Full Reproductive Rights for Women

At a time when many countries of the industrialized, democratic Western world are moving ahead with increasingly progressive socio-political agendas, the US is conspicuous in that it is headed in a diametrically opposite direction.

That has become particularly apparent of late in respect of the growing assault on full reproductive rights for women in the US. Take for example the recent troubling events in Alabama.

The Republican dominated state has found itself in the glare of the world’s media by effectively outlawing abortion and, as is known an open secret, hoping that such appallingly draconian legislation makes its way to a conservative-leaning Supreme Court for final arbitration.

Other states are headed down the same route. Never has Roe -v- Wade, and therefore full female reproductive rights, been as threatened as now.

Of course, the anti-abortion movement has long been hand in glove with the (white) Christian evangelical movement in the US. That has then been grotesquely magnified by Trump and his Machiavellian marriage of convenience with the same evangelical movement that is more than prepared to turn millions of blind eyes to his far from Christian lifestyle, ethics, and misdemeanors.

With that in mind, it’s worth keeping a few things in mind.