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 History will judge these titans of technology—such as Amazon and Jeff Bezos—for eradicating mom and pop shops. This puts the tech titans in a unique position to revolutionize the world economy and politics in America. By supporting Elon Musk and his Universal Basic Income—tech titans will see history view them as the saviors of the Republic.


Big tech can use the transparent power of the internet and the strength of the Shared Economy Model to shine a light at the dark money infecting the American political system. Big tech knows in their hearts that Americans are in despair and technological advancements like automation will only cause the despair to grow.


It is time for action. It is time to ring in the Shared Economy Era and Universal Basic Income.

Governmental agencies have begun attempting to ban people from renting out rooms in their home in order to protect the established travel industry. The BnB Liberation Movement founders want to prevent that from happening. Your house is your own, just like your body—and you should be able to do with it what you PLEASE!

This attack on the rights of homeowners has caused us to also form We will support, fund, and elect our own candidates to ensure the BnB model survives. We’ll bypass expensive lobbyists and lawyers and endorse politicians who will fight for every American to have the right to rent out rooms in their homes.


We formed TipNation.NYC and the Tip Political Party as the Democratic answer to the Tea Party. The Tip in our name stands for Travel in Peace, which is exactly what we all want to be able to do—travel in our daily lives and around the world without fearing for our safety, without barriers, without worrying about being a woman or a person of color or LGBTQ. Trump has actively fought against this ideal through his “Shithole countries” and Muslim Ban. We need a change. We need a progressive, caring candidate. is America's first self funding political party. Progressives must run with fresh, paradigm-shifting progressive ideas—not to energize the base, but to turn red states blue. The DNC has stood in the way of progressive candidates since the days of Eugene McCarthy—TIP Political Party aims to challenge the Democratic Party and push universal basic income.

We recognize that travel is a powerful tool to bring people together and allow them to experience worlds outside their own. We know that travel increases empathy and decreases bigotry. Travel opens the mind to new ideas. We believe that young voters are ready to embrace a new political party that embeds progressive ideas, social movements, global travel and supports self-funding which effectively eliminates lobbyists dictating policy.

TIP Political Party will be the first political party to embrace the internet and shared economic age and seeks to mobilize the 90 million millennials eligible to vote in 2024. will eradicate homelessness in America by making the wealthy pay their fair share in taxes, rescinding   trillion dollar tax cuts, and de-escalating the military industrial complex. We will implement and fund affordable housing construction projects and regulate rent controls federally.


We also support Universal Basic Income -- $2000 every month to all Americans. In an increasingly automated world, Americans are feeling the crunch. Their well paying factory jobs have disappeared, leaving low paying service jobs their only opportunity. Medicare for All and a Universal Basic Income will allow Americans the opportunity to become entrepreneurs by lessening the risk of catastrophic failure.

We are looking for business partners who share our vision for social good and see the potential of winning the White House and dominating the trillion-dollar travel industry by dismantling and disrupting politics and the traditional travel industry.




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