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 Can a formerly enslaved people be integrated into their former slave master’s political party and thrive?

It has been 157 years since the end of the Civil War, and the remnants of the Confederacy have yet to be stamped out. The Compromise of 1877 ended Reconstruction after only 12 short years, allowing the former Confederate leadership to regain power and begin disenfranchising African-Americans. With the usual suspects back in a leadership capacity, former Confederate soldiers recognized they could band together and terrorize black people and those that supported them. It was a quick descent into the time of the KKK, sharecroppers and Jim Crow. These same leaders solidified the “Lost Cause” ideology—the idea that the Confederacy was filled with gentlemen fighting gallantly to protect their homes and the reputation of their state. It completely leaves out the fact that the Confederacy was founded on the Cornerstone of Slavery.

This “Lost Cause” ideology has had a profound effect on modern day America. It has given racists cover to fly the treasonous Confederate flag. It's not coincidence that these very same people elected the most overtly racist president in recent memory. But it is not only the overtly racist that are worrisome. Dr. Martin Luther King, in his Letter from a Birmingham Jail, decried the “white moderate, who is more devoted to "order" than to justice; who prefers a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice“. So called “Centrists” have been downplaying the plight of minorities in America for decades.

They have created a false equivalency between the left and the right. Pushing for social justice is now viewed as radical. Moderate Democrats push back against the methods employed by young Progressives such as Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Ihlan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib. They are afraid that these principled, progressive women will overthrow the power structure of the Democratic Party.


Ihlan Omar has faced the brunt of these attacks. She has been called anti-Semitic for pointing out the power money has in Washington. She has been called anti-Semitic for saying she shouldn't be required to be loyal to a foreign country in order to serve her own country. She has been blamed for 9/11. She has been threatened because she “minimized” what happened on 9/11. These actions should be expected from Republicans, they will stop at nothing to discredit powerful women—especially women of color. But, even more disappointing, is that the Democratic Party didn't back her up. They didn't call out the disingenuous behavior of the Republican Party. This is unacceptable. These Islamaphobic attacks have no place in America. They have no place where “all women are created equal.”

Within days of joining Congress, Rep. Rashida Tlaib called for the impeachment of Donald Trump, saying “We're going to impeach the motherfucker”. And, now, after the damning release of the Mueller Report, she has once again called for impeachment. We stand with Rep Tlaib in calling for the impeachment of Donald Trump. Incompetency is not a defense to a crime. Donald Trump, on multiple occasions, attempted to obstruct the Special Counsels investigation. The Trump campaign received, and at times sought, help from Russian intelligence. Even if they did not directly conspire, they knew about Russian interference and lied to the American people.


They hid attempted(and successful) Russian contacts from the US intelligence agencies. Any one of those are impeachable offenses. Congressional Democrats must begin impeachment proceedings, or Progressives will be forced to consider it an act of betrayal. We cannot allow our government to be run on shady backroom deals with corporate America—deals that benefit no one but the richest among us. Deals that continue to perpetuate economic inequality. Deals that solidify power in the hands of corrupt Robber Barons. The Democrats need to prove they stand with the common man. They need to impeach Donald Trump and #ShutdownGeorgia.

Our government is locking children in cages. Our government is demonizing and dehumanizing immigrants looking for a new life. We have betrayed our ideals  so beautifully captured by Emma Lazarus and etched into the Statue of Liberty:

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door! ”

We are a nation of immigrants, a melting pot—and yet we refuse refuge to those who need it most. We imprison parents and children for the “crime” of wanting a better life. We kidnap and lock up children. We lose them. We murder them. We put them in concentration camps and treat them like animals. We have become a world-wide embarrassment. We have become everything we claim to despise.

The Obama administration led to a backlash among the more regressive aspects of the Republican Party. This led to a wild conspiracy theory that the first black president wasn't actually an American citizen—and the loudest racist conspiracy monger was soon elected President. The Tea Party forced the Republican party to the far right. Progressives need to take a page from the Tea Party. It's time for action, it's time to use whatever means necessary to break free from the DNC and the newly loud and proud racism this president has unleashed.

Money in politics has been an issue for decades and supercharged by the 2010 Citizens United decision by the incredibly partisan Roberts Court. This decision has led to increasingly corporate dominated elections. These corporate “donations”(bribes) have led to anti-consumer laws being passed with alarming regularity.

The Democrats missed an incredible opportunity to return power to the people. They bailed out Wall Street without fixing the underlying issues. They claimed various banks were “too big to fail” but didn't break them into a smaller, more manageable size. Instead, they allowed these massive banks to continue their actions that led to the largest economic crisis since the Great Depression. They had an opportunity to really overhaul our healthcare system, but instead they ended up with a milquetoast compromise that only the Blue Dog Democrats liked. The Democratic Party has been held hostage by the moderate wing for long enough.


Millennials are the key to change—nowhere is this better exemplified  than in the NY 14 Congressional District, where 29 year old Community Organize Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defeated the Democratic Caucus Chair to become the youngest woman to ever serve in Congress. Millennials are now the largest voting bloc in the country—and it is the Millennials who have shown the Democratic party that they must run on a much more progressive platform. Unfortunately, the moderate “Democrats” won't give up power without a fight.

Andrew Yang, that's why we ask that you join Tipnation.NYC's fight, while we are still in our infancy. Together, we can unite the various progressive movements into one political powerhouse. We will be able to send not only the DNC, but all of America a message. We will send them the message that Universal Basic Income and Universal Global Travel for all NEW YORKERS will be the law of the land. We will send them the message that the status quo cannot stand. We will not stand idly by while corrupt politicians ruin our future. We will not stand idly by while corrupt politicians imprison people for non-violent drug offenses. We will not stand idly by while the environment is being destroyed and watch our children die by gun fire, we will be the generation to save the planet and our children.  




Unlike the Republican Party and the DNC, TIP Political Party does not accept contributions from lobbyists, corporations, or individuals. We make our money the old fashion way—we earn it.  


 Andrew Yang and  his idea for a Universal Basic Income is integral to our future in an increasingly automated pandemic world. According to Yang, "In the next 12 years, 1 out of 3 American workers is at risk of losing their jobs to new technologies—and unlike with previous waves of automation, this time new jobs will not appear quickly enough in large enough numbers to make up for it. To avoid an unprecedented crisis, we’re going to have to find a new solution, unlike anything we’ve done before." The UBI he is proposing is $2000 dollars a month for every US citizen over the age of 18.  

The Old Boy's Club in DC has neglected women's issues for decades. The Democrats have stood idly by while the Republican Party has declared war on reproductive right, Planned Parenthood, and healthcare.


Women make the majority of all travel decisions, yet they have been pushed aside in the economics around travel—especially in the sharing economy and tech industry.  So we will be launching WomenUnitedBNB & Women Adventures as well as Afrobnb, Vetbnb and Smokeinpeacebnb—and we will have women at the forefront of our attempt to change this $100 billion industry, post pandemic.

The dinosaurs in Congress have been unable to master the power of the internet, our plan is simple, we will harness the power of the internet and shared travel economy to raise money to fund our political endeavors and facilitate the birth of a Travel in Peace Nation.

Governmental agencies have begun attempting to ban people from renting out rooms in their home in order to protect the established travel industry. We want to prevent that from happening. Your house is your own, just like your body—and you should be able to do with it what you please.


"History dictates emerging tech titans of new technologies go to war for the people who adopted the new reality they created"-BnB Liberation Movement Founders

Since we can't trust the Old Guard in Washington it is up to us to take care of our own! We believe we can help Americans regain their economic freedom and to rebuild the economy through a shared tourism model. We are planning an AOC  We Owe Us Cruise to Puerto Rico and a HARRIS We Owe Us Cruise to Jamaica, where you can meet the architects of TIP Political Party and Progressive Candidates and talk about ways to revolutionize and modernize the Democratic Party.


 The DNC doesn't get it, they don't realize that millennials would rather sit an election out than vote for a politician bought and paid for by Wall Street. Millennials don't want to vote for a dinosaur that doesn't understand the modern world, someone who doesn't grasp the power and utility of Block Chain, Robotics, AI, Cryptocurrency, and augmented reality. Someone who doesn't grasp how automation will lead to greater amounts of income inequality. "Yang will do the MATH"


If the DNC continues to back establishment candidates they will have no chance of rallying millennials. Joe Biden is still a nonstarter with Progressives. He is no Uncle Joe to us, and there is no magical black kingmaker who can convince us otherwise. We are preparing to save the planet and usher in the Blazin20s with Yang's UBI. We have a clear vision of the future, and it doesn't include 77 year old Joe Biden as President of the United States of America.  


The Democrats have continued to back wolves in sheep's clothing like Joseph Manchin and Governor Blackface. Who needs enemies when you have friends like this? They have fought tooth and nail against progressives and we are sick of it. Today is the day we part ways. Trump has questioned why we would want people from “shithole countries”. Now he is treating America like a shithole country. He is treating immigrants, minorities, women, and millennials like shit. We need those shitholes to beat trump. We will take our chances on emerging progressive superstars. They have the knowledge, passion, and grit to handle the demands and uncertainty of our rapidly technologically advancing society.


Old school politics and politicians are no longer relevant in the modern world—just ask Joe Crowley and Eliot Engel. The dinosaurs need to do the right thing and pass the torch to those who have skin in the game. We need to take back the senate with an energize, battle tested, and victorious progressive Shitholesquad. What's good for Black America is the exact thing that is good for rural America and the rest of the marginalized Americans. TIP Political Party will consider Andrew Yang's Data Dividend of 2k per month for every AMERICAN payment in full in lieu of Reparations. Fellow Americans, we must heal old wounds, prepare for future technological advances and prepare for future pandemics and cataclysmic events  .  


The DNC need to take some advice from Dwight D Eisenhower "Neither a wise man nor a brave man lies down on the tracks of history to wait for the train of the future to run over him.


We believe that young voters are ready to embrace a new political party that embeds progressive ideas, social movements, global travel and supports self-funding which effectively eliminates lobbyists dictating policy.

The GOP weaponized and monetized hate for centuries. To neutralize Trump's hate. Progressives must weaponize and monetize travel and the internet to raise billions, rally millions and win the White House on our terms.

Progressives: "The best way to predict your future is to create it.”  -Abraham Lincoln


There are 90 million millennials, 45 million African-Americans, 55 millions Hispanics, and 165 million women in the U.S.—we're sick of being ignored and dismissed. The time for marching is over. Now is the time for economic resistance and—the only way to fix the problems our country is facing is to hit them where it hurts. Their pocketbook. It is the only language these Robber Barons understand. Take their money and their tune will change. #ShutdownGeorgia


It is time for an economic revolution and political fortitude! It is time for a PARTY who is funded by the people and who works for the people!

We will be the party that legalizes cannabis nationwide—unlocking billions in tax revenues we can use to help humanity, rather than line the pockets of corporate billionaires. In order to accomplish those goals, we will set up our own in-house platforms to capture revenue in order to fund our political endeavors and to facilitate the birth of Travel in Peace Nation.

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AMERICA, Can a formerly enslaved people be integrated into their former slave master’s political party and thrive?

African-Americans' Wealth A Fraction That Of Whites Due To Systematic Inequality


Forbes Feb 14, 2019

Christian Weller




America has an incredible issue with systemic wealth inequality. Black Americans have a fraction of the wealth of white Americans. Republicans and moderate Democrats have propped up America's Crony Capitalism.


If you look at boardrooms across corporate America, you will see the overwhelming majority to be rich white men. The Good Old Boys network ensures that the wealth and power stays with the white men who went to the “right” universities. Female entrepreneurs receive only 2% of venture capital funds—while black entrepreneurs receive a paltry 1.5%.


American businesses are hoarding up to 1.9 Trillion dollars. Greed, evil, and the immoral lust for power have combined to increase poverty and decrease the number of good jobs—exacerbating the wealth inequality we desperately need to fix. Many of the largest and most powerful companies in the country, companies such as Amazon, Netflix, General Motor, JetBlue, IBM, and US Steel, have managed to completely avoid paying taxes. Taxes that millions of mom and pop shops paid in the past.


History will judge these titans of technology—such as Amazon and Jeff Bezos—for eradicating mom and pop shops. This puts the tech titans in a unique position to revolutionize the world economy and politics in America. By supporting Andrew Yang and his Universal Basic Income—tech titans will see history view them as the saviors of the Republic.

VP Kamal Harris you do understand the plight of the marginalized and want to fight for the betterment of the 99%. This is what we desperately need from our president. We ask that you use your entrepreneurial spirit to assist in building America's first self-funding Political Party and step into your glory. The DNC are simply paper tigers requiring feeding from the very people who are hoarding trillions of dollars.


AMERICA, every major American war has been won because of units like the all-black 54th Regiment during the Civil War, the Harlem Hellfighters and Tuskegee Airmen during WWII. With that, Kamala Harris  the UBIBLACKCAUCUS ShitholeSquad is reporting for duty. We are a group of battle hardened veterans and Demthugs who watched our comrades in arms die on foreign soil and in the streets & nightclubs of NYC, we would gladly give our lives to stop fascism and save the soul of America from Trump.

"BLACK AND PROGRESSIVE AMERICA, we  must go to war to Travel in Peace."

"A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week".

-George S. Patton"



A Special Message to the 90 million millennials, 45 million African-Americans, 55 million Hispanics, 37 million cannabis users, 20 million Veterans and 165 million women in the U.S. 


The United States is under attack. We are under attack by enemies both foreign and domestic. This isn't a battle with guns and bombs. It is a battle for our hearts and minds. It is a battle for the very soul of our country. We have a political party who has welcomed foreign intervention in our elections and who has refused to take steps to keep it from happening again. We have a political party who is against #MeToo because it “scares young men”. We have a political party that demonizes and denigrates women in power.


And then we have the DNC. The DNC is impotently fighting this new Cyber War with Biden and WWII tactics. They have been slow to react and giving the Republicans the benefit of the doubt. Now is the time for progressives to unite and take over. Now is the time to end corporate ownership of the political process. Now is the time to take action!


The Democrats have been treating the Republicans like they are acting in good faith. They have responded weakly to the theft of a Supreme Court seat and to a President* who sought and received campaign aid from a foreign country. They have abandoned Puerto Rico, Flint, and 800,000 DREAMers. They have paid lip service to the idea of reducing mass incarceration—but have refused to take steps to eliminate the war on drugs and to legalize cannabis. We can no longer blindly follow the DNC to political irrelevance. Today, fellow progressives, we form the TIP Political Party—and we support Andrew Yang for President and Kamala Haris for Vice President!!!


The political old guard is blocking TRILLIONS in possible revenue by refusing to legalize cannabis. Donald Trump showed his hand when he first nominated Jeff Sessions as the Attorney General. It showed that the Republican Party only had plans to increase incarceration in order to line the pockets of privatized prisons! The Trump administration and their travel ban has wreaked havoc on the tourism industry. Donald Trump has embarrassed the country and led tourists to visit other destinations. Tourism is a large part, and can be an even larger part, of our economy.


Currently, New York City is being pummeled by Trump's VIRUS and the fear his administration strikes in people around the world. NYC has lost almost 1 billion dollars in tourism revenue. We need to band together to save the tourism industry, not only for New Yorkers—but for all Americans!


We will start the #FeelThePainBoy travel boycott in order to redirect tourists from the backwards, southern red states to spending their dollar in NYC. New York already contributes a significant chunk of money to the red welfare states, so it is only fair to take that back. If those states don't want to help the most vulnerable citizens, we will do it ourselves! #ShutdownGeorgia


Massachusetts has finally legalized recreational cannabis and we couldn't be happier. We won a battle, but we have not yet won the war. We cannot get complacent and we must make legalization the law of the land. Our #FeelThePainBoy travel boycott will funnel cannabis tourism to Massachusetts. It is imperative that citizens see the ballot initiative working as designed. It is important that the community sees responsible cannabis users getting involved in the community and working to bring tourism(and a better economy) to Massachusetts.


The founding fathers stacked the deck against anyone but the wealthy, but even they couldn't have foresaw the massive amounts of wealth inequality present today. We have devolved past the time of the Robber Barons—to the point where we have one as president. But these Robber Barons are old and out of touch.


They do not realize the power of the internet and pandemic, how it can bring people together. We can become the party of the future. We can be the party free of corporate ownership, the party that weaponizes, monetizes, and mechanizes travel and the internet for the benefit of all—not just the insanely wealthy.


The DNC needs to begin EVOLVING, unleash AOC and endorse YANG for PRESIDENT AND HARRIS FOR VICE PRESIDENT. If the DNC refuses to endorse, they need show a concrete plan to beat Trump. Plans that don't include CORPORATE DONORS.


DNC to be absolutely clear YOU had 157 years to eradicate the confederacy, now everyone predicts the GOP will return to power. 


Small donors, self funding, universal basic income, single payer healthcare and global travel will be the tenets of the re-imagined Democratic Party and American Dream. Yang will do the MATH!

Democrats need to toughen up and IMPEACH Trump, AGAIN. America need KAMALA HARRIS.      Her spine, and popularity is integral to the future of our country. We MUST kick Trump and his fascist bootlickers out of government and implement  2K UBI for every AMerican.!

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