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Guzman rallied Tuesday against the proposal clearing the way for New Yorkers in prison to be employed by private companies. He said he used to make around $3.50 for a week of work.

New York closes 6 state prisons as inmate numbers drop

Legal Aid Society paralegal Jacalyn Goldzweig recently wrote an op-ed article sounding the alarm about the state's potential return to private prison labor, saying incarcerated people are not given the same workplace protections as other New Yorkers

“Over 31,000 people who are incarcerated in New York State are forced to work under the threat of punishment, which can include solitary confinement,” Goldzweig said.

In laying out her budget priorities earlier this year, Gov. Hochul proposed a jails to jobs plan, which would allow New Yorkers in prison to work for private companies. The jobs would be voluntary and wages would be competitive, she said. The governor's office stressed the plan would give incarcerated people critical job experience to prepare them for life after prison.





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