A fair, unbiased primary system is integral to making sure a political party continues to represent the will of it's constituents. The Democratic Congressional Coordinating Committee has created a “blacklist” of organizations that have helped Democratic primary campaigns. This “blacklist” prevents any vendor that has worked towards primarying a sitting representative from being employed by the largest organization for Democrats reelection. This will undermine any sort of primary challenge, because it will be very difficult for challengers to hire staff and outside companies.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has terrified the Democratic establishment ever since she usurped the 3rd most powerful Democrat in the House. Instead of embracing the passion of young progressives, the DCCC has fought against it every step of the way. Young people look at AOC and see themselves—they see someone who tended bar to make ends meet. They see someone who has struggled financially and understand their experiences. The DCCC has done it's best to quash the energy AOC has unleashed.

The Democratic Party has failed young Americans. Their incompetency led to Donald Trump becoming president. Their incompetency has led to the loss of the Senate Majority. Their incompetency has given us a Republican Supreme Court for a generation. We're calling on college Democrats to reject the status quo and join the Travel In Peace Political Party. Freedom of movement and freedom to travel are two of the most important issues to young people—travel and tourism not only stimulate local economies, they give the traveler a new appreciation for the local population. This appreciation leads to a more empathetic and caring society. TIP is an entirely self-funded party created with the goal to spread progressive policies throughout the country. In order to accomplish those goals, we will set up our own in-house platforms to capture revenue in order to fund our political endeavors and to facilitate the birth of a Travel in Peace Nation.

One of the most important issues facing our economy is automation. Well paying jobs are becoming fewer and farther between, as automation becomes more commonplace, young people are pushed into lower paying jobs—often not making enough to