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157 years after emancipation, nobody in their right mind can deny that Black America is
uniquely endowed with the divine right to have and to harness their own political power.
Especially so given that we cannot disagree with Andrew Yang’s assertion that the
Democratic party is nothing more than a thinly veiled White nationalist party. Hell,
they’re more than that even. Modern day slave traders spring to mind. Their only urban
city vision is to have a dubious cop mayor throwing his weight around as if the citizens
he is supposed to protect are medieval-like serfs, there to be oppressed and exploited.
Women also have of late been at the forefront of oppression, particularly so regarding
the Supreme Court’s hatchet job on Roe v Wade. That is an abomination.


To the ten
million women that call New York state their home, we repeat for those conservatives at
the back, Jim Crow America has no right to obliterate a woman’s right to choose when it
comes to reproductive rights. The upcoming showdown that is the Roe v Wade
Cyberwar will embed every single one of our digital warriors who fight that fight in the
annals of history.

In our struggle to defend the fundamental rights of women, there are two monster-sized
issues, handmade and approved by God, to focus on – the launch of our
WomenPartyUSA and the launches of both Kamala Harris’s and AOC’s presidential and
Congressional campaigns. We simply will not allow the Jim Crow Democrats to
backdoor Harris or AOC. Not on our watch.

Those of you that know me, and women nationwide, will understand that when two city
agencies team up to shut down a Black veteran owned business, in the capital of the
bluest state in America (with a Black mayor no less), then the time is nigh to push
ahead with new political parties. As the backend of WomenPartyUSA, TIPBnB has been
designed as their behind-the-scenes synergized allies that eye up the $100 billion plus
AirBnB market.

Now let’s swing our attention to another running sore of a colossal political issue, and
that’s criminal justice, in particular prisons. Right now, the state makes $40,000.00 per
year off of inmate free labor. However, it costs tax payers a whopping $556,539.00 to
“house” an inmate for a stretch in Riker. That includes costs outside the Department of
Corrections’ budget, such as employee fringe benefits and health care expenses for the
incarcerated population. That is simply an insane amount of money being poured into a
criminal justice system that is not just broken, it’s in smithereens.

Similarly, a year-long stint in NY state prison comes in at an average $167,731.00 per
annum per inmate. Unbelievably, that’s almost as much as it costs to put a student
through four years of Ivy League university tuition.

Fellow New Yorkers, citizens of the World City, right there is the grift, the scam and the
con – both the Democrats and the Republicans yell about tackling crime, law and order
and ever more cops, simply because it’s an $80 billion-dollar lucrative business to them.
So, we not only propose, but demand, a fundamental transfer of finance. Instead of

paying those figures for incarceration of hundreds of thousands of dollars, we instead
implement 2K UBI per month payments to the non-wealthy in New York City.

Do the math the 1% and the Democrats are surreptitiously prolonging neo-
slavery, as we move into the digital era, so they can collect unfathomable profits from a
diseased criminal justice system. We must recall Eric Adams
  and redistribute those monies to the people and to the energized New
York state emerging trillion-dollar travel Blockchain. We not only can do this. We are
going to do this.


When it comes to another callously overlooked demographic, Veterans, we surely all
agree that the nation has to come together for their benefit and prevent their ongoing
silent genocide. 22 Veterans commit suicide every day. That is a national tragedy and
disgrace. It is easy to understand their trauma and their despair. As a Veteran myself, I
know those harrowing feelings all too well. We faithfully serve this country from
anywhere between four to 20 years, and then when we are discharged, we often have
no home, no support and no roots. When we do try and transition back to civilian life, we
are stigmatized, vilified and blackballed by shady businessmen who grew up together
and form exploitative cabals.

That is why I am here today, doing what I do, working with you, to stand up for every
Veteran that suffers in silence. Black Veterans in particular will no longer sit on the
marginalized sidelines of society while Black politicians sell out our race to the highest
bidder, such as wannabe dictator, Eric Adams. On that point, let it be stressed again –
TIPVETS will not allow Adams to become Black America’s Hitler. We know that his jackbooted
NYPD goons murdered Remeek Smith in cold blood, for example, thus perpetuating
Adams’ persona as a tyrant on the loose. Consequently, Adams must immediately end
the Jim Crow, unconstitutional practice of stop and frisk and then get booted forever
from office.

On a related note, my journey in life as a Black American, no doubt like yours, has been
littered with disadvantage and discrimination. Make no mistake, racist city officials in
1921 Tulsa burned down Black Wall Street. Likewise, Sacramento City officials burned
down my wine tour company and travel brand. Consequently, for how I was treated,
there must be something very peculiar in California’s water if they think they could
blackball me and try to ruin this New Yorker’s life without blowback

.Those of you that know me, and women nationwide, will understand that when two cityagencies team up to shut down a Black veteran owned business, in the capital of thebluest state in America (with a Black mayor no less), then the time is nigh to pushahead with new political parties.


The city of
Sacramento must clear my name, punitively compensate me and fire Mike Testa
immediately. Likewise, Texas and Florida are insane if they think they can similarly
denigrate our president-to-be,  our Queen Cybermonster, Kamala Harris.
With a digital future, then we present to you our concept of digital manifest destiny.

What is ordained to be ours will be ours! We want to be the party that politically digitizes
the world and each and every one of its citizens. Take Yang’s 2K UBI, take AOC’s zero
fee travel and then take the country and take the world! The Supreme Court are even
more unhinged than we may have originally thought if they for a second believe that

GOP voters can cower behind their politicians in the digital era. We see you. The game
is up.

We at TIPNation.NYC fervently believe that 2K UBI, tourism, crypto and climate change
recovery will be the pillars of the future that NYC, the US and the world will be
increasingly built upon.


Humankind desperately needs one exemplary political party that
encompasses all of those concepts. President-to-be Harris, Congresswoman Ocasio-
Cortez, Stacey Abrams, Andrew Yang, Governor Williams, Lt. Governor Archilla and the
conscripted NYC Shitholesquad!

What a line-up! Welcome to the $8.8 trillion dollar Jim Crow travel industry that our party
is taking by storm. 


That party will be in the epicenter of NYC.
That party is us.

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Two weeks before November’s midterm elections, many voter surveys suggest Republicans are gaining momentum toward retaking one or both chambers of Congress.

Every major Senate race, except for Georgia’s, has been trending toward Republicans. There are even warning signs for Democrats in House districts in Oregon and Rhode Island where Republicans are rarely competitive. And now, more voters say they intend to vote for Republicans instead of Democrats for Congress in their districts.

In such a polarized country, understanding how one party can gain an advantage so quickly can sometimes be hard. In this case, the explanation is straightforward: It’s about the issues on the minds of voters.

Over the summer, the dominant headlines and resulting public debate were focused on issues that helped Democrats, like abortion, gun violence and threats to democracy. These issues helped Democrats stay highly competitive, despite President Biden’s low approval ratings and a tendency for the sitting president’s party to get drubbed in midterm elections.

But the spotlight on those matters is fading. Voters are less frequently citing them as top concerns while expressing worries about the economy, crime and immigration — issues that tend to favor Republicans.

In a New York Times/Siena College poll released last week, the share of voters citing the economy, inflation, crime or immigration as the “most important problem” facing the country increased to 52 percent, up 14 points from a July version of the poll. The share citing the Democratic-friendly issues of abortion, democracy or guns dropped to 14 percent from 26 percent.

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You don’t have to be a political scientist to determine that Joe Biden is flailing as he fast
becomes Democratic toast. If the DNC think that he’s going to help them keep the Senate, the
House possibly too, and the White House come 2024, then we can only assume they’ve been
eating paint chips again. Then, at the polar opposite of the presidential spectrum, we have vice-
president Kamala Harris. Never has there been a starker contrast between a president and vice-
president as with Biden and Harris. The one is out of the analog ark, the other from our
cherished digital future. Biden needs to get out of the way and step relinquish the presidency
immediately. Forget Harris being just one heart-beat away from the nuclear codes, we need her
in the Oval Office now! Biden is a dinosaur. Harris is a Queen CyberMonster, our Queen

As we have identified so many times before, Biden is nothing more than a fossilized political
plantation owner. The Civil War may have ended over 150 years ago, but Biden’s head still rents
a space back there and, consequently, he wants Black America to continue to languish in a neo-
slavery hell-scape. And like any tin-pot despot worth their salt, even when crime is ticking
down, Biden wants one hundred thousand more cops, more agents of racial and socio-
economic oppression. The money for funding those “law enforcement” officers is money that
could infinitely be better used in providing economic relief to the needy masses.


Likewise, unemployment benefits. As we stagger blindfolded from economic crisis into a full-
blown recession, Biden massively jumped the gun by ending enhanced unemployment benefits
for millions. A bigger economic middle finger to millions of Americans it would be hard to
compare with.


That really is GOP territory – a territory that Biden has no qualms in living in.
One assumes that Biden’s haphazard logic had a vague connection to cutting benefits in an
effort to halt the onset of spiraling inflation. In contrast, a true economist, Andrew Yang, has
correctly identified that the most effective way to curb inflation is to implement 2K UBI without
delay. The idea that Biden is somehow an economic guru to challenge Andrew Yang is
comparing a microwave with a nuclear reactor – utterly deluded.


Biden also needs to clear his desk because of matters overseas as well as here at home. The
botched withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021 saw the wholly unnecessary deaths of
thirteenth American servicemen trying to evacuate. The withdrawal was given a ridiculously
short time-frame to take place and the security risks were on open offer to terrorists to exploit.
Biden refused to heed the advice and warnings of his seasoned generals on the ground.
Consequently, Biden, as Commander-in-Chief, is ultimately culpable. How easy the powers that
be wear blood on their hands!

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In 2011, 685,000 Black and Brown men were stopped and frisked. 88%, or 582,250, of those men were innocent.


That is an outrage. And even more outrageous than that, if
that’s possible, is not knowing how many thousands, including Vets, were sexually assaulted as part of that.


This is precisely why we started TIPVets and TIP political
party to protect not only Black and Brown citizens from the Jim Crow Democrats, but all  marginalized New Yorkers from their corporate donor-backed talons.


Quite what runs through the mind of Eric Adams is out there in the realms of psychological evaluation and the no doubt desperate need for treatment.


Regardless, we still have to deal with the ramifications of that. Consequently, Adams has cast a
ghoulish shadow across a city that is still coming to terms with the trauma of the COVID-19 pandemic.


We refuse to allow Black and Brown combat Vets become the victims of a wannabe Black Hitler, Eric Adams. We are done with the tried, tested, and utterly failed “thank you for your service” while we are simultaneously being auctioned
off to the highest judicial bidder that happens to be in the pockets of the DNC.


Vets are already one of the most marginalized and victimized demographics in the country. Their rates of poverty, homelessness, psychological damage and suicide are way too high. Just as Adams is a disgrace at city level, so the treatment of Vets is a disgrace at the national level. Brothers and sisters, we are not going to back down from this latest assault on our skin color.


There will be political bloodshed if needs be.
Vets have given up their everything to fight for and defend their country. Often-times unsung heroes, they have more integrity and honor in a single eye-lash than

Eric Adams will have had in his miserable life-time.


While Vets have often-times spilled their blood, Adams and his lickspittle followers do all they can to chill the blood, such as re- visiting Stop and Frisk on a daily basis. You’d expect that on the streets of Moscow, Pyongyang or Beijing, but here in NYC?


We have to come together under the umbrellas of TIPVets and TIP political party so as to fight back and protect our families loved ones, the community and ultimately the city.


This is why we call out to our Vet friends, with their experience, determination and integrity to join our ranks. Let’s reflect on that. Is there any way in which a failed-state of an individual such Eric Adams could hold out against that sort of heroic tidal wave?


  NYC is our place, our way of life, our reason to be. Adams and the dinosaur Democrats of the DNC are then not only not welcome, they are to be ushered out of our lives one way or the other, by any political means necessary.

NYC is currently teetering on the

edge of bloodshed. While we don’t want that if possible, we can’t say that circumstances won’t count that out. We’ve had enough.


Vets have had enough.

This is our city. And we will defend it.

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As the race for New York Governor slowly starts to tighten ever more, Democratic incumbent
Kathy Hochul should have every reason to come crashing down in flames by election night. In a
solid blue state, the Empire State, her Republican opponent Lee Zeldin, is edging ever closer to
Hochul in the polls. With Zeldin’s Trump endorsed MAGA credentials, in a state that for the
most part loathes “The Don”, how is this even a thing?
Zeldin’s modern-day conservative credentials are there for all to see. Anti-abortion, anti-
common sense gun control, and slavishly addicted to the whims and cult of Donald Trump. A
car-wreck of a politician. Hochul should be out of sight of Zeldin, but the polls are putting them
closer and closer with every passing day. Democrat strategists are scrambling to change
Hochul’s narrative away from Zeldin being a Trump-lover and abortion-hater, to that of crime
and the economy – something that Zeldin has been focused on from the get-go.
New Yorkers are big on heart, character and crucially for Hochul, memory. After the comet-like
impact of COVID, a pandemic that shook the Big Apple to its core, the economic tsunamis
unleashed by that explosion are still engulfing New Yorkers. So Hochul’s ill thought-out strategy
of ending further federal unemployment benefits after they officially came to an end on
09/05/22. And yeah, you read that right. Hochul, in the absence of both political backbone and
compass, came up with a raft of mealy-mouthed reasons why this had to be done – obscure
state laws, equally as obscure federal legislation and an illusionary state budget deficit.
This was an obscene act on Hochul’s part. COVID ran economic through the state, and
especially in NYC itself. Millions needed to avert financial Armageddon for the best part of the
last two years with unemployment benefits. It helped both those who were laid-off as well as
those who had been furloughed. By ending this benefit, close on eight million people will lose
their benefits overnight. Millions of others will potentially have their paychecks slashed by up
to $300.00 a week. Turns out we moved out of one economic Armageddon, caused by a virus,
and then simply blundered away into another economic Armageddon, this time caused by
Governor Hochul. To add insult to injury, Hochul has proposed that retraining the unemployed
is a better option as their former, pre-COVID roles, had likely as good as vanished.
That is a display of a lack of political acumen as you are ever likely to see. It also exposes
Hochul’s willful ignorance when it comes to understanding the beating hearts and the sharp
minds of every day New Yorkers. If anything, the pandemic reinforced those roles that she
referenced as having vanished. The cleaners, the shop workers, the food servers, the delivery
drivers, the front-line workers and more. For Hochul to make this colossal miscalculation is
allowing her Republican opponent to make the head-way that he is. And that’s despite his
being a Trumper in a state that loathes Trump.
Yet again, this is another display of how detached from reality the Democratic party has been
for a good long while now. And with the likes of Kathy Hochul and Eric Adams casting their
nefarious shadows over the city, there is no sign of that ever changing. What New Yorkers not
only want, but need, is a genuine progressive that will work for the interests of the citizens, not

rub their faces in the economic dirt. Hochul needs to step down, irrespective of the pending
election. The damage that she has done is irreparable. NYC demands the best and should
always get the best. Hochul’s blundering has realistically opened up the chance that Republican
Trump lickspittle Zeldin could actually prevail in this contest.
Hochul or Zeldin? A sharp stick in the left eye? Or a sharp stick in the right?
Both of you, get out of the way. TIPNation is coming through as that real progressive force in
the country’s greatest state and the world’s greatest city.

Rep. Lee Zeldin claims abortion is nonissue in N.Y. gov race despite earlier comments and
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