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Tyre Nichols is yet another martyr like Rodney King, George Floyd and countless others

One of the beauties of the English language is its flexibility, its ability to come up with new words and, brazenly, borrow some from other languages when needed. Well, English has now more than met its match with the brutal death of Tyre Nichols. There simply are no words that can any longer adequately describe the depths to which American policing has now plumbed. Policing is italicized specifically because it is anything but that. The paramilitary death squads that roam our streets, masquerading as law enforcement, are to be feared, and not the supposed perpetual “Black crime wave” that keeps on getting unwarranted attention like the very worst racist, violent drunk at the end of the bar. 

Here’s the reality – the police are at war with the very people they are supposed to “serve and protect”. And that war rages ever harder still against Black Americans in particular. Tyre is yet another martyr like Rodney King, George Floyd and countless others. Forget that the five officers who killed Tyre are Black. They are still brutalized agents of a rabid policing system that doesn’t just need restructuring, re-funding or re-training. It needs to be abolished in its current form and then to start all over again with something that simply doesn’t summarily execute its fellow citizens in the streets.


Eric Adams is a sell-out of Benedict Arnold proportions.

America is a lot of things to a lot of people.

One thing that it isn’t is a bastion of racial equality and socio-economic justice.

It is a country that despite a blood-soaked civil war and subsequent

civil rights movement, is still in the shackles of deep-seated racism, hate and persecution. No other country in the Western world has anything like the amount of racial inequality as we do

here in the good ole US of A. A swathe of White America has the prejudiced, diseased mentality that they destroy anything Black, its culture, history, economy, and people, with brazen


Unbelievably, the poison of White racism has spilled over into the minds of a minority (thankfully) of Black Americans. It’s there as plain as day, Black turkeys voting for a White Christmas. The number one example of such turncoat racism? Of course, NYC’s very own Mayor Eric Adams. This political husk of a man, a man who lauds over the World’s City like a feudal aristocrat or a money crazed robber baron, is every day sending a clear message to every New Yorker that Black lives absolutely don’t matter. Not now, not before, and not to come. Adams is a sell-out of Benedict Arnold proportions.


His warped and crazy actions repeatedly prove to every Black New Yorker, beyond any kernel of reasonable doubt, that he is the sworn enemy of Black emancipation and progress. Want further proof? The shiny badge of his police uniform gives the game away to all but a few slavish lackeys who hang on to his coat-tails in support of their own rancid station in life. That uniform is evidence of how he remains in the financial pockets of wealthy corporate donors and the billionaire classes that plague the lives of the vast majority of Americans.


Sadly, other Black American mayors are emulating Adams. They are actively selling out their fellow Black citizens so as to appease and suck up to the wholly unaccountable 1% donor class. With the odds stacked against Black America like a gambler in a crooked Trump casino, it’s no coincidence that statistics show that Black Americans are incarcerated at five times the rate that White Americans are. It’s no coincidence that poverty continues to blight much of Black America, not White. And it’s no coincidence that you are way more likely to be slaughtered in the streets or in your own home by our para-military police if you are Black. This is the reality.

We are playing for keeps here. And the stakes could not be any higher. It is an established fact that crime across the country is currently on the decline. Incarceration of Black Americans, in sharp contrast, is not. There is though a beacon of hope, right on our door- step here in the Empire State. New York Governor Kathy Hochul has bucked that incarceration trend by having the political grit to shut down six prisons across the state because of overall declining rates of crime. In diametric contrast, what do the likes of Eric Adams and Joe Biden, the darlings of the Democratic party, do?

N.Y. moves to close 6 prisons, citing 31-year low in inmate population Nearly all of the p
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Sam Bankman-Fried Could Face Up to 115 Years in Prison, If Convicted

Sam Bankman-Fried, the founder and former CEO of the bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange FTX, is facing an eight-count federal indictment that could see him sentenced to up to 115 years in prison if he is convicted and given the maximum sentence.

That the 30-year-old, who was the public face of the crypto industry, is at risk of spending the rest of his life in prison underscores the seriousness of the charges levied against him by prosecutors with the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York.

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Right now, the state makes $40,000.00 per

year off of inmate free labor. However, it costs tax payers a whopping $556,539.00 to

“house” an inmate for a stretch in Riker. That includes costs outside the Department of

Corrections’ budget, such as employee fringe benefits and health care expenses for the

incarcerated population. That is simply an insane amount of money being poured into a

criminal justice system that is not just broken, it’s in smithereens.


Similarly, a year-long stint in NY state prison comes in at an average $167,731.00 per

annum per inmate. Unbelievably, that’s almost as much as it costs to put a student

through four years of Ivy League university tuition.


Fellow New Yorkers, citizens of the World City, right there is the grift, the scam and the

con – both the Democrats and the Republicans yell about tackling crime, law and order

and ever more cops, simply because it’s an $80 billion-dollar lucrative business to them.

So, we not only propose, but demand, a fundamental transfer of finance. Instead of

paying those figures for incarceration of hundreds of thousands of dollars, we instead

implement 2K UBI per month payments to the non-wealthy in New York City.

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Eric Adams is Putting the Ass Back into Asylums


As Christmas fast approaches, Dickens’ A Christmas Carol may spring to mind. While that is a comforting nineteenth century Yuletide jaunt into what’s right and wrong, it’s still the product of a dark time of satanic mills and even more devilish asylums for the “mad”, poor and down-and-out. While asylums come from the past, and that’s where they should stay, not everyone in public office subscribes to that view. Enter NYC Mayor and all round purveyor of misery, Eric Adams. Just when you think he can’t get any lower, further down the rabbit hole he goes.


Adams is of course a one-trick pony of woe. His recent implementation of “involuntary hospitalization” for the city’s homeless and / or those with mental health conditions perfectly underlines that. Add to that how he is using the near paramilitary NYPD to do his bidding for that, with round-up sweeps of the undesirable, and that then needs to be Sharpie double underlined. It is fanciful to imagine, even for the most fleeting of seconds, a street-hardened NYPD cop being able to provide any immediate mental health evaluation of anyone living rough, on the streets, in parks or down in the subway, is as laughable as it is terrifying. Just the phrase “street round-ups” evokes images of Black Maria’s prowling through the streets of Nazi Berlin or Soviet Moscow.


In a country that fails to guarantee everyone somewhere to live, coupled with a wealth-care health-care system that is notoriously bad for ensuring the (mental) health well-being of all, and you have a recipe for disaster. And the head chef is of course our very own Eric Adams. He refers to “involuntary hospitalization” as having a “moral mandate” to “deliver for the city’s most vulnerable.” Quite where Adams draws that mandate from is anyone’s guess. Ouija board sessions to Hitler maybe? Or perhaps Trump is direct messaging Adams with some hints and tips on Truth Social? Whatever the source, it’s repellent.


Make no mistake, this is another step from Adams, hell no, leap from Adams, along the terrifying path to authoritarianism in both NYC and the country at large. The city’s most vulnerable get further abused, while Adams and his acolytes lick their lips with relish at the thought. It is hard to see what, if any, supposed benefits there are to be seen here. It is a slam-dunk of a failure that offers not even a hint of compassion or humanity to the most vulnerable and needy. Adams takes flimsy cover behind the theory of “removing barriers to hospitalization”. Question is though, whose barriers? Since taking up office, Adams has viewed the NYPD as his own paramilitary organization that is answerable to only him. Ever think that shock troops, like Hitler’s Brownshirts, could become a reality on the streets of the Big Apple? No? Well think again friend because Adams is right on course for doing just that. Adams is a turn-coat to not only to Black Americans but to all New Yorkers and, ultimately, all Americans. We’ve not long gotten rid of Trump and his ego. Now we have to contend with Adams’.

hek 5 (1).png
Whisking people off the streets without their consent is a hallmark of a totalitarian state

People get sick in any number of ways. COVID, the ‘flu, cancer, diabetes, hypertension,
you name it and most people can relate to it. But there is one category of illness that
does not have that immediate connection, and that’s mental health related. While the
stigma surrounding that has been slowly eroding over the last couple of decades, it is still wildly misunderstood. Which, with one in five Americans having a mental health
issue at some point in their adult life, is truly shocking. Break a leg and hey, guess
what? Everyone can see it and sign the cast. Let folk know that you are, say, bipolar
and along come the uncomfortable sideways glances and hasty goodbyes
With that amount of stigma still swirling around mental health issues, it highlights the
depravity of NYC Mayor Eric Adams decision to implement the involuntary
hospitalization of anyone with a mental health condition that refuses treatment, even if
they represent no danger to themselves or those around them. As have seen with the
recent assault on Roe v Wade, when you don’t have full control over your own body, in whatever way, then you cannot be free in any meaningful sense of the word.
And guess what? Adams’ shock-troops, the NYPD, are fully permitted to detain people under this new regime as they see fit. No matter what Adams and the NYPD may profess, cops are not, repeat not, mental health professionals. The police are already a law unto themselves in so many troubling ways and now Adams is affording them the right to make a determination as to the mental health of someone?


More often than not, with such heavy-handed police interventions, the individual is more likely to end up in police custody (and then everything that that then entails), rather than in a mental health facility receiving specialized help. Of course, with Adams, Biden and the DNC feverishly looking to keep their private prisons stuffed to the rafters, this is a gift from above. More apprehensions, under the flimsy pretext of an utterly faux concern for someone’s mental
health, results in more bodies under lock and key, which in turn results in ever-bloated of it columns.


Adams has described this cruel new policy of his as being akin to navigating
“unchartered waters” and that no politician prior to him had the tenacity to implement
such an undertaking. Where to start with that analogy? So we have as ship’s captain
with no experience, no empathy, no acumen and no morals piloting the ship that is
NYC? Never have political life-boats seemed as attractive as they do now. Adams is
essentially confirming that he has no idea where he is going or where he will end up.


But still, he’s happy to drag NYC along with him for the authoritarian ride.
We already knew that with Eric Adams as mayor of NYC, we were on the slippery with
blood slope toward authoritarianism and ultimately unabashed fascism. State and
federal constitutional obligations clearly detail the limits of what can be done when
apprehending someone with a mental illness. Adams’ brazen display of dictatorial over-reach obliterates those constitutional restrictions. Why would Adams care?


Why would any dictator care? That’s what they do, it’s in their DNA, and to hell with the rest of us. More and more, the US continues to have more in common with the Taliban, Iran or North Korea than it does with the rest of its peers in the Western world. This has been a

slow but steady progression underscored by the fact that every 50 or 60 years, the
Democrats turn themselves into hardline right-wing Republicans so as to keep their
White supremacist backers and financiers firmly in the fascist fold.


As we have been calling for a long time now, Adams needs to go, and needs to go at
once. Literally whisking people off the streets without their consent is a hallmark of a
totalitarian state. If you read about that in Hitler’s Berlin of Putin’s Moscow, you would
be disgusted, but not surprised. But NYC? In twenty-first century NYC? The world’s
city? If you’re not concerned, like deeply concerned, then you’re not paying attention.
We have to remain strong and united under the banner of TIPNation to push back
against the tide of tyranny and protect our kith and kin who we rub shoulders with day to day in NYC, including, more than ever before, those with mental health conditions – all of them.

Now Mayor Eric Adams wants medical responders and police officers to force more mentally ill people in distress into care. I get it — they desperately need professional help, and somewhere safe to sleep and to get a meal. Forceful action makes for splashy headlines.

People with mental health challenges can be victims of violence. I’m also painfully aware of the danger people with serious mental illness and without access to treatment can pose to the public.


Assaults on E.M.S. workers in the New York City Fire Department have steadily increased year over year. Our medical responders have been bitten, beaten and chased by unstable patients. A man who reportedly suffers from schizophrenia has been charged with fatally stabbing my colleague, Capt. Alison Russo-Elling, in Queens on Sept. 29.


But dispatching medical responders to wrangle mentally disturbed people living on the street and ferry them to overcrowded psychiatric facilities is not the answer.

Nurses Give Poor Prognosis to Adams Psych Plan, Citing Staff Shortages


With union bargaining heating up from Montefiore to Mount Sinai, clinicians say their pleas for more personnel are going dangerously unaddressed.

fucked ONE.png
BANC VINDAX ( KL 7 × 7 in) (5).png


A total of 120 Bronx residents were indicted as part of what the NYPD refers to as the largest gang takedown in NYC history, but some that were indicted say it was wrongfully done. 

Bronx native Kraig Lewis, 24, was just a few credits away from earning his Master’s degree at Bridgeport University when he received his warrant, listing RICO and gun charges.  

The Influential Group Helping Eric Adams Identify a Vision for New York


Created by the mayor’s allies, the 5Boro Institute seeks to counter concerns that the administration lacks a robust agenda to address the city’s problems.

The initiative is being run by the 5Boro Institute, founded earlier this year by Tom Allon, a publisher and a close ally of Mr. Adams, and Richard Ravitch, a former lieutenant governor of New York who helped rescue the state’s bankrupt Urban Development Corporation and resurrect the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

“I’ve never seen anything or heard anything that spells out what his agenda is,” Mr. Ravitch said in an interview last week, adding that “was one of the main things that motivated us in creating our new organization.”



Bloomberg’s Stop-And-Frisk Was ‘State-Sanctioned Sexual Assault’ Of Men Of Color

Critics say victims of the controversial police tactic are often violated in multiple ways.

It started off as a good night in 2012 for Lawrence Hudson. He was at a holiday party for the Brooklyn radio station where he was interning over his winter break. At just 21 years old, he was the youngest host in the station’s history.


About halfway through the party, Hudson decided to call his mom. It was too loud in the office so he made his way outside, a cup still in hand. There was only ice left in the cup so he threw it in the garbage once he got outside.

As sure as night follows day, the Democratic Party will never stop the systematic hunting and enslavement of Black men, mere fodder for their dollar and blood drenched neo-slavery prison-industrial complex.


That is a self-evident foundational flaw that is baked into the American body-politic. Consequently, the Black race can no longer keep the Democratic Party on a political life-support machine without real, tangible, compensation. And let’s face it, that’s never going to be supplied.


Further, Biden’s appalling refusal to endorse his very own vice-president cannot and will not stand. As long as Black America and Black politicians continue with their support for Biden’s Democrats, we as a race will continue to be oppressed, impoverished, incarcerated and murdered in our homes and in the streets. The stark reality is that the Democratic Party’s antiquated business model was and actually crafted in the slavery era. Keep that in mind and it comes as no surprise that the Democratic Party’s first and only dollar-bloated priority is to feed their mass incarceration complex with Black and marginalized victims.


In the past couple of weeks, we have watched agog as Twitter, Facebook and countless other tech companies have laid off thousands of their employees without a flicker of hesitation or emotion. What more evidence do we need to see to show that the White corporate landscape is corrupt and immoral to the bone? It will happily eat its own children if it deems it to be necessary and the Democrats walk with them hand-in-hand, all day every day.


Closer to home, specifically here in NYC, it is beyond reasonable doubt that current Mayor, and wannabe dictator, Eric Adams, was elected to both punish and humiliate Black New Yorkers. Adams’ “Stop and Frisk” has to be the stand-out example of that. It is both racist and a manifestation of economic terrorism – designed to stifle the prosperity of the city’s Black citizens. Likewise, Adams unleashing the NYPD on his own race, his own people, in the midst of a global pandemic, will go down in history as a crime against humanity worthy of a visit to The Hague.


Democrats must be the party of the senile if they honestly think they can Stop and Frisk, aka terrorize, Black people in NYC with impunity and accountability.


The clock is ticking Mayor Adams and orange would no doubt suit you well.


Add to Stop and Frisk an army of 100,000 cops, plus a failure to eradicate the Senate’s racist-inspired filibuster, and this sends the clearest message that Black Americans are worthless to the DNC, and that’s with vice-president Harris having been integral to the Democrats capturing the White House in 2020.


This is what the Democratic Party is – an old, dying white nationalist political plantation party that is forever trapped in an analog past and absolutely unable to move into an imminent digital future. Put another way, the Democratic Party is a useless, visionless and soulless collection of corporate shills who continue to embrace and fund neo-slavery.

Vice-president Harris and Governor Hochul you cannot deny that your party, the Democratic Party, genuinely sabotaged your reelection. As a result of that, Biden must be impeached as he is a clear and present danger to democracy. I have to ask, how can we allow Stop and Frisk of your own voters to continue and then expect to win?


Let’s not forget that every student of political science, political economy and economics knows that the Black race can only be saved through both a solid industrial foundation and genuine political independence:

“Take away industry from a race, take away political freedom from a race and you have a slave race.” ― Marcus Mosiah Garvey.


Biden has no intention of eradicating the filibuster or endorsing your campaign.


The man is not your ally. He is not your friend. That’s why we are here to help kickstart your presidential ambitions with a real plan. The universe got it right when America voted you in as vice-president.


The Democratic Party’s insatiable appetite for cheap prison labor has rendered them a soulless, inhumane husk of a party. As a nation, we absolutely have to let the slavery era die. To the nation’s 160 million women and 40 million Black voters, the time to shutdown America’s neo-slavery penal institutions is upon us.


America is more than ready for a Black woman president, just like the country has been ready for a Black tour operator, doctor, Supreme Court justice or hockey player.


Did Eric Adams Inadvertently Help NY Republicans Get Elected to House? Critics Say So.

While Democrats were recently celebrating a stronger-than-expected midterm performance
across much of the U.S, NYC and New York state were bucking that trend. The Democrats
racked up loss after loss and anemic results that led to a bout of finger-pointing and
recrimination within the party.


The GOP flipped four New York state congressional seats. That included one held by
distinguished Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney. Maloney ran the House Democrats’ campaign arm.
How much of a telling blow was that? Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul, won her race against
Republican Lee Zeldin by mere single digits in what should have been a shoe-in for the
Democrats. It was the closest governor’s race in New York state in decades. Yet more evidence
of Democrat ineptitude, as if we needed it. Governor Hochul, NY state was a solid blue until Eric
Adams and Joe Biden came along. The dots are joined up. You simply cannot deny that any


We look like blithering generational fools supporting the Democrats – a party that has brazenly
being trying to enslave our people for decades. Black America saved Biden in both 2020 and
2022. Our reward? Our compensation? Damn “stop and frisk.” Let there be no doubt that so-
called “centrist” Democrats are actually Republican to the core. And we all know what that
entails. Evidence of that is their hard-nosed refusal to eradicate the archaic and unjust
Congressional filibuster. America is undoubtedly a deadly dangerous racist country. Society is
laced with a racist sickness that has already displaced millions of Black individuals, myself
included. It’s no coincidence that presently only 30% of Black men are employed. That’s purely
by malicious design.





It has been 157 years since the end of the Civil War, and the remnants of the Confederacy have yet to be stamped out. The Compromise of 1877 ended Reconstruction after only 12 short years, allowing the former Confederate leadership to regain power and begin disenfranchising African-Americans. With the usual suspects back in a leadership capacity, former Confederate soldiers recognized they could band together and terrorize black people and those that supported them.


It was a quick descent into the time of the KKK, sharecroppers and Jim Crow. These same leaders solidified the “Lost Cause” ideology—the idea that the Confederacy was filled with gentlemen fighting gallantly to protect their homes and the reputation of their state. It completely leaves out the fact that the Confederacy was founded on the Cornerstone of Slavery.

This “Lost Cause” ideology has had a profound effect on modern day America. It has given racists cover to fly the treasonous Confederate flag. It's not coincidence that these very same people elected the most overtly racist president in recent memory. But it is not only the overtly racist that are worrisome.


Dr. Martin Luther King, in his Letter from a Birmingham Jail, decried the “white moderate, who is more devoted to "order" than to justice; who prefers a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice“. So called “Centrists” have been downplaying the plight of minorities in America for decades.

Guzman rallied Tuesday against the proposal clearing the way for New Yorkers in prison to be employed by private companies. He said he used to make around $3.50 for a week of work.

New York closes 6 state prisons as inmate numbers drop

Legal Aid Society paralegal Jacalyn Goldzweig recently wrote an op-ed article sounding the alarm about the state's potential return to private prison labor, saying incarcerated people are not given the same workplace protections as other New Yorkers

“Over 31,000 people who are incarcerated in New York State are forced to work under the threat of punishment, which can include solitary confinement,” Goldzweig said.

In laying out her budget priorities earlier this year, Gov. Hochul proposed a jails to jobs plan, which would allow New Yorkers in prison to work for private companies. The jobs would be voluntary and wages would be competitive, she said. The governor's office stressed the plan would give incarcerated people critical job experience to prepare them for life after prison.

NYPD brass  (1).png

In times like these, it is more apparent than ever that every Black American must be prepared to
lay down their life to ensure that we can travel in peace in the USA.


Joe Biden and the Jim Crow
Democrats fundamental business practices are no longer worth the paper that they are written
on in a digital era that belongs to us. As much as they may try and artificially glorify the 13 th
Amendment, Biden and Bloomberg’s insatiable appetite for free prison labor is as clear as day.
On top of that, America’s political split-personality continues to baffle the best of us. And here is
a prime example. California, that bastion of liberal progressivism, is well known for its protection
of immigrants as actual human beings, promoting women’s rights and being at the vanguard of
fighting climate change. Yet in July of this year, in a state which widely celebrated Juneteenth,
the state’s Senate incredulously failed to pass Assembly Constitutional Amendment 3 (ACA3).
For the uninitiated, ACA3 proposed to do away with the lingering language of “Involuntary
Servitude” in California’s constitution, a hang-over from the Civil War that has been allowed to
fester ever since.


Just how can California claim to be the nation’s progressive leader if they can’t wipe away a
remnant of slavery of all things? Well, consider this. The blood-soaked legacy of slavery and
forced labor (Involuntary Servitude) actually deep in the history of the Golden State.
Consequently, California is one of nine states that keeps Involuntary Servitude on its judicial
books as a form of criminal punishment in prison. In contrast, and to their credit, Colorado,
Nebraska and Utah have already removed the penal Involuntary Servitude clauses from their
constitutions. With that as the case, how on Earth has the California situation come about? Why
was Involuntary Servitude in California’s constitution at all? The federal prohibition of slavery
was conceived by Lincoln’s presidential proclamation that was ultimately expanded by
ratification of the 13 th Amendment. Yet at the same time, that same amendment contains
language allowing for Involuntary Servitude as a criminal punishment – something that


California has opted to hang on to in its own constitution.
For prison inmates in California, Involuntary Servitude, and refusing to comply is a big deal. The
work they do is a punishment as opposed to being focused on rehabilitation. When inmates
refuse to work, their liberties can be further curtailed. They can, for example, be placed in
solitary confinement, have restricted visitation rights and other demeaning penalties. That
Involuntary Servitude exception was never even a thing until it was slipped into the 13 th
Amendment with the supposed “end” of slavery. Never kid yourself, slavery never went away, it
just stealthy morphed into its next sinister guise, completely under the radar. So it is then that
penal Involuntary Servitude is yet another component of the racist formula that historically
makes up our nation.

VP, AOC, S.A. RUN.png


Let’s get this straight from the get-go. Black Veterans that live in NYC, and all law-abiding Black
individuals have the God-given right to travel throughout NYC in peace. That right is non-negotiable now,
and infinitely. Consequently, “stop and frisk” is not only unconstitutional, it is physical and sexual assault.
Every last TIP veteran took a solemn, unbending oath to die by police suicide rather than to be subjected
to sexual humiliation by the NYPD. We are earnest, honest, dignified, men.



WEAK LINK (1).png

VP Harris, AOC and Stacy Abrams, please take up our cry, the Black race has been
taunted, exploited and traumatized for centuries by both Republicans and Democrats. Black individuals of
both genders have been brutalized and sexually denigrated by White tyrants ever since we first arrived on
these shores.

And talking of tyrants, see how Black America has actually, stomach-churningly, managed to create a
white supremacist gatekeeper for NYC, and that is Mayor Eric Adams.


We continue to stress that we
simply have to bring Eric Adams tenure to a swift, uncompromising end. He just cannot stay in power –
for the good of NYC, New York State and the country as a whole. Nazi Eric Adams will not try to become
Black America's Hitler without political bloodshed.


To every progressive Democrat in New York State, it is crystal clear, and self-evident, that Eric Adams,
Biden and Bloomberg colluded with GOP gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin to turn the governor’s
mansion ruby Republican red. The logic behind that was that they yearned to turn New York state, and
eventually all of urban America, into a police state that would enslave yet another generation of Black
people. Despite crime and prison populations both being on a significant downward trend, both the GOP
and the Democratic party continue to salivate at the prospect of maintaining their political power built on
slave / cheap labor. Still, crime in NYC and the country as a whole is always a double-edged sword, so
much so that White America can’t keep redlining and black-balling Black business without turbo-charged
2KUSA blowback.


 As the backend of WomenPartyUSA, TIPBnB has been crafted with precision to be their behind-the-
scenes synergized allies, shoulder to shoulder, that eagerly eye up the $100 billion plus AirBnB market.
Not only that, but also the burgeoning $17 billion dollar cannabis tourism industry, buffered between the $900
billion-dollar Crypto industry, all with our very own travel coin.


Digital supremacy and Blockchain
technology will rule politics and the travel industry for decades, if not centuries, to come.
Women worldwide are already organized, thanks to the leaders of the wraparound Women’s March
Movement. Add to that how America women nationwide make an eye-widening 82% of all travel
decisions. Therefore, to every female and Black politician, there is absolutely no way for analog dinosaur
Democrats to survive in the Digital Era that we now live in.


The Roe v Wade Cyberwar fight-back must be
fought remorselessly so that we forever shut down the evils that are Trump and DeSantis.
VP Harris, we see as clear as day that Biden and the DCCC are stealthily gaslighting your destiny.


We also know that you truly are the Queen CyberMonster, our real Commander in Chief. TIPVets therefore reports for duty Ma’am.


We were prepared to sacrifice all, including our lives for this country. Now we
offer the same to you, for you, and for our race.
We implore you Ma’am to heed our words and run the political race of your life to ascend to your seat in the Oval Office. We are with you every inch of the way.

This is what the Democratic Party is – an old, dying white nationalist political plantation party that is forever trapped in an analog past and absolutely unable to move into an imminent digital future. Put another way, the Democratic Party is a useless, visionless and soulless collection of corporate shills who continue to embrace and fund neo-slavery.

Vice-president Harris and Governor Hochul you cannot deny that your party, the Democratic Party, genuinely sabotaged your reelection. As a result of that, Biden must be impeached as he is a clear and present danger to democracy. I have to ask, how can we allow Stop and Frisk of your own voters to continue and then expect to win?

Crypto Pays for College   (4).png
LPo (1).png

Fellow New Yorkers and Americans, like a babbling witch stirring a murky cauldron in Macbeth, NYC Mayor Eric Adams is now making a prediction that the city is heading for an economic tsunami.

Let’s put that straight and Adams firmly in his place.

It is not an economic tsunami that is going to wash over the city, rather a digital awakening
that looms large on the horizon. To enhance that awakening, the analog Democrats divisive
crime rhetoric needs to cease with immediate effect.


Further, the NYPD’s BLOATED ten billion budget must be
reduced to five billion dollars. Rikers Island needs to be shut down immediately, with all
non-violent inmates given 2K Universal Basic Income (UBI), coupled with free universal
healthcare. It is literal insanity to continue paying $569,000.00 per annum, per inmate, when
they can sport a 2k UBI ankle bracelet. So it is then that Eric Adams and the NYPD
Democrats not only need to be stopped, they need to be obliterated from the city’s political
radar for ever more. We simply will not allow Bloomberg’s Black Democrats to establish
their Nazi roots in our home that is sapphire blue NYC – the city of the world, the bastion of
diversity that gives the city its strength.


After 9/11, climate change and the COVID 19 global pandemic, it is more apparent than
ever before that Black NYC is the heartbeat of NYC.