Improve U.S. Passport and Visa Process.

Found at the very heart of the human psyche, the urge to travel and explore is both deep-rooted and long-standing.

Humans have always wanted to know what was over the next horizon, mountain range, plain or desert. Travel is instinctive, natural and very, very human.

That's what makes Trump's nativism, attacking and banning immigrants, suggesting walls and travel bans, so deeply troubling. It is of course no coincidence that there are numerous reports of Trump's dislike of travel.

However, for the rest of us who aren't fear-mongering, supposed billionaires with a continually suspicious eye of anything that is not male, white and American, travel is an entirely natural thing to do.

It brings people together, increases understanding and solidarity and generally improves not only the quality of our lives but the global community too.

Before Trump ever slithered his way into the White House, the US passport and visa system was already notoriously labyrinthine and cumbersome, close on not fit for purpose.

Passports costs are prohibitive and delays in processing are frustrating. In January of this year, an adult U.S.passport went up to $145.00, which for some is prohibitively high. And that’s with an average wait of six weeks. If you pay for expedited production of your passport, for receipt within