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“I’m A Present-ist:” Crypto Candidate Andrew Yang Talks Up Bitcoin And Blockchain Tech"

And he accepts crypto donations

Cryptocurrency is on the cusp of being the 6th technological wave and will lie the groundwork for young American visionaries to usher in the 7th technological wave. Blockchain/Cryptocurrency creators have invested blood, sweat, and tears into a vision. A vision that frees the world from the clutches of the big banks. It's no surprise that corrupt, entrenched institutions have bribed politicians to squash an emerging technology in order to further enrich the modern Robber Barons.

We believe NYC stymied the BnB model at the behest of entrenched corporations. Crooked politicians with no knowledge of current technology have fought the democratization of the travel industry—all for the enrichment of their corporate overlords.

They have also grossly underestimated the Chinese Government's technological fortitude and will to dominate the global cryptocurrency market. History demands that emerging tech titans go to war to help the people who have adopted the new technological reality. We need an ally who can understand AI, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain in the White House. Andrew Yang is the only candidate who “Can Do The Math”.

The DNC is putting hundreds of millions of Americans into the hands of a politician who can't grasp why he shouldn't enter a woman's personal space. Joe Biden is too technologically illiterate to lead a modern country, he is a dinosaur who no longer understands the modern world. Andrew Yang is the only candidate talking about the future, the rest of both parties are stuck relitigating the past. Andrew Yang has modern day solutions for 400 years of American crimes against humanity.


In lieu of reparations, Tipnation.NYC believe Andrew Yang's freedom dividend of $2000 per month & universal single payer healthcare for All Americans is payment in full. It's time we heal old wounds and prepare for future technological advances. Automation is one of the biggest issues facing our future economy. Eventually, the overwhelming majority of modern day jobs will be automated, leaving many Americans without an income post covid-19.. Andrew Yang's Freedom Dividend will allow Americans to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities and change the world of TRAVEL..

The TIP Political Party's startup UBIBLACKCAUCUS dream team has Yang as the lead-off batter. If elected, he will be the political anchor, he will stabilize cryptocurrency market speculation and governmental overreach. He will open the spigot to TRILLIONS in investments, but more importantly, show China or any foreign government that American Technology will be used to improve the lives of people the world over!

We will not allow technological advances to recreate colonialism. Massive corporations are using technology to rape and pillage our people in the Caribbean. All inclusive resorts don't even have the decency to pay their labor a living wage! We cannot allow All-Inclusive and Airbnb technological advances to recreate the slave-labor conditions of the past. All-inclusive resorts are modern day forms of colonization, in which resorts use an unfair amount of the country’s resources while 80% of resort profits get sent back to the resort’s country of origin. Employees are paid low wages, and more often than not, tourists never leave the resorts, so the local economy never benefits.

Neo-colonialism must not be allowed to take hold! engineers -bridge into the peer to peer software will effectively eliminate any financial incentive for Airbnb or any for profit BnBmodel to operate in any majority black destination. At the heart of is a political movement rooted in Social Tourism. Social tourism is the extension of tourism benefits to disadvantaged people who otherwise could not afford to travel. Our version benefits both the traveler and the BnB host community. No tour operator in the world safely delivers you deeper into Afro-centric culture. The BnB Liberation Movement will put hotel lobbyists and politicians on notice. We will primary any politician who will, after 400 years, attempt to put technological chains around our hosts. Your house is your own, just like your body—and you should be able to do with it what you PLEASE! TIP Political Party will fight neo-colonialist corporations to the bitter end.


We’ve created BnBtribes based on race, ethnicity and gender (AfroBnB and WomenunitedBnB) and three divisions (VETBnB, SubwaysBnB, and SmokeinpeaceBnB) to completely disrupt and takeover lucrative low-hanging niches in the travel industry. SmokeinpeaceBnB will enjoy a first-movers advantage in the cannabis tourism marketplace. Each BnB tribe and division will have a sister tour company and receive support from our affiliated services such as Tipcruise.NYC and


We are a group of veterans, historians and social tourism activists who are starting the Travel in Peace Political Party—we are the Democrats’ counterpoint to the Republican Tea Party. The Tip in our name stands for Travel in Peace. Everyone wants to be able to travel in our daily lives and around the world without fearing for our safety, without barriers, without worrying about being a woman or a person of color or LGBTQ. Trump won’t allow for that, so we need to go to WAR.

Our ultimate goal is world peace and to have compassionate veterans with thoughtful worldviews run the White House and Veterans Administration for the good of all Americans.

But we aren’t just about politics. Economics is also key. We understand the economic power of travel and the 100 billion dollars plus shared economy. That’s why we created Tipbnb, Tipcruise.NYC and TipTours—collectively known as TipNation.NYC—to assist in funding TIP Party and getting corporate lobbyists out of our policy decision making process

Democrats must run with fresh, paradigm-shifting progressive ideas, but traditional and centrist Democrats will not give up power without a fight. That’s why it’s time to get dark money from lobbyists out of politics.

We ask you to join TIP Political Party while we're still in our infancy. Together, we can make history by bringing the various movements together into one real political powerhouse. We will then send the DNC and America a message that it's no longer politics as usual. Unlike the Republicans and the DNC, TIP Political Party does not accept contributions from lobbyists, corporations or individuals. We make our money the old fashion way—we earn it.

In 2020, the vast majority of Americans have heard of blockchain and bitcoin. Only a small percentage come in contact with cryptocurrency interactions in their daily lives. We want to change that, we are launching a national marketing promotion to introduce NYC's first self-funding CRYPTO PARTY.



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