History dictates emerging tech titans of new technologies go to WAR!

History dictates emerging tech titans of new technologies go to war for the people who adopted the new reality they created. History will judge these titans of technology—such as @Amazon and @jeffbezos—for eradicating mom and pop shops.

This puts the tech titans in a unique position to revolutionize the world economy and politics in America. By supporting Andrew Yang and his Universal Basic Income—tech titans will see history view them as the saviors of the Republic.

Big tech can use the transparent power of the internet and the strength of the Shared Economy Model to shine a light at the dark money infecting the American political system. Big tech knows in their hearts that Americans are in despair and technological advancements like automation will only cause the despair to grow. It is time for action.

It is time to ring in the Shared Economy Era and Universal Basic Income.

Governmental agencies have begun attempting to ban people from renting out rooms in their home in order to protect the established travel industry. The BnB Liberation Movement founders want to prevent that from happening. Your house is your own, just like your body—and you should be able to do with it what you PLEASE!

This attack on the rights of homeowners has caused us to also form Tippoliticalparty.com. We wil support, fund, and elect our own candidates to ensure the BnB