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NYC, The BnB model is not the whipping boy, it is the future of affordable travel options. We cannot allow the hotel industry to stop an emerging technology that can increase tourism revenue by trillions. Tourism is the life blood of millions of small businesses in NYC and upstate. We must ensure all New Yorkers have the ability to use their dwellings and cars as revenue generators as we transition from the Slave Economy Era into the Shared Economy Era. Instead of outlawing it, please regulate the BnB model in the same way the NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission regulates ride-sharing companies.

The answer for New York is creating more affordable housing and more low-income housing; fixing the MTA, LIRR, and Amtrak; modernizing NYCHA; preventing homelessness; reforming gun laws, legalizing cannabis for the tax revenue before New Jersey beats us to it, capping third party hotel booking fees and creating a visionary logistical tourism pipeline that economically benefits all five boroughs, upstate N.Y. and rural communities all connected by rail.

Democrats, it's time to declare war on Red States to recoup the $2 Billion dollars  in loss tourism revenue due to the Trump's Virus before it turns into billion.

But before we declare war on our known enemies, we must purge our ranks of centrists Democrats who vote with Republicans. 


We formed Tipnation.NYC and the Tip Political Party as the Democratic answer to the Tea Party. The Tip in our name stands for Travel in Peace, which is exactly what we all want to be able to do—travel in our daily lives and around the world without fearing for our safely, without barriers, without worrying about being a woman or a person of color or LGBTQ. Trump won’t allow for that, so we need a change.  We will be America’s first self-funding political party by harnessing the economic power of the emerging shared economy and travel industry. This is designed to effectively end the practice of lobbyists funding politics for their selfish goals. will eradicate homelessness in America by making the wealthy pay their fair share in taxes, rescinding Trumps 1.5 trillion tax cut, and de-escalating the military industrial complex. We will implement and fund affordable housing construction projects and regulate rent controls federally.

We also advocate for Basic Universal Income, which would provide all Americans with a no-strings-attached stipend to help cover living expenses, healthcare, schooling or whatever else they need. This would help fight poverty and be a huge boon to the economy.   

The founding fathers stacked the deck against many of us. However, there was no way for them to know that the Internet age and pandemic would unravel their perfect union. Let's not walk or run—let's race to become the party of the future. Come together to form a counterpoint to the Tea Party.


This will be a place for all of us who feel like the mainstream Democratic Party is not listening to us or pushing hard enough for continued progress on social issues. When we are a billion strong, we'll be able to tell our children, “We did it for you.”

Fellow New Yorkers. in 2020 pain is a two-way street. The time for marching is over. It's time for economic resistance and political fortitude, let's get this PARTY STARTED.


Cyber Freedom Fighters


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