from discrimination

    • Health insurance

    • Safe workplaces

    • The ability to stand up for their rights, join trade unions independent of government and employer influence, and to collectively bargain

  • Responsible Gun Control/ 2A for ALL

  • Universal Single Payer Health Care

  • Increasing Supreme Court from Nine to 13 Justices

  • Cannabis Legalization

  • Free Education from Pre-K to College

  • Full Reproductive Rights for Women

  • Amnesty and a Path to Citizenship for All Immigrants

  • Building a Cyber Wall and ABOLISH ICE

  • We need to evolve to a 21st-century form of policing 

  • Eradicating Private Prisons

  • Reforming Our Criminal Justice and Bail System

    • Mandatory rehabilitation for all prisoners

    • Removing the phase “except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted” from the 13th Amendment

    • Abolishing the death penalty

    • Removing All Confederate Monuments from Public Lands

  • Abolish Electoral College

  • No CRT

  • Affordable Housing for Low-Wage Workers

  • De-Escalation of our Military Industrial Complex

  • Guaranteed Basic Income

  • Full Universal Rights for LGBTQ People

  • Creating Good-Paying Clean Energy Jobs

  • Making the Wealthy Pay their Fair Share of Taxes

  • Civil Rights and Equality for All, Regardless of Race, Religion, Sex, Sexual Orientation or Ability  

  • Protecting Voting Rights

  • Fund the US Postal Service

  • Supporting Veterans, including:

    • Reducing unemployment among veterans

    • Ensuring that veterans are screened and properly treated for PTSD

    • Eliminating the backlog of 1.2 million claims at the Veterans Administration

  • Streamlining the Visa Process for International Visitors

  • Streamlining and Reducing Cost for U.S. Passports

  • Statehood for Puerto Rico and Washington, DC

  • Individual Rights and Freedoms, Including:

    • Banning government agencies from denying people the right to rent out rooms in their homes

    • Decriminalizing prostitution

    • Decriminalizing hard drugs

    • Eliminating Student Loan Debt

    • Increase teachers' pay nationwide

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