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Our Purpose

The BnB Liberation Movement seeks to disrupt both travel and politics by making them one in the same. We’re redirecting our travel dollars away from places that oppress us and toward places that support freedom, equality and peace for all. We vote with our dollars to put economic pressure on lawmakers and communities to stand up for civil rights and support progressive causes.


Our base companies, Travel in Peace and Tipbnb, were created to provide all BnB models with professional, customized tour operator services to compete directly with tour operators who offer escorted tours with hotel option. Travel in Peace operates destination management  divisions in each destination that we serve. Our local team handles all aspects of our clients on the ground experience. We currently specialize in Jamaica and Cuba however based on demand we can establish services in any destination.

Five Ways You Can Help

  1. Join our #FeelThePainBOY travel boycott against the original 13 Confederate slave states (North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Texas, Florida, Tennessee, Arkansas, Kentucky and Missouri). This boycott began  when Trump took office and doesn’t end until he’s out.

  2. Please consider redirecting your travel dollars to progressive states, like Colorado, California, Massachusetts, Maine, Minnesota, Washington, Oregon, New York, Nevada, Connecticut, Vermont, New Jersey or Hawaii instead.

  3. Keep watch on this site for Social Tourism travel opportunities that enrich both the traveler and the host community in a fair and sustainable way.

  4. Support legalizing cannabis with your votes and political actions.

  5. Spread the world by using out #FeelThePainBOY on social media.

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